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message 1: by Amber, The Founder (new)

Amber (puresurplus) | 830 comments Mod
There won't be any additional reads (besides those that are already scheduled) until September. At that time, a new poll will be generated, and it will be business as usual each month. I think we all need a leisurely summer, right? I, for one, really need to catch up! Please, also continue to comment on discussions, even those that are already archived. Don't forget to participate in the poll rejects challenge, too. My plan is to gobble up the majority of them during this break.

message 2: by April (new)

April (apriltara) | 63 comments Between work slowing down and school ending next week, I'll be catching up over the summer too.

message 3: by Cherish (new)

Cherish (lady_cherish) | 45 comments Thank you, Amber. I'm thankful for the opportunity to catch up, as well. The past few months have been insanely busy for me and I've felt woefully negligent with my reading groups.
I'm also excited about the challenge. Although, I am a tad confused about how it all works, as I don't see any comments on the QUALIFICATION THREAD and, yet, others have completed books. I think my brain has developed a leak ;P

message 4: by Amber, The Founder (new)

Amber (puresurplus) | 830 comments Mod
You're right, but it only started a few days ago. I'll gently remind members, if it gets out of hand. I know it sounds ridiculously complicated, but I didn't want to leave room for controversy. Glad to have you back!

message 5: by Cherish (new)

Cherish (lady_cherish) | 45 comments Thanks, doll. Glad to be back to all this reading fun and adventure :)

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