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At an otherwise disasterous social event, Jane meets a woman named Lois who becomes a dear friend. Lois plays a brief but significant role in the book.

Do you think it would have been better if Lois had not died? Would the story have changed much? Did you feel that Lois played an important part in the story?

Kathryn (kdrury) | 112 comments I think the friendship with Lois adds a poignancy to Jane's life experience. It accentuates how fleeting relationships can be. And yet I think that the friendship however brief is a bit of a life raft to Jane at a time when she really was truly on her own in terms of her attitudes towards work and married life. Obviously if Lois had survived the ending of the book would have been very different in that Jane wouldn't have ended up with Lois' husband.

The 'Lois' friendship also accentuated how awful Jane's husband was as he basically says "way to go - make friends with the one person who isn't going to be around much longer". He just had to emphasize that she made friends with the wrong person.

Anna (iudita) | 450 comments Kathryn, I like your comment about Lois being a life raft to Jane. I hadn't thought of it that way but it is so true. I think you could remove Lois from the story completely and still have it wrap up the same way but I think that fleeting friendship added a nice touch to the story. Also I think it made it more realistic because I found it hard to believe that all those snooty women were so against Jane working. I wondered how many of them were secretly jealous. I think they were threatened which would explain their defensive behavior toward Jane.

Karen (karen1278) | 428 comments What Jane's friendship does is remind us she is a person who is giving and a person who creates connections. Her husband is just a closed minded and egotistical. If Jane isn't thinking the same thoughts then she is simply wrong-- no room for negotiation.

Karen (karen1278) | 428 comments Anna, I agree, I think the other wives were threatened by Jane's abilities, intellect and sheer courage to step out from the "norm" .

Kathryn (kdrury) | 112 comments I think that at one point one of the snooty women makes a comment about the fact that she has a degree too. Seems to me that she is jealous that Jane had the fortitude to insist that she would use her education and work before being tied down to kids and taking care of her husband.
I'm sure that a part of those women wished that they could do something other than being fully made up with dinner on the table when the husband got home from work. - How boring. Then again they didn't have much of a choice once they had children. It would be really frowned upon to work at that point if allowed at all.

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