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Noor hy all.

i am just starting this book. can anyone tell me whether its worth reading. waiting for ur responses. any idea about "theme".?

Dinah Yes it is worth it. The lawsuit gets tedious, but the story is great.

Brenda Clough Yes, it is wonderful. And, if you find text impossible, there was a grand Masterpiece Theater dramatization several years ago.

message 4: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy it's amazing - read it

Sara Niles Bleak House is full of surprises, unexpected twists and yes-read it! In my opinion, Charles Dickens never disappoints.

Robyn Smith This is definitely one of Dickens' greats. Almost as good as our Our Mutual Friend. In a way, Dickens' later books were his best, I think. It's interesting to think what he might have written if he hadn't worn himself out with his useless affair with Nellie Tiernan.

Nancy Lorenz Noor wrote: "hy all.

i am just starting this book. can anyone tell me whether its worth reading. waiting for ur responses. any idea about "theme".?"

It's hard to tell you too much without it being a spoiler, but if you read the first page in which Dickens describes the Court area in terms of 1) mud 2) fog and 3) gas, you will get an inkling as to the general idea or theme of the novel. This idea gives the reader his opinion os lawyers, which goes on and on throughout the book. It is a good book. Give it a try.

John Cornelius Have read this book a while back and read David Copperfield right after. It will get tedious in the middle, the Court (or lawsuit scenes) will drag to the very end, but as it has been said, there are twists and turns, the mystery of the characters are excellent, and love the narratives of the main character Esther Sommerson.

Robyn Smith It's interesting to note that the character of Esther Summerson was reviled by critics in the early 20th century as a moralising busybody who interfered in Richard and Ada's relationship and cast a disapproving eye over everyone and everything in the book.
I still can't make up my mind about this, as hardly any of Dickens' heroines are 'fleshed out" fully, sometimes known as "legless". Yet Esther lives through the book sensing a mystery about her birth and parentage, only finding out towards the end who her natural mother is. Maybe she can be excused for being a bit prim and proper.

Brenda Clough Yes, you never really sympathize with Esther, the way you do with say Jane Eyre. Dickens does better with male heroes.

Robyn Smith I agree.

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