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Gilding the Waters:  A Novel of Lost Causes and Found Love
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Jessica White | 45 comments Mod
Welcome to the 2016 Summer Book Club. Please post your favorite quotes and questions here.

message 2: by Andi (new) - added it

Andi | 1 comments Yay! I found the group!

Jessica White | 45 comments Mod
Welcome Andi!

Jessica White | 45 comments Mod
Who has received their books?

Jessica White | 45 comments Mod
Favorite Quotes? Best scene? Favorite historical fact? Share what you loved.

Jessica White | 45 comments Mod
I loved this book having a female scientist as a heroine. While I felt maybe she could have held onto that a bit more at the end (I'd have loved to see a scene in her classroom where she was encouraging the kids in some scientific endeavor), I appreciated seeing her professionally work and talk science with Wade. Who else loved Mabel?

message 7: by Carole (new)

Carole Jarvis | 2 comments Just started reading this, Jessica. I love the era, mineral springs setting, and Theodore Roosevelt connection. Warm Springs, Ga - the site of FDR's Little White House - is a couple of hours south of me and I enjoyed visiting there a few years ago. The mineral springs aren't open to the public now, but are used for therapy in the Roosevelt rehab center.

My reading is kind of slow because I'm having to work this around other commitments, but I'm enjoying it.

Jessica White | 45 comments Mod
Take your time Carole, we've got the whole month. Also if you find the quote about St. Patrick could you put it here. I should have used a post it note.

Catherine Richmond | 11 comments I'm posting photos of the mineral springs resorts - what's left of them - on No wonder Virginia is for lovers!

Jessica White | 45 comments Mod
I'm enjoying the photos Cathy. Sometimes I wish adult chapter books had those old time illustrated pages like they did back in the Victorian period. This would have been one of those times when they'd have truly added to the feel. Also since you self-published did you think about putting in a map of the locations? Having gone to school in Virginia I was familiar with a few but ended up Googling the locations of the others to see which direction they were traveling. You could also create a Google map and attach your photos at the location sites and share it with your readers as a bonus experience.

Catherine Richmond | 11 comments Photos and a map would have been a fun addition to the story, but I was intimidated enough by the self-publishing experience. Keep it simple!

Caryl | 24 comments I've read the first 100 pages. I'm enjoying this story. These characters are fun and quirky....

Caryl | 24 comments I love this statement from Mabel.... "A truce does not constitute a surrender".

Caryl | 24 comments "Free of snakes. Call me St. Patrick of the Shenandoah. But don't call me late for supper." Page 165

Catherine Richmond | 11 comments With all these resort photos, I tiptoed through the tall grass, checking for snakes - and hoping the old buildings didn't fall down on me!

Jessica White | 45 comments Mod
Thanks for the quotes Caryl.

The snake part is so true, I'd probably have taken my dog with me. They seem to have a sixth sense for snakes.

Catherine Richmond | 11 comments Unfortunately my dog couldn't come along. She's a puppy mill rescue - I'm not sure what she'd do about a snake. Mom made the trip with me. She's not a snake fan either, but she knows how to cope - good chocolate!

Caryl | 24 comments I'm not a fan of snakes either. Catherine, I do enjoy animals in stories!

Jessica White | 45 comments Mod
So what were your favorite themes? Mine was the my will vs God's will. I think I hold too tight to some of my ideas and God has to pry my fingers apart like Wade to take them away and give me something better.

Jessica White | 45 comments Mod
For those who come to this discussion later. We had our wrap-up party here. You can read through and share your experiences there.

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