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Morgan Hey baby cakes

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Hi :)

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Status: Special Operative
Efficiency: 100%
Modification Status: Complete

Full Name: Tyler James Luxe
Codename: Wolf

Age: 18
Birthday: December 21, 1995



Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Golden Hazel with Amber Flecks
Height: 6' 1
Build: Muscular



-The Color Red
-Open Spaces (nowhere to hide)
-Being Vulnerable

-Sight, Hearing, Scent


Physical: Sharp Canines

message 4: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Still can't get over how hot he is

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Hahahahaha so I gotta make the red riding hood....

message 6: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Yeah sorry :(((((

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Yeah but I got a pretty girl for it :)

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Morgan Okay good! Take your time you don't have to finish her tonight

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I want to though! What time are you going to bed? I'll try to hurry!

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Morgan Maybe not for another two hours

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Name: Gwendolyn Mae Partridge
Nickname: Gwen, Little Red, Red

Age: 18
Birthday: December 30, 1995



Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5' 6

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History: Red grew up in a small town in France. She lived with her parents until they were killed in a tragic car accident. She was very little when it happened as she came to be in her grandmother's custody. She loved her very much so she was happy that she got to love with her. After a while, they became very close. Her grandmother taught her how to sew and bake and all kinds of other things. After Red turned 16 her grandmother made her a very special cloak for her to wear. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. It was a deep scarlet color and she started to wear it everywhere. Eventually, when Red was old enough she started working at the local bakery and absolutely loves it.

Occupation: Baker

-Red (the color)
-The Woods

-The Dark
-Being told what to do
-Being mocked or made fun of

Other: She always wears her red hooded cloak. Always.

message 12: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Haha thats funny that she wears a red cloak all the time and he's scared of the color red. She looks amazing!!!! I can't wait to start this and I hope it doesn't turn out to be a flop like our other one hehe

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Hahaha me too'!!!! So how should we start this thing?

message 14: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Thinking!!!

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

Maybe he comes into the bakery and buys something from her....or places an order? Flirts with her? Idk what do you think?

message 16: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Yes yes!!! Cuz he's like spying on her...

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Okay!! So you or me first???

message 18: by Morgan (new)


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Gwen walked into the bakery and was immediately hit with the smell of fresh baked pastries. She smiled as the wind chime above the door welcomed her into the building. It was a quaint little shop with gorgeous flowers in the window sill and smiles on everyone's faces. It was Red's escape and she loved it. She untied her scarlet cloak and hung it on the coat rack by the door. She threw on her apron once she got behind the counter and got to work. She baked quite a bit and then her boss wanted her to take over the counter. She didn't mind. She actually loved interacting with the customers.

message 20: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Tyler watched the girl go into the bakery. Her name was Gwen. He knew that from following her around for so long. He wasn't sure why his boss wanted him to abduct her and find out information on her, but when he was given a job he had no choice in the matter. He stood on the other side of the street, watching her from the window. He didnt like getting close to her, he was actually kind of scared but he tried his best not to show it. He was scared because her hair was red and so was the cloak she wore. He had always been scared of the color red, it had always been a deep secret of his. Today his boss told him to interact with her.

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Red stood at the counter and took a few orders. She sold plenty of pastries and cupcakes and all kinds of treats. Once things died down a bit she sat down on the stool that was behind the counter. She rested her chin in her hands and stared out the window dreamily. She loved being in the bakery, but she loved being outside too. She daydreamed for a few minutes, but then realized that she was drifting off. She snapped back to reality as another customer came to the counter. He wanted a dozen apple tarts. She picked them out and put them in a cute little box. She handed them to the man with a smile.

message 22: by Morgan (new)

Morgan When Tyler walked in, Gwen was handing a man a box of pastries. He didnt care what type they were, he was just there to do his job. He had never been this close to her before, he was always watching her from the shadows in the distance. From here he could pick out every single one of her details. He tried his best not to stare wide eyed at her hair, instead he concentrated on her eyes. Her bright blue eyes.

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Red took the money from the customer and stuck it in the cashier. She handed him his receipt and smiled at him as he turned and walked away. Her eyes fell upon a boy with dark hair and amber eyes. She smiled sweetly at him and gave him a little wave. "Can I help you?" She asked, her voice melodious and kind. Red was a very sweet and caring girl. She was kind to every one she met and this boy would receive that same kindness. And his looks certainly did help. He was quite stunning. He was tall and she had to tilt her head up a little bit to look at him. She waited for him to answer her question, still smiling and playing with the hem of her red dress.

message 24: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Tyler heard a sweet little voice began to speak and he snapped out of his gaze. His eyes met Gwen once again. She was smiling at him and her bright white teeth distracted him from her red hair. He really liked her smile and that was a big reason why. "Just a cupcake." He told her shortly. He really didnt want anything, he just needed to interact.

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Red nodded when he told her that he just wanted a cupcake. She went over to the display case and scanned it for the cupcakes. They had a few different choices. They had a vanilla one, a chocolate one, and even a strawberry one. "Fancy a certain flavor?" She asked as she opened up the display. She didn't want to give him something that he wouldn't like so she had decided to ask. He seemed like a chocolate kind of guy, but she didn't want to take any chances.

message 26: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Tyler had been watching Gwen's delicate hands open the display case. He was so entranced by her and he wasn't sure why. He had never been so up close to her before so he was taking it all in at once. "Uh." He said taken off guard by her question. "I don't care." He told her truthfully because he was only going to throw it out when he got it.

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Gwen waited for him to reply and when he did she shivered at the sound of his voice. It was much more masculine than she had expected, but he wasn't really a boy. He was a man really. When he said he didn't care she immediately grabbed a chocolate cupcake. She sat it on a quaint little napkin and handed it to him. "You seem like a chocolate kind of guy to me..." She said, examining him casually. She waited for him to pay, trying to contain her curiosity but she just couldn't. "I've never seen you around before." She commented.

message 28: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Tyler took the cupcake from her, their hands grazing gently. He held it in his hand, not planning on eating it. He chuckled slightly at her comment about him being a chocolate guy. "I guess so." He said. "I'm kind of new here and I was in the mood got a cupcake." He lied smoothly.

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Red gazed into his eyes as he spoke. She'd never seen any quite like his before. They were a golden color, but there were also light amber flecks in them. They were stunning. "Well, I hope you like it here. I know I do. It's so quiet and peaceful...." She said, gazing out the window for just a moment. "What's your name?" She asked, tilting her head to the side a little. She was rather curious and since he was so willing to answer all of her other questions, she decided to keep asking them.

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Morgan Tyler nodded when she said it was peaceful and quiet. He looked around at the little bakery. It was cute and cozy and really quiet, but not very peaceful. He didnt really see anything peaceful about it. He turned back around to face her when she asked his name. He couldn't give her his real name. Never. "People call me Wolf." He said, putting his hand out in front of her to shake. "How about yourself? Do you have a name for that beautiful face?"

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Gwen nodded when he said that people called him wolf. She found that rather odd, but she didn't want to make a big deal out of it. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you Wolf." She said, shaking the hand that he had offered gently. At his next statement, she blushed fiercely. "Gwendolyn....but my friends call me Red." She told him. He didn't really think she was beautiful, did he? She was kind of flustered after that, he'd certainly caught her off guard.

message 32: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Tyler had to look away when h saw her face began to turn red. Why did he hate that color so much? It puzzled him. He dropped her hand and it fell casually back down to his side and found it's way into his pocket. He already knew what her name was, but he didnt want her to know that. "Very nice." He nodded, trying to hide his thoughts about her nickname.

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Red felt him pull his hand from hers and she pulled hers back as well. She hoped that she hadn't had anything on them like flour or batter. She was always making a mess in the kitchen. Her blush died down a bit and she heard him speak again. "Thanks." She said casually. She motioned towards the cupcake. "It's on the house." She told him kindly. "Welcome to Brioude." She added with a smile. That was the name of the small town where she lived.

message 34: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Tyler had looked up already when she gestured to the cupcake. He had noticed that her face had lightened up. The job was a lot easier than he thought. It was much, much easier then following her around everywhere. All he had to do was talk to her. "Awe thanks." He smiled smoothly at her, not giving her any hint that he wasn't going to eat it.

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Red smiled at him as he thanked her, but it wasn't every day that she met someone new. The town was small and everyone knew everyone pretty much. She brushed a strand of her red hair from her face and behind her ear. "It no problem." She said, looking up at him. Goodness, he really was handsome. She glanced down at the cupcake and motioned towards it again. "Well, go on. Try it and tell me what you think.... I made them myself." She said, having no idea that he wasn't going to eat it.

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Morgan Tyler felt his hands getting sweaty when she told him to try it. He didnt want to insult her or anything, but he really didnt want it. Then she said she had made it herself and he unwrapped it, taking a bite without a second thought. He felt the chocolate cake practically melt inside his mouth. He took another bite and silently kicked himself for not taking a bite earlier. "It's really good." He said with his mouth full.

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Red watched as the really cute guy took a bite of the cupcake. She knew she was being stupid, but he looked really hot eating that cupcake... She had to pinch herself to stop thinking that way. She smiled wide when he said it was really good and when she saw that his mouth was full she laughed. She laughed so hard that she had to double over. "I'm glad you like it." She said when she was finally able to contain her giggles.

message 38: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Tyler had set the cupcake down on the counter because he thought he might drop it. He swallowed his bite and stared right at Gwen. "Such a beautiful laugh." He said completely entranced by her laugh. She was cracking up and he thought it was amazing, he wasn't even sure what he had done to make her laugh that hard. "I'm glad I like it too."

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Red looked up at Tyler and could feel a blush growing in her cheeks again. It wasn't as strong as last time, it just left her cheeks a rosey pink. She smiled and looked down at the ground. He was so sweet. He said that he was glad that he liked it and that certainly didn't help her blush. A timer went off in the corner, beeping loudly. It was signaling the end of her shift. She walked over to it and shut it off. "Mac, I'll see you tomorrow!" She shouted into the kitchen as she removed her apron, dusting the flour off of her red dress. She came out from behind the counter and walked towards the coat rack. She picked up her scarlet cloak and started to tie it under her chin, at the base of her collarbone.

message 40: by Morgan (new)

Morgan It was hard for Tyler to stay nice for this long and he really didnt like doing it. He wanted to be his quiet, aggressive self that he always was, but he had to be kind to her and polite to interact with her. He heard a beeping sound and looked around, trying to figure out where it was coming from but he heard Gwen yelling at someone that her shift was over and he knew what it was. He shielded his eyes when she stepped away from the counter, revealing her red dress. He didnt want to see it. He turned around and left without saying a single goodbye to her and leaving the cupcake on the counter.

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Red was very confused when she saw Wolf covering his eyes. She looked down, but didn't see anything out of the ordinary. What was his deal? She also found it odd that he left without saying goodbye or grabbing his cupcake. She brushed it off though. She wasn't going to worry herself with it. She pulled the deep scarlet hood up and over her red hair and left the bakery. She headed down the street and towards her grandmother's house. She found herself thinking about the boy though, despite her best efforts. He'd been so kind...and strange too.

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Morgan ((Should we ff??))

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((Yeah! Go ahead! Just whenever you want them to meet again!))

message 44: by Morgan (new)

Morgan ((Hmm alright lemme think))

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((Maybe like she's walking down an alleyway and she gets mugged, he saves her....or he attacks her....or just walks up to her and they walk together for a little bit?))

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Morgan ((Oh okay))

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((What you think?))

message 48: by Morgan (new)

Morgan ((I'm not sure... I think maybe he 'runs' into her on purpose and maybe walks her to work))

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((Do it!!))

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Morgan ((Okayyyyyyyy baby cakes!!))

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