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You are at school. Your teacher asks you to step to the front of the room and teach the class about an algabretic equation she has on the board. But there is one problem, you don't know the answer. What do you do?

A. Step to the front of the room and teach it best you can.
B. Tell the teacher that you can't do it and risk losing your Erudite reputation.

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You see a person doing something crazy, thrilling, and life threatening. This person is not from Dauntless, so they most likely don't have any experience with thrill. What do you do?

A. Go over to them and tell them that they should probably stop doing that now. And if that doesn't work, instruct them on how they should do it without killing themselves.
B. Tell them that they are being flat out dumb.

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Now you see a person in a candy shop. It's a little boy, and he appears to be stealing some candy. What do you do?

A. Get the shop owner.
B. Steal candy with the boy.

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You see a factionless man getting mugged by a few people from Dauntless. What do you do?

Write in answer.

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Your final result was Candor. Go ahead and plug it into your character creation deal.

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