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stephanie | 817 comments Mod
Jimmie, seeing how you read the book(s), is there any female ABBIES?

message 52: by Jimmie (last edited Jun 03, 2016 08:11AM) (new)

Jimmie | 163 comments Stephanie, I do not remember the sex of the Abbies being mentioned in the books. The book mentions a member of Wayward Pines that travels from Wayward Pines to Seattle, looking for life. He found no life outside of Wayward Pines and traveled back to Wayward Pines, with his life in tact.

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stephanie | 817 comments Mod
Thank You...

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Betsy Hetzel | 159 comments Oh, Karen, thank you! I always wondered why they were called Abbies and you solved that for us = Abnormals = makes sense !!

Stephanie, I too wouldn't know a male Abby from a female Abby; I don't "see" any difference or the difference that would confirm the sex; they look asexual to me. Ask your husband to explain: what did he see that we missed ??

And, someone does help Ben survive, right ????

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stephanie | 817 comments Mod
Well I will try and keep this a clean thread (smile)

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Betsy Hetzel | 159 comments So, tonight 6/8, Pam Pilcher returns for this one episode.
After Pam kills her brother, she and Jason had some kind of agreement that she was to stay in her house.
WHY did she come back?

I never understood if she was good or bad? What is she? She asks CJ, "What happened to the dream?" "We're turning against each other." "Have to fix our mistake."
WHAT is the mistake that has to be fixed?

Stephanie, How would you like Megan's job in the lab studying the captured Abbies?? OMG, they're scary looking, eh?

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stephanie | 817 comments Mod
Well, first of all Betsy, I just knew you were going to be on here first..haha...we are behind you, so you get it first.,,,,But remember,,,what goes on in Wayward pines, STAYS in wayward pines....Now how do we know that Pelchers sister was actually wrapped up in cloth and tossed in the fire???? HUMMMMM
Man, Pam sure had a nice hair-cut huh?

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Karen B. (raggedy11) I wasn't sure if Pam was referring to the killings (after all, last season she was definitely behind the "reckonings") or if she somehow knew that Jason had put Ben outside the fence and the whole "first generation cannot kill first generation".

Betsy, why Pam came to Jason, I also questioned. The town is small, she must have known what was going on. On the one hand she wanted Jason to be a great leader but when he acted as one she said it was all a mistake? I had a feeling she would end up being Jason's mother.

Did anyone else wonder about Jason putting his hand on Theo's shoulder? I thought maybe he thought he was contagious and was passing it on to Theo. But then I wasn't sure.

One thing I really liked about Pam's appearance ... she reminded us that Megan is simply a "hypnotherapist". Interesting that a hypnotherapist would have so much knowledge to know that the missing vial was smallpox and to be able to work on the Abbies, not just the children.

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Betsy Hetzel | 159 comments There certainly was a great amount of antagonism between Megan and Pam; no love lost there !! Megan scares me as I don't really understand her true motives.

Does anyone understand the selection process ? Yes, there were hundreds of doctors from which to choose.... WHY Yeldin?

Yep, Stephanie, Pam should have changed hair dressers lol !

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Jimmie | 163 comments The relationship between Megan and Pam was toxic. Pam is one of the most polarizing characters of the series. She is both good and evil. But the way she wanted the people of Wayward Pines to end, via a Jim Jones Kool-Aid ending, was way beyond strange...The caged Abbies in the episode were frightening. The producers have done a great job of capturing their uniqueness.

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Betsy Hetzel | 159 comments OK, so we know that Pam has injected herself w/ the smallpox virus BUT....
WHY does she want the people of Wayward Pines to die?

I thought that maybe the virus would be used to defeat the Abbies ?? not to thin out the herd of Wayward Pines ??

Jimmie, Do you know HOW the people were selected to come be part of WPines?

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stephanie | 817 comments Mod
Okay, so maybe I am the odd one here, but doesn't anyone think that showing these young girls being " geared up" to become pregnant....I don;t like that idea...when those little girls were walking off to think they were going to an ice-cream party, and not, made me sick....

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stephanie | 817 comments Mod
I knew that when Pam threw the kiss on the lips, SOMETHING WAS ABOUT TO GO DOWN....

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Betsy Hetzel | 159 comments Hey Jimmie, You seem to be our resident wizard of WPines, having read the books and understand what's going on. Or maybe there are others who could answer.

If you know the answers to these questions, please help me out:

1. How did the selection process work? Who determined who got picked, or not?
2. Why did Pam want everyone in WP to die (smallpox virus) ?
This virus really wasn't stockpiled to be used against the Abbies?
3. Why do they want to establish new settlements when WP is not doing very well? (or maybe that's the reason? ) Do people actually volunteer to go outside the fence on such an expedition ?
4. CJ Mitchum, I guess the town's historian as we were told that he was there since the beginning, doesn't seem to contribute very much to anything. Just sorta mumbles and does little. Does he have an important role later?

Many thanks !!

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Karen B. (raggedy11) I'm really anxious to know if Ben is dead. Does anyone know?

message 66: by Betsy (new)

Betsy Hetzel | 159 comments He just can't be dead, can he, as he is a central character ??!!
Somehow Xander, about whom I know nothing, might be the one out there who saves Ben ??

message 67: by Jimmie (new)

Jimmie | 163 comments I have a feeling Ben is not dead. It's just a hunch. Betsy, the book was not specific how candidates were chosen for Wayward Pines.

message 68: by Rhonda (new)

Rhonda (Kristismo-DrRhonda) | 17 comments Season 2 w episode 1 states that they were specifically picked as what they can offer Wayward Springs. Also Abby's are Abberetions (spelling ). Alterations of DNA based on our life styles. (This was in the review episode ) .

message 69: by Chris (new)

Chris | 443 comments Okay I am behind on the series big time which really disappoints me because I did want to watch it. My main problem is what night is it on this go around. I am hoping that i can catch up watching it on demand.

message 70: by Betsy (new)

Betsy Hetzel | 159 comments Chris, It is on Wednesday nights at 9 pm.
Did you read all the books?

message 71: by Betsy (last edited Jun 16, 2016 07:07AM) (new)

Betsy Hetzel | 159 comments So, Stephanie, how loud did you scream when Xander was crawling out of the hole and was grabbed by an Abby ?? LOL!
ADAM returns w/ Xander but Adam is so badly traumatized plus he's injured and in a lot of pain (his stomach) probably b/c he was attacked when outside by the Abbies.

Refresh my memory.... was it Adam who brought the Burke family to Wayward Pines even though he knew all about the place? Did Adam and Ethan work together last season? Were they both agents? I don't remember their connection ?

Adam says that he's going back b/c he needs to "see someone". It that someone Clare ? Is he there to help her now? Is he a good or bad guy ??

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Betsy Hetzel | 159 comments I have to ask about BEN; the body bag scene was sad b/c now we know that Ben is dead, right?? Never saw that coming.
I thought that he'd play a much bigger role this season, probably challenging Jason for leadership ?
Was he killed early on in the books?

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stephanie | 817 comments Mod
Okay Betsy, I had to babysit, and in between the twins crying and acting up, I seen glimpse of the show. But will have to re-watch in a few days. BUT I did see the hole, and maybe I'm watching something different here, but did't you see an Abbie change? It looked like the one that was killed, his face changed close to being normal...But like I said, I need to re-watch...

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Jimmie | 163 comments Here is the back story with Adam and Ethan from the books. Yes, Adam and Ethan worked together as agents. Adam along with Dr. P brought Ethan and his family to Wayward Pines. Here is where the back story gets interesting. Adam was infatuated with Ethan's wife and when he could not win her love, Adam agreed to venture away from Wayward Pines looking for other life. Adam returned to Wayward Pines in the books and in the TV series. But the TV series is not exploring the love twist. I was hoping Ben would have lived.

message 75: by Karen B. (new)

Karen B. (raggedy11) Yes, I also was hoping Ben would live. I am curious now about the significance of Adam's "hallucinations" about the Abbies. Is he just flashing back because he had traumatic experiences with them or is he somehow "infected"?

I was feeling so angry and frustrated with Megan.

I was glad CJ finally brought up the idea of needing more crops for an increasing population. I can almost see Wayward Pines getting crowded and adults of a certain age being sent outside the fence ...or a "Soylent Green" kind of situation.

Nobody has mentioned the abby showing up in the carousel ride at the end. That really creeped me out.

message 76: by Betsy (new)

Betsy Hetzel | 159 comments Thanks, Jimmie, for explaining the Adam/Ethan connection which I didn't remember. Karen, I do believe that Adam's hallucinations are flashbacks from his time "outside"; I bet that he had some pretty gruesome encounters w/ the Abbies, hard to forget and haunting !

Yes, we seemed to be programmed to dislike Megan who to me, is a "sicko" ! All her push toward very young procreation and telling these young kids that they must contribute. Poor young Lucy (11) doesn't want to be in the Fertility Program, says she's not ready, but to Megan, she's "ripe" to "bloom :(
I do wonder how they are picked / paired b/c it sounds like eugenics, improving the qualities of the human species, to me; so the ones who are not "fit", do not reproduce ??
Megan even called Becca a "failure" b/c they had no children. No love lost between those two.

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Betsy Hetzel | 159 comments Frank does see an Abby on the carousel ride and yep, that was creepy! There were some interesting things said about the Abbies that makes me wonder even more about them:

Xander says," They are NOT just dumb animals."
Theo says, " You are underestimating the Abbies."
Jimmie, In the books, do they have intelligence?

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stephanie | 817 comments Mod

message 79: by Betsy (new)

Betsy Hetzel | 159 comments And, Stephanie MOD, WHAT would you do with the 14 year old boy who was picked and paired for you :) Maybe play chess ?? LOL !!

My last thought about Wednesday's episode.... something in the relationship between Becca and husband Theo doesn't seem right to me. They certainly don't seem like a loving husband/wife, do they ?
What's going on w/ them, anyway ??

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Betsy Hetzel | 159 comments to Stephanie MOD, You may not babysit the twins tonight unless they are strapped down on the couch with you beside them giving them snacks :)

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stephanie | 817 comments Mod
Hahaha, Betsy, just waiting about 2 hours to see WWP. Can't miss this one, and nope, no diaper changing today...

message 82: by Betsy (last edited Jun 22, 2016 07:21PM) (new)

Betsy Hetzel | 159 comments Wow! Finally learning some things about how WPines was created. Pilcher sought out Becca; he was impressed w/ her work, and I'm sure this was very flattering to her.

Did Pilcher knowing Becca before and asking her to come on board surprise you ? So, is this why Becca is so pro WPines? When she says that she should not have gotten into this, do you believe her ?

WOW! WOW!! Shocker #2 : Becca tells Theo that she's married to Xander. Well, I bet that you didn't see that coming, did you ? I sure didn't have a clue. She tells Theo that she was put to sleep, she was all alone when she awoke, thought that you were dead and they matched me to Xander. Theo walks out.

Did you buy her story? HOW do you feel about Becca?

message 83: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 817 comments Mod
WOW,,WOW,,,WOW...Who is gay????? and get this, how in the sam blazes did they know that "Margaret" is a female? Now we all know about females and their bodies,,but I'm not getting this at all. and whats up with the skin color? NO WAY,,that looked like Mac Cosmetic to me....and Ididn't see that coming either Betsy...Rebecca Married???? Smack in the Batman and Robin would say...ZAPP-BOOM.....
Procreation room=Bedroom.....Thats how my daughter came about...
But I knew (forgot his name, the young kid) was gay, just by the way he acts, and how he does things...BAMM....
Rebecca,,,the designer,,,and did you see her face when they were all sitting around the table and Pilcher was telling her what his dream many years???????????
Margaret sure is cute to be an Abbie,.,,,and I did not see any breast, and whats up with Max? He looks like he is pissed....OOPS, I see an Abbie at my front door....

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Jimmie | 163 comments The latest episode of Wayward Pines answered a question we have had for awhile. We now know there is at least one female Abby in the group. How did she get past the electric fence and why is she so calm? I do not blame the doc for being upset with his wife's Wayward Pines marriage. Rebecca should have opened up about that arrangement. It was also good to see how Wayward Pines was created by Pilcher and Rebecca.

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Betsy Hetzel | 159 comments Lots to think about last night's episode, eh?

1. So, you can have TWO husbands in W Pines? Becca has Xander #1 and Theo #2. WHY did they allow Becca to marry twice? There must be a reason ??

2. I pity Frank with his personal struggle and how interesting that he never heard / was told about same sex "attraction" until Theo mentions it. How horrible that if he cannot fulfill his obligation to reproduce they'll kill him. Wonder how that will work out? Will Theo help him w/ this ? Maybe the whole Procreation Project will come tumbling down ?

3. I find the "new" captured female Abby VERY interesting! When Frank 1st sees the Abby on the carousel, it was not at all threatening and it didn't attack. Jason wanted the guards to kill it but Kerry tells him not to b/c this one is different; it's a female. I can't quite tell them apart yet either, Stephanie, but this one certainly looks better.
As Jimmie questions: HOW did this Abby get inside , IF the fence is as secure as Becca says it is ?? Is someone inside helping this to happen? What other explanation is there?
And Jimmie is right again.... this one is so calm. Does it seem to you that the Abbies may be able to communicate w/ each other.... maybe telepathically about what's going on? The lab Abbeys hear the other Abbeys' commotion as they are throwing lighted torches inside. What's going on? Are they "planning" some sort of rebellion / invasion?? Is the female Abby directing things w/ her mind?
You know, I actually felt sorry for the new Abby when Megan, trying to "act" as a Dr. , started experimenting on her w/out pain meds to see what her pain level is.... after Theo told Megan to wait for his decision. I hope that ole' Megan gets hers !!

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stephanie | 817 comments Mod
Megan better watch out, as what my father use to say" Don't spit in the air because it's going to come back in your face.
Margaret looked at Megan like she is going to kick her ^$%...Thats all I'm saying....
Remember folks, I have told you..,..Margaret is quiet, and it wouldn't surprise me if she comes out and starts talking......
Maybe Margaret is related to someone in WWP?

message 87: by Karen B. (new)

Karen B. (raggedy11) Yes well there were several new shockers: Abby inside Wayward Pines, Female Abby at that; Frank's problems in the procreation room and Rebecca's marriage.
I thought they were going to show that Theo was picked as the Doctor only because they needed Rebecca. Did they have Theo in cryogenic stasis when she married Xander. If so why would they encourage her to marry Xander? Did anyone else see Xander as a little too young for her? I want to know whom does Rebecca really love. Why didn't they tell her that Theo would be along? I felt sorry for Theo. The marriage and Rebecca's holding Lucy back from rushing into procreation lead me to believe that maybe Rebecca resented being forced to marry Xander. And if they were married why didn't she get pregnant with Xander's child? I suspect that Rebecca really loves Theo.
I find the switching between Theo before and after Wayward Pines a little confusing. I wish there were a note "in the past" on the screen when they switch to those scenes.

As for Frank I have a different opinion. I grant that he may be gay but there are other possibilities too. Without getting graphic maybe he "couldn't get it up" because he too is just not ready for sex. Maybe he intuitively knows that there should be more to it. Interesting that the song they played while he was with the first girl talked about "doing it" referring to "it" as falling in love. Maybe somehow that is what Frank wants. I believe there are young men in the world who want to wait to have sex with someone they have feelings about.

Stephanie, Betsy, I want to join you in watching this make room on the sofa for me. Then one of us can ask, "did I just see what I thought I saw?"

I think the show has been leading up to the Abbies having a socialization with each other and there thinking ability. Theo has said more than once that the Abbies were using the dead bodies as a ladder trying to get over the fence.

Like others I want to haul off and smack Megan across the face. I loved how Theo questioned her abilities as a hypnotist for being in charge of the Abbies. This is the second on third time this was brought up this season. To me, Theo was really trying to put her in her place.

PS -- I am usually too tired when it ends to get on the computer and comment so bear with my Thursday morning "quarterback" approach.

message 88: by Chris (new)

Chris | 443 comments Well Margaret is the picture now. Don't know how many of you have read the books but maybe the author finally has some control over the show. First season was kind of all over the place this season is explaining a lot. I personally feel bad for Margaret.

message 89: by Betsy (new)

Betsy Hetzel | 159 comments Jimmie and Chris, I have to ask: In the books, I have the feeing that the captured Abby is the key to something BIG , as she seemed to want to be captured and be inside.
Does this female Abby play some pivotal role?
And, Chris, I too have said that I feel sorry for Margaret!

Just want to add to this Margaret bit: Megan is in lab talking to Margaret telling her that they thought all the Abbies were gone. Then she says, "Why am I talking to you; you're just an animal."
I just don't buy that, do you?
I still think something's going on with the Abbies , and I agree w/ Karen that they have some kind of thinking ability.

How I would love for us to have a Wayward Pines party each Wednesday night on my couch! Plenty of room for all!

message 90: by Betsy (new)

Betsy Hetzel | 159 comments Still thinking about Wednesday night's episode:

My heart breaks for Theresa, Ben's mom. She tells both C.J. and Adam that she's going to stay outside where she will feel closer to Ben; she knows it is safer inside.
She just wants to die, right?

Adam asks for her forgiveness; does her answer surprise you?
Would you feel how Theresa does?

Did you notice that Megan was one of the original team?
I wonder WHY Pilcher ever picked her?
Although super devoted to him and his ideas, she seems CRAZEEEE to me !

message 91: by Karen B. (new)

Karen B. (raggedy11) Maybe Pilcher brought Megan along for more than her being a hypnotist. Maybe he sensed her whackiness and knew that Wayward Pines needed another Whack Job.

message 92: by Betsy (new)

Betsy Hetzel | 159 comments Trying to figure out WHEN WPines was built ?? And,

Where did Picher's money come from to build it?

So, Pilcher predicted a world-wide disaster and that was why he hand-picked people who were put into the frozen state for 2,000 years? He thought when they got past this disaster, they could begin anew? So, was WP already built? or did it happen afterward?
I need help with the chronology....

message 93: by Betsy (new)

Betsy Hetzel | 159 comments I think about this "damn" show way too much :)
Now, I'm thinking about Ethan VS Theo....

Who, in your opinion, is/ was better for Wayward Pines??

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stephanie | 817 comments Mod
Hahah. I think WWP was already in the make, until some glitch, and they had to get Rebecca to assist, then when things didn't look right with her, and she started looking DAZED & CONFUSED, they had to tell her what is going on, but did you see her face when they told her how many years????? NOW THAT WAS A KODAK MOMENT!

message 95: by Betsy (new)

Betsy Hetzel | 159 comments Ethan VS Theo.... I, for one, am glad that Ethan is out and Theo is in!
Ethan= struggled with PTSD , head not always on straight, and he was more of an enforcer; He was also expendable, IMO.

Theo = WPines needs a Theo b/c WPines is suffering from various health problems; it NEEDS a Doctor . Theo is a healer . Maybe it will be Theo who can "talk" sense to the First Generation and they just might listen to him, considering his credentials.
What do you think?

message 96: by Karen B. (new)

Karen B. (raggedy11) I liked Ethan and Theo about the same although I like Theo's acting better. I don't think though that Theo will ever win the trust of the First Generation. They are not a trusting sort and now with Theo's upending of Megan, I think she will have more power to influence the First Generation to her way of thinking. Did I tell you all that I hate Megan? hehehehe

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Betsy Hetzel | 159 comments OK, tonight's THE night !! I live 5 minutes from University Park Airport so IF you're flying in to come watch Wayward Pines on the couch w/ me, you don't have far to come :)
Our paper said that in tonight's episode the Abbies attack so get ready MOD Stephanie !! We'll all chat later.

message 98: by Jim (new)

Jim Crocker | 290 comments Here is a discussion link featuring a Blake Crouch comment, courtesy of our very own MOD Stephanie!!

message 99: by Betsy (new)

Betsy Hetzel | 159 comments Jim, Do you really think that Mr. Crouch really meant that comment toward Stephanie ?? Was it tongue-in-cheek, or what? " Incredibly hateful" is pretty strong language.

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Betsy Hetzel | 159 comments I am SO conflicted about the Abbies.

1. In the very beginning, did you think that the Abbies were simply acting like "normal" people = drinking water by the stream, eating, and minding their own business?
2. Then the helicopter comes and starts shooting/killing them. Do you think the Abbies attacked only because they were provoked?
3. Interesting how the male Abbies in the lab became very aggressive but Margaret just stood there, very still. Her MRI scan showed that she has a "thinking" brain, 1/3 the size of a human brain. So, we now know that SHE is their leader and they are gathering for her.
WHAT do you think she wants ??
4. Theo and Adam are talking and Theo asks, "Can they communicate? Do you know how they live?" Adam becomes agitated when he finds out that they have one female in captivity and asks if she has a brand, a mark? Well, we have seen Margaret's palm and have seen the brand.
What do you think that means? How did it get there? What do you think it signifies?

Oh, boy, another thinker !! Can't wait to hear your thoughts !

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