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Lanni  Marie | 657 comments HII!

((Watrning... I might have to go soon but I might be on later tonight and for sure tomorrow...))

Aηgєℓєηα  | 516 comments Hiya! ^^
So, I was thinking we could do a situation like in the original, but add in our own plot twists and such. :D

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Lanni  Marie | 657 comments Okay sounds good.., a male butler right?? Just to clarify... and are we gonna make charries or just make it up as we go along? Either way works... :)

Aηgєℓєηα  | 516 comments Yes, a male butler. :)
And I prefer maming charries, first, just so I have something to go off of. ^^

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Aηgєℓєηα  | 516 comments Here's mine:

Name: Hero Estella Mortimer

Nickname: Goes by Estella

Age: 14

Her mark is on the inside of her wrist.

Estella is a young woman with a very cynical and sardonic nature. She has been exposed to the evils of this world and that is not something she could soon forget. Usually Estella tries to be cold and reserved, always acting like a proper lady. You do not want to anger her, though, as she is cunning, determined, and has a fiercely competitive nature. Estella is absorbed in melancholy but will never back down, especially when her pride is concerned. In addition, Estella, though an independent girl who prefers solitude, is quite a lonely creature.

Estella’s family name has long been a cursed one. Her father, though an entrepreneur adored by the public, was not a joy at home. He abused his wife and children when they stepped out of line, but the physical side was never the worst part. Lord Mortimer was always so cold to his family, and so very strict. There was no real love there. Her mother, though, really cared about her children and tried to protect them from their father all the time. Estella loved her mother dearly but unfortunately, she died of illness when Estella was eight. Then, Estella’s older brother, Nero, became obsessed with black magic, always trying to summon demons and spirits to do his bidding. He went practically mad, but no one knew about it. One day, Estella came home to find her father being sacrificed in the middle of a pentagram, but Nero was no where to be found. The cloaked figures grabbed her and tried to kill her as well, sacrificing the family to whatever spirits they believed in. Her father was already dead and she figured her brother was, too. So, she made a deal with a demon, deciding she had to fight fire with fire. She would take over the company and find her kidnappers, vowing to make their lives a living hell without knowing that her brother may be behind everything…

Other: Estella is now in charge of a wealthy company that deals in weapons, antiques, and relics. She deals with whoever offers her the most, not very concerned with morals.

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Lanni  Marie | 657 comments Sorry, ive been VERY busy. I'll have my charrie up soon :)

Aηgєℓєηα  | 516 comments I understand. ^^
Awesome! :D

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Lanni  Marie | 657 comments Name: MMMM... brain dead. I'll figure that out soon. Haha sorry...

((The first picture has stupid words on it but I like the pic... O.o))
Mark is on the back of his hand. Duh.

~Insert Name Here~ is a smart ass but can be passive at times... he seems like your average butler at first glance. But when it comes to his master, Estella, he is capable of anything, as long as it's by her orders. He's naturally agile, quick, and cunning, being able to think of anything up on the second to get his master out of danger. ~Insert Name Here~ is virtually indestructible and cares about appearance more than he should. He always has to be looking crisp and clean.

History: The history of ~Insert Name Here~ is far too long and... gruesome... to be told. But was recently bonded in a contract to a young woman by the name of Hero Estella Mortimer.

Other: ~Insert Name Here~ can not wait for the day he will finally get to devour that delicious soul...

((I'm sorry that took so long!! and that it's kinda short.....))

Aηgєℓєηα  | 516 comments Awesome! Would you like me to start so you can think up a name? :)

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Lanni  Marie | 657 comments Yus please ^.^
And if you can think of a good name tell me plz! I'm open to ideas

Aηgєℓєηα  | 516 comments ((Hmm...How about Darcy? Or Bennett? Killian?))

Estella stood in her study in front of a bookshelf, gazing at the numerous titles. It was still very early in the morning and she had woken with the need to find a certain piece of literature. Anyone who looked at the young girl could see the dark half-moons under her eyes. A good night's sleep was rare these days, it seemed. "How tedious...Maybe I should just have him find it." But Estella wouldn't ask her butler to find the journal for her. She would allow no one to see a moment of weakness from her. You have to be cold, Estella. Always. The words of her father. If only she could find that simple little passage in her mother's journal...the one that always gave her a bit of strength.

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Lanni  Marie | 657 comments ((I like Bennett... I'll fix up my charrie too.
Umm... your title? Young Master? (or Mistress) Your Highness? My lord? <- I'll say that one for now.))

Bennett walked through the manor, making sure everything, even the pictures were straight and uniform. Everything must be crisp and perfect. He nodded to himself and walked down the hallways gracefully, arriving at her room to wake her up, he knocked and entered. "My lord...?" He asked, seeing the she wasn't in her bed.
She must be in the study... He thought, walking to the room.
"My lord?" He asked seeing her in front of a book shelf. "Have you found what you're looking for? Breakfast will be ready soon... would you like me to draw you a bath?" He walked over to her, but stayed a few feet back, as to not invade her space.

((Sorry it took so Long!!!!!!!!!))

Aηgєℓєηα  | 516 comments ((Umm...Young Mistress and My lady work.))

Estella was a little startled when she heard Bennett's voice. Damn him... She sighed, turning to face her butler with a cold, sardonic expression. "Not yet, but it doesn't matter." She muttered, not bothering to readjust the books on the shelf. Bennett could take care of lowly tasks such as that. "And yes, that sounds lovely." Her tone, however, sounded far from joyous. She didn't get enthused about much these days.
With confidence and grace, Estella walked past Bennett and through the doorway, not fretting over whether or not he would follow. "What does my schedule look like for today, Bennett? Is that meeting with Sir Astor today?"

((And that's fine! :D ))

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Lanni  Marie | 657 comments ((Kk))

Bennet nodded as she talked, making sure to catch every detail of what she said. As she left the room, he followed behind her at a respective distance, grimacing slightly at the mess on the bookshelf she left for him to clean later. At her words, he nodded. "Yes, My Lady. Your schedule for today is open until half past noon when you will be meeting with Sir Astor. Then at Five o' clock you will be meeting with Lady Peppenridge. Although I got word that she has been sick so that may or may not be postponed. Other than that, My Lady, you just have the daily paperwork to attend to." He continued to follow. "How would you like your bath?"

Aηgєℓєηα  | 516 comments "Hmm." Estella muttered, as if she was losing interest in the discussion. She really was. "As for Peppenridge, find out her present condition as soon as possible. You know I hate last minute cancellations." She rounded a corner of the estate, which was quite extensive indeed. Estella still hadn't found time to explore the basement. She was certain it was only storage, though. Estella then rolled her eyes at Bennett's question. "Hot, cold. Surprise me." How trivial. Estella paused in the hallway, examining a portrait of her and her brother when they were younger. "My dearest brother...Any news on his whereabouts yet?" Estella wasn't too hopeful that he was alive, but she wanted to know if his death needed to be avenged, too.

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Lanni  Marie | 657 comments Bennett followed behind her as she walked -at a respectful distance, of course- listening to her every word, making statements such as "Yes, My Lady" or "Of course, My Lady" when she spoke.
"Sadly, we have heard nothing of Sir Mortimer's location or well-being as of late. Although we have our best investigative team out searching for any hint or tiny clue of his whereabouts." He said, examining the picture as well.
"I will go and draw you bath now, My Lady." Bennett said, bowing to her and gracefully walking away in the directions of his mistress's living quarters.
"Quite a handful... this boy's disappearance..." he muttered as he reached her room. Turning on the bath, he adjusted the temperature and rolled up his sleeves. "Complications... Distractions... Delays..." He said again, sighing as he added the lavender essence that his mistress liked in her bath.

Aηgєℓєηα  | 516 comments "Hmm...That's unfortunate." Estella muttered, though it seemed as if she were only half paying attention. Her eyes were focused on the painting. Estella and her brother had always had a strange relationship, one of venom, steel, and the occassional heartfelt world. Every interaction was formal and rehearsed. However, Estella didn't like the idea that they had taken something else from her. "Very well, then. Make it quick."
Estella held a lot of authority in her, often sounding more like a queen than a little girl. Of course, that was a learned behavior. Thank you, father. She thought bitterly.
Narrowing her eyes at the dissappearing shape of Bennett, Estella sighed. Though Estella would never admit it to herself, she had come to rely on Bennett. He was, afterall, the only thing partially stable in Estella's world right now. She glanced at the painting once more and, with a smile oozing sugar and wickedness, she said, "Believe me, Hell hath no fury." Then with the graceful step that could only result from fine breeding, Estella joined Bennett in her living courter's, waiting impatiently.

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Lanni  Marie | 657 comments Bennett continued to mutter to himself adding various things to her bath to make it more enjoyable. He felt her presence in the room a minute or two later and stopped.
Once the bath was done he turned to Estella and bowed gracefully. "Your bath is ready, My Lady." He then stepped forward slightly, "Would you like any help?"

((I apologize for the lack of content in this post... :P I'm suffering from a horrible case of writers block on all of my stories today.... O.o))

Aηgєℓєηα  | 516 comments ((I understand, lol. :D))

Estella watched him for a moment, eyes narrowed and arms crossed losely. Such behavior wasn't strange for the young mistress, as she was a very calm and composed young woman, often times even languid. Estella had a habit of looking down on everything, even simple mundane tasks, because it was hard for anything to peak her interest. She was simply bored with life and believed she was a person who deserved much more.
Raising her eyebow and giving her butler a devious smile, Estella uttered her remark, "I don't like you that much, Bennett." The mischevious glint in her eyes disappeared in an instant. She let out a sigh. "Prepare breakfast and make sure the manor is ready to entertain guests." Estella said curtly.

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Lanni  Marie | 657 comments Bennett simply stood before his young mistress, waiting for her reply. What she said did not surprise him. He was used to these remarks from time to time... That was just her character, she never had relied on anything.
At her orders, he bowed and walked gracefully out of the room with a, "Yes, My Lady." He walked down the hallways, straightening pictures and books that always seemed out of place whenever he walked past them. Walking into the dining room to set the table, once again. "Can't those empty-headed fools do anything right..." He sighed, setting plates and utensils down with great speed and accuracy.
Next, Bennett walked into the Kitchen to see how the breakfast was fairing. "Meredith..." He said to the cook. "Your food preparations are coming awfully slow for the professional cook you are." Walking over to a pan, he took a small spoon and dipped it in a sauce in a pan. "Hollandaise... Eggs Benedict, I see. Exceptional."
With that, He walked out of the kitchen to continue preparing the dining room.

Aηgєℓєηα  | 516 comments Estella stood there for a moment even after Bennett had left, lost in thought. With a shake of her head, she began to undress and then climbed into the bath smoothly. Estella, though an independent lady, did not normally do simple things by herself. She would usually have her handmaiden or Bennett undress her, but today she needed to be alone. Estella just didn't want to be near him at the moment because she was feeling overloaded, as if her head might burst at any moment and her bones would dissipate into oblivion. Estella wanted no one to see her in any state besides cool and collected.
After she was finished, Estella closed her eyes and took a couple deep breaths. Fear should fear me.
A few inhales and exhales later she climbed out and grabbed a towel, drying herself off and ensuring that her expression was composed. Estella turned to the gown laid out for her and smirked. It was dark purple and trimmed in black lace. It was extremely rare nowadays for Estella to wear bright colors. With a sigh, Estella threw on her underthings and frowned when she wrapped the corset around herself. Some things simply couldn't be done on ones own. "Bennett." She didn't bother to yell. He would hear just fine without her having to strain her vocal cords.

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Lanni  Marie | 657 comments ((I apoligize for the delay and the... lack of quantity of this post. O.o))

Bennett left the kitchen and proceeded to fix the dining room, and when that was done he went on to the hallways. There was always dust somewhere, and he hated dust. "Such a nusance..." He muttered, wiping it up.
Bennett continued on, cleaning dusting, fixing those three pictures that always seemed to be crooked.
He then heard Estella call his name. "I knew she would summon me at some point." He said, walking quickly to her room. Upon entering he said, "Yes My Lady, what is it that you need?" He then looked up at her. "Ah..." He said, walking over to her and tightening her corset. "Would you like any help with your dress, My Lady? You've been rather independent today."

Aηgєℓєηα  | 516 comments Estella rolled her eyes at him, a grimace forming on her lips. This was one of those days where it aggrivated her how much she relied on him. Estella wished she could do things on her own some times, that she didn't need a demon's assistance to carry out her revenge. She could feel the mark on her wrist burning, a constant reminder of who her soul belonged to and what her purpose was. Many times, this mark had comforted her. In times where she was unsure or her confidence wavered, all she had to do was glance down at the sign that was placed right over her veins. She knew why she was here. She knew what she had to do. Estella was not afraid.
"Fine." She grumbled with a sigh, giving in. Then, Estella gave him a wicked smile. "This afternoon, I want to have that meeting with Mr. Blackwell." An infamous criminal, he was. He had several contracts with the Mortimer family, though, involving weapons and protections. Estella, of course, was not afraid of this man either. "Arrange it."

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Lanni  Marie | 657 comments ((Hi!! sorry but this thread got lost and I could never seem to find it... :( But I finally did after digging around for quite a while X) I was wondering if we should start this back up again?? I'll reply now since it's no trouble and you can continue if you would like.))

Bennett helped her into her dress, careful not to rip or even wrinkle the fine fabric, as he liked things looking their best. He was in the process of tying the dark ribbon in the back of her dress when she spoke, and he listened, not bothering to stop his actions. He stood when she was done dressing and bowed. "As you wish, my lady. I will create an appointment with Mr. Blackwell for this evening. If you will excuse me, I must go make the arrangements." And with that, he left the room swiftly and headed down the elegant halls to where the main telephone sat. He picked up the ear piece and dialed a few numbers, putting it up to his ear. When they answered he said, "Is this the Blackwell residence? - Yes, Miss Estella requests to speak with Mr.Blackwell this evening, in person." He ran over Estella's schedule in his head as a maid of the Blackwells spoke. "Very well, we shall request your presence at promptly 6:00 p.m. - Yes, goodbye."
He hung up and made his way back down to where Estella's room was, ordering a few servants to do something useful as he walked. He arrived at her door and knocked softly before entering. Bennett stopped at a respectable distance away from his master and bowed gracefully as he said, "My lady, a meeting with Mr. Blackwell has been set for 6:00 this evening. I trust that the plans are pleasing enough?"

Aηgєℓєηα  | 516 comments ((OMG Sorry! I didn't see this! O.o I'd love to start this up again! Guess we're even now, lol. xP ))

"Yes, that's fine." Estella muttered, sounding uninterested. She waved the thought away with a flick of her wrist, straightening out her gown and her dark locks in the vanity mirror absentmindedly. Once she was satisfied enough, the young lady turned back to her butler, studying him with guarded and mischievous eyes. "So..." She stepped closer to him, testing him. Estella moved her hands to straighten out the front of his jacket, then his collar, though his appearance was always perfectly tidy. "Nothing until noon, hm?" She raised an eyebrow at him, running her hands over his chest for a moment.
And then Estella sighed, turning away from him. "You bore me, Bennett. You should fix that." She rolled her eyes as she started towards the door.

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