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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Science fiction/fantasy novel about Amazon woman and their shadow selves /s

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Taylor | 2 comments I read this book quite a few years ago. I found it in the science fiction of my towns library and it already looked dated (so at least hmm 10 years?).

The book followed this little girl who's mother died while giving birth do her so she was given to a group of Amazon women to be raised. These woman had what I call 'shadow sisters' women who were ritually brought to them and who were their soul mates.

The main character was frowned upon because the head ladies who were in charge of the ritual and the Amazons thought she was the child of this prophecy. The girl wanted to become like those in charge of magic but wasn't allowed to because the elders feared her or something.

She had a friend who she called her own 'Little Shadow' because they were hardly ever parted from each other just like the shadow sisters to the Amazons they lived with.

I've searched a lot of this over and over and the results are just not the book I'm looking for. The book ended on a cliff hanger too so I always wanted to see if it was actually one in a series. Any help is appreciated!

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Taylor | 2 comments Found! It is called Sister Light, Sister Dark!

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