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The Three Broomsticks is an inn and pub in the all wizarding village of Hogsmeade. It is often warm, crowded, and a bit smoky, but clean and welcoming. A mirror behind the bar reflects the cosy atmosphere, and drinks such as Butterbeer and Firewhiskey are served in glasses and in foaming pewter tankards, as well as gillywater, mulled mead, red currant rum, and even cherry syrup and soda with ice and an umbrella. The Three Broomsticks was owned and operated by Madam Rosmerta.

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Axel made it to work finally after a long wlak to the village. Walking in he waved to the entering guest before goign behidn te bar clenaing glasses and serivng a few of the entires as the other bartender walks off for the day. He knew today was going to be bsuy but the onyl thing on his mind was Aspyna dn Professor Zernebog.

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"Adrian? He's my best friend. His half breed status never bothered me nor does yours. " Aspyn said simply as she pushed through the doors into Three Broomsticks. She smiled a little at Axel, giving him a little wave before turning her attention back to Stefan. "He was the first person to come up to me at Hogwarts since it was hard adjusting when I came in the middle of the year. " The thought hurt her a little but she feigned it, not wanting him to see anything wrong. When she had first gotten to Hogwarts she didn't really talk to anyone yet. She would stick to her class schedule and weekend practices with Clermont, not really thinking of going to approach anyone yet. Adrian went up to her and just wanted to talk to her casually which easily became a friendship. Trying to keep that in the back of her mind, she had noticed that Cethin had not come yet but then again Teto was going to be a handful which helped calm her buzzing thoughts a little.

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Stefan Smiles sweetly staring into ehr eyes, "Well, honestly, my blood status never really bothers anyone. They are too caught up in how I look to really care. It is the more normal Half-breeds that the Ministry finds it easier to cope with. Half-breeds like me are few in number and aren't encouraged to be what they are, but tolerated rather than a half giant or half-dementor so to speak. I mean I have no real problemw ith other half-breeds, but my father was a ministry worker and things get edgy whent heri children don't share the same views as the ministry.

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"Because the Ministry is always right.." Aspyn said with disdain still having opposing views to them. "You don't have to share the same views because of your parents. They should....they should respect your own views even if they differ, you know? It's kind of sad really." She had then made her way to the bar sitting down. "And the Ministry...they have such a downcast eye on half breeds all together though. Yes your kind are only a minority but what happens if you show one bit of a threat? You are casted as an abomination. I just feel that this racism we have in the wizarding world should be numbed if not taken away altogether. No one chooses what they are at birth..." She hadn't realized she had ranted on about her views of that issue until that moment which made her quiet for a bit. "Sorry that's a bit of a touchy subject since I care for my friends and the other various half breeds and cursed individuals."

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Stefan nods, "Well, I'm sorry we touched on such a painful subject and matter. I suppose it is a topic that many will argue easily. My mother being a veela has no real opinion on the matter and beleives the ministry full of wizards with their wands so far up their ar..."
"Ah, Ms. Cavalier...." Clermont says with a sly smile. "How are you and Mr. Pursang today?" His smile as devious as ever. His eyes were like slits. There was a reason he was a Basilisk animagus."
Stefan merely nods tot eh Dark arts professor. "Hello professor..."
"Aspyn, i expect to see you and Adrian this night then yes?" He asks precariously. "Stefan keep up the good work on advancing your studies Is till expect a report from you." He walks away to the bar and Stefan nods. "Yes, professor." Nudging Aspyn slgihtly to a seat, "Sorry, I know Clermont is really a nice guy, but sometimes he gives me the creeps."

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"Of course, professor." Aspyn said, acknowledging her professor and mentor. She watched as he walked away before replying to Stefan. "He's a powerful and respectful professor. He can give off that edge. I think sometimes he enjoys it so no need to apologize. Are you going to get anything?" For her, she didn't have much of a taste for alcohol but would order simple muggle drinks like a Shirley Temple which Adrian had always teased her about since she didn't admit her love for sweets. Those simple memories of Adrian seemed to pop up a lot now she realized. He was almost always with her. How can it have turned for the worse? She knew she had reasoned that if he wanted their friendship back, she should wait for his answer. It hasn't even been a full day yet but she couldn't help but wish this was resolved.

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Stefan smiles, "I'll order a strong firewhiskey and a glass of wine." He syas pulling Aspyn a chair out at an empty table and then hismelf. "I expect this year is going to be full of surprises. Everyone seems to ahve mroe secrets this year and I'm excited to pry. I mean apart form my own secrets. I cna't help but be a gossip lover, it's in my blood." He jokes playfully with ehr. Axel brings them their drinks with a smile to aspyn and a half glare to Stefan, "Don't try anytihng with this one, she is taken." Stefan's eyes raise slightly at Axel, "I'm sorry, what did you jsut say to me?" "Axel sets the tray under his arm. "I said, don't try anytihng with ehr. She is taken!" "Oh so you are her boyfriend or soemthing? You think she cna't shoose for ehrself what she really wants? It sounds to me my firned you have hints of jealousy."
Axel's fist ebgan to clinch as stefan's sly ggrin twitches with hsi eyes turnign into a dark jade. "Try me kid."

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"Axel....don't please. He's just a friend. I don't really want any thing crazy happening right now." Aspyn said looking at him with a frown. Adrian was still clearly on her mind and letting Axel feel just how she was already stressed as is under her calm exterior. She really didn't need any more trouble for today. Seeing Adrian later would do the job already. "And Stefan, please don't antagonize him. Axel's a good friend, he just wants to look out for me. That's all." She was surprised though at Axel. Was he starting to care for her and her relationships? "Thanks Axel." She smiled at Axel a little encouraging him. She was glad though he was looking out for her though what he did was a little uncalled for.

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Axel felt the stress that Aspyn felt, but he reacted a bit mroe differently when under pressure. His face began to blush as rage pushed into him. It was clear the full moon was nearing. "You're welcome, Aspyn, perhaps you cna find it to express the same gratitude once I'm finished kicking this guys arse." He says behidn gritted teeth.
Stefan could nto help but give a mere smirk, "Please, like you could ever out do me youa re a simple task sort of boy with two wands ebcause you have a bi-polar condition I'm sure everyone in school would love to know about. Now, do you really want to test me. Stop acting childish and we cna settle this like men." He offers standing and rolling hsi sleeves up.
Axel'sd temper was abotu to create a new appearance. "Oh, like I'm the only one with a secret. Tell me, does your father know about your whore of a mother? does he know about his second son not even being his own?!"
Stefan had a last straw with that one pulling out his wand almsot in a flash as a ble flame burst out of it's tip. "Mors Flamma!!!" Axel's wolf shapped ash wand comes out in a flash only to counter the curse that coudl easily damage him. "Dolorosum Memoria!!!"

Both boys were balsted apart form one another while Stefan was jerking all over like a seizure patient and screaming for help as foam worked out of his motuh. Axel was sprawled across the otherside fo the floor in a circle of violet flames.

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Aspyn sighed, really not in the mood. Taking away Stefan's pain and extinguishing the flames was an easy task for her. She stood up looking at both of them. "What you both did was childish and immature. Stefan, you did not act like a man. You deliberately acted like a child by attacking Axel after he exclaimed your parents situation. Axel, I'm always here for you , but you are in no condition right now to rile up your emotions. And why would you two do this in front of the Head Girl? I'm going to have to deduct ten points from both of your houses. " Her annoyance was clearly stated as she looked at both of them. "Am I clear?"

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Stefan stands, "I have no need for house points! Reducto!!!!" He shouts casting at a standing Axel. Axel flicks his wand to the side casting the spell form him easily as it shatters with blunt force into a concrete wall. "You twit!!!! How dare youe ven consider attacking me!!!!Crucio!!!!" He exclaims provoking such power from within the spell charged forth in a bolt of red lightening hitting Stefan ahrd int eh chest making him scream out in agony.
It wasn't long befor ethe crowd began to work their way outside of the taverna dn Clermont was there jsut in time ebfore any real damage could be donw slashing away at axel's curse. "I think that will be enough!" He holds his head high and hsi dark eyes loom down at the two boys. "I expect mroe maturity from rpefects than this and it will not be tollerated, thirty points form the both of you and two weeks of detention should keep you both in line!" His voice was liek a serpents and it was almsot frightening as hsi fangs showed sharply. "Now, either you can stand up continue abotu your day peacefully or I can continue abotu my day teaching a new lesson to a couple of prats."

Stefan rubbed the back of his enck, "sorry, professor." Axel rubbing his arms downs his head, "Yeah, sorry professor." Constantine gives one harsh glare ot the both of them beofre movign to Aspyn, "Go and fetch Mr. Zénon. I expect to see you both in my office in one hour and as for the two of you boys I'll see you tonight." He rushes out and a cool air follows behind quickly. Almsot eerie for a late summer day.

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Aspyn nodded with respect. "Okay, professor. Thank you for stopping that." She didn't look at the two as she went out to fetch Adrian. She was used to Constantine's eerie presence and had a full respect for him since he helped her for all those years. Even as she was uncomfortable with Adrian, she wouldn't disobey him.

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Even though Aspyn knew Stefan could still be in there, the food was better there then most of the food served at Hogsmeade. She might even see Cethin which gave her a more resolve to go inside. He knew she was worried about that session with Adrian and she would always tell him how it went. With her new ability and also just how her relationship with him is now,, she wanted to tell him soon. As she kept her hand in Adrian's she pushed through the doors and stepped inside.

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Over half of their school mates, who all knew yesterdays trial and tribulation was almsot biblical, all went silent looking at the two. Many whispers from girls and guy adn a few childish giggles and whimpers of doubt.
Adrian pulled a chari out for Aspyn before setting across form her.

Axel walks over and sets down two butterbeers, "On the hosue..."SO what are yout wo haivng?" He asked semeingly happy the two made up finally.

Stefan was int eh corner brooding over soem firewhiskey and he didn't look none to happy abotu it.

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Aspyn smiled at Axel's arrival, but then looked at everyone else. She was still Head Girl and her authority rang thoroughly in her voice, "Get back to your own conversations please." Her voice was firm and she she finished the sentence, they returned to the buzzing of their own lives. She brought the cup to her lips, savoring the taste. "Thanks Axel. Umm I'm not sure. What would you recommend?" She could still sense the curiosity of the other students but she chose to ignore it. Rumors would be rumors. What bothered her though was she could sense Stefan's emotions. Was she going to talk to him again after what happened earlier? The thought bothered her but she made sure not to show it as she kept her attention to Axel.

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Axel smiles, "Well...I personally enjoy the dragon fried crisps and the roasted acromantula leg is quite good." He promises with a smile. "I'll have that...sounds good to me with a bottle of firewhiskey and pumpkin juice." He asks smiling as he gives Axel a smile and nod before taking a large drink of the butterbeer. "Honestly, The drinks aren't on the house...the owner isn't that generous, but Professor Clermont is." He smiles kindly.

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Aspyn nodded. "Same as him, minus the fire whiskey." She didn't really want to be involved with the stuff since she helped Axel when he was drinking it. "Clermont seems to be pretty generous lately. It's kind of out of character for him." She pointed out though it didn't bother her too much. Clermont had helped her since she was a child; she doubted it was anything serious. Her stomach had growled once again which made her laugh a little. "And um please have the food ready soon, Axel. I hadn't eaten breakfast."

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Axel nods, "It'll be to you in jsut a few moments." He promsies turning form thenm and flicking his wand as a tray of food begins cooking and then moves over the their table with the dirnks. Adrian gives Axel and nod of appreciation knowing he was not big on liking Maxime hosue, but he was still a nice guy even for a prat.
Adrian was quick to dig in finishing off his butterbeer quickly.
Cethin walks over with a smile, "I found teto folowing me with his leash on." He says trying to make it sound casual as he hands Aspyn the leash. "Keep a better eye on your pets." ?He says xamining the table of food. "It seems you two are enjoying yourselves. glad to see everything is alrihgt." He ads with a smile.

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Aspyn smiled a little taking the leash. She then picked up Teto so he could nestle in her lap."Oh thank you Professor. I hope he wasn't an inconvenience. But he must really like you if he was following you around." Her hands petted Teto for a little bit before she let her eyes go back to Cethin. The dog was already settled comfortable as it looked at its two masters.

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Cethin smiles as his two cats walked behind him and sat like egyptian gods owning the floor and everyone was there to serve them. "Yes, well...he cna be a bit hyper, but he is fine." He smiles. "I'll be seeing you two then? Tuesday Adrian...Wednesday Aspyn?" He nods a good bye to them before turning and walking away.

Adrian smiles, "Professor Zernebog is kind...I wonder what ever gave him the qualification to becoem Headmaster. I mean nothing agianst him, but he seems off sometimes. He is a great professor, but sometiems he doesn't seem like he is handling all of the business aspects of the school right." He says simply stating an opinion. The butterbeer was off it had a lsight red hue to it, but he supposed that was jsut the fresh brewing of it.

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Aspyn swallowing feeling a spark of wanting to defend Cethin. It was like that when someone talked anything bad about him. The urge to protect his reputation was hard to push down but she didn't want to end up being suspicious to Adrian. Instead she asked,"Why do you say that?" As she waited for his answer she was drinking the rest of the butter beer. As she looked back up, she hadn't realized the foam of the brew was settled on her lips, giving her a light white mustache. "He seems pretty good to me."

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Adrian covers huis mouth lightly muffling a laugh. He l;ooks at her and wipes his lip precariously with a snikker..."You got a little soemthing. "He syas kindly.."Here." He mvoes very clsoe to her face before taking a napklin and pressing it gently agaisnt her lips jsut before pulling it away to reveal a clean lip now. "Much better." He says charmingly..."Iactually jsut fele that Clermont would be ab etter headmaster he has a backbone. Zernebog seems to be a nice guy...a great professor, but he doens't hold the figure of authoirity like Clermont does." he syas taking a bite of his acromantula leg. "Thats all."

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Aspyn scrunched up her face when he pulled away. "Careful," She continued as she sneaked a fry from his plate and popped it in her mouth, "People might just think we're an item." She was only teasing though as she ate her own fries now. "I don't know about that honestly. It's not that I don't doubt Clermont's ability. He would be a great Headmaster but he's also very harsh, not everyone could handle it. I feel like..." She was eyeing one of the acromantula legs as she was holding it between her finders. "...Zernebog was meant to be Headmaster. He's the one that has been keeping away the prying eyes of the Ministry. He protected you...and me from that prejudice." Ending at that note, she cast her at Cethin. Her heart wrenched at seeing him even as the potion was slowly taking its effects on her. She was still in love with Cethin more and more.

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((Fries...there were no fries on his plate.))

((Crisps are potato chips...chips are fries.))

Adrian smiles lightly scooting hsi chair a bit clsoer, "You knwo yous eem to hold such intrigue with divinations I don't understand how you could live not taking the class." He says palinly before finsihign up and stnaidng. "I have to go to the lou so excuse me. "he sya sbefore dismisisng hsimelf formt eh table.

Axel came back over tkaing the empty cups and lookigna the butterbeer smellign it and cringing for a moment..."Smells like cinnamon and iron." he syas settign it on the try as he grabbed Adrian's palte.

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((whatever i forgot for a second but dang fish and chips does sound good though))

Aspyn rolled her eyes at his comment as he left her to go the restroom. After hearing Axel, she frowned. "Iron?' She looked at him confused. Since she was hungry and thirsty, she downed the drink without really paying attention to the taste. "Is something wrong?"

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((Uh, no...I hate fish))

Axel raises hsi eyebrows at the cups..."Well, if I'm not mistaken thsoe scents are common to the after taste of Love potions and Cheering potions." he explains.

Cethin was not far form them overhearing the conversation and it only raised suspicions. It made himbegin wondering jsut what might be going on with someone giving her a love potion.

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( u hate fish?))

"Strange....well maybe it was some mistake. " Aspyn frowned. "I hope it's nothing serious." She rubbed Teto's stomach, thinking. "Maybe you should go and check the other drinks. We wouldn't want anyone tampering with potions if there are." The occurrence bothered her. Love potion? Why would that be in there. She made a mental note to talk to Clermont about it. Maybe some student tampered with it before he got their drinks. She pushed her cup away afraid her drink had it too.

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Axel nods before walking off with the plates. He looked through the rinks smelling each one and finding nothing wrong with any of them. It was odd. Who would give her and Adrian love potion? Or any kind of potion for that matter.
Adrian returned with a kind smile it was as if he couldn't wait to get back beside of her again. As he sat down he couldn't help but looka round..."Something is bothering you...I don't have to be an empath to sense that." He said noting to the glass infront of her having a bit of frost on it.

Cethin was trying hard not to read her mind. It really bothered hima s to wht he thinks may be happening right now could be the work of a person he beleived would never do sucha thing to his own relaitonship with Aspyn.

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Aspyn frowned looking at the frost that had formed. She took a breath, focusing on a better thought but the ice only thickened. "There was some sort of potion in our drinks." As she was holding the glass, she brought to her nose, still smelling it. Her senses weren't as strong as Axel's so she doubted she would be able to smell it as keen as he did. "The ingredients were apparently maybe used for a love potion. What kind of practical joke is that?" Her eyebrows were furrowed as tried to think. She could feel her own presence making the room colder as she grew frustrated. Finally noticing, she conjured up the first thought she could think of and that was when she got to see Cethin after those weeks of barely getting to talk with him in private. The thought helped ease the chill of the air.

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Adrian looked in mere shock, "Aspyn...I don;t think someone would really slip us a lvoe potion. I mean honestly what would be the point. Love potions only work if there is a deep down fullfillment in both drinkers...and regardless it only take one person to drinka love potion so how do you know both of us were givne the dirnk?" He asked trying to make sense of it with a more logical perspective.

Axel wlaked back over bringing Adrain a fresh bottle of firewhiskey..."Here,'ll need this mroe than the rest of us." He offer him the bottle.

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"Yeah...maybe you're right." Aspyn stayed quiet for a bit though. But what if she did....she never really thought about it that much. Besides he did confess to her before, maybe he was just denying it for her sake. Shaking out of those thoughts though, she answered, "Axel could smell the ingredients on our drinks. I'm going to talk to the potions teacher about it though just in case. Stronger love potions can be made. Axel could you help me identify the ingredients in it?"

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(( gonna start helping in Dominion and makign charries?))

Axel nods...."Yeah no problem...only ot an extent...I'm better at magic than potions." he assures her trying to not soudn too confident. "I am presuming basic love potion ingredients. He says smellign ehr frozen glass...Ashwinder eggs are a common ingredient in many varieties of love potion, as are rose thorns, peppermint and Moonstone. I can smell everyone of thsoe ingredients." He says palinly..."I expect that the leftover taste of iron and cinnamon is simply some fo the effects of strong lvoe potions...particularly lvoe potiosn that appeal to the drinker. Much like Amortentia. But thsis tuff is something completely new. It smelsl different and has no mother-of-pearl sheen it has liek ar eddish hue int he drink so It hink it is red.

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Aspyn took the cup in her hands, narrowing her eyes. "Is it okay if i take the cup with me? If Professor Amare is here, he would be able to find out the rest." Her eyes went to Cethin's as her frown deepened. Who would want to give her and Adrian a love potion? Her relationship with him was getting better and her other with Cethin was going great with how they saw their future together. Taking a napkin, she jotted down the ingredients Axel said. She wasn't that great at potions so it would be better if she got Amare to figure it out. It could have been just some prank but she didn't like it. What if it became serious?

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Axel nods, "Go ahead, jsut bring it back." He says palinly. "We are runnign lwo becuase of drunks wlaking off with our cups and brekaing so many." He says palinly. Adrien frowns, "Do you wnat me to gow ith you? "He offers kidnly.

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"I will." Aspyn promised as she eyed the glass once more. As she overheard his question, she nodded as she searched the room. When she spotted him, the professor had just sat next to Cethin which made her feel a little relief. He would help her sort this out. "I see him. Let's go." Taking Adrian's hand, she crossed the room with him.

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Adrian coudln't explain it but he felt warmth inside as she took hsi ahnd. Cethin and Jacob were talking over wine as Cyrus, jacob's barn owl flies and settles ont he table. then Marcus walks upa nd takes a seat with thema s well. They were talking abotu soemthing that the Ministry ahs been setting regualtions on.

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Aspyn stopped after they reached the table. "Um, excuse me professors. Sorry to interrupt." She felt slightly awkward with all of the professors sitting there, but none the less this was an important matter. " I think someone has been tampering with the drinks. " The cup she was holding was placed on the table, for emphasis. "Apparently it could be ingredients for a strong love potion. It might be just a measly prank but I would rather be cautious just in case. Professor Amare...would you be able to help with this matter?"

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Jacob raises an eyebrow with an amused smile, "Yes, but of course, my talents in such matters exceed many others. I supose I cna tkae time out of my day to tamper aorund with what meldesome act ahs provked..." He smelsl the glass and makes a funny face..."Yeah isn't a love potion onr ecord, but it seem to be a potion none the less. Jacob pulls out hsi wand and tpas the glass lightly as he looks itnot eh cup he nods, "Yes, well thsi is certainly a new record of love potiona dn it seems that it will need to be drank by two people who it is inteded for to experience the emotions. Oddly enough I'd say without causing infactuation or obssession this very potion may be the first ever to inflict true love." He says looking it over. The only antidote I cna think of would take months to prepare. There are absic love potion antidotes to lessen the affects, but it seems this potionw as well thoguht up and not done by any amature." He says palinly observing it then he caught a glimpse of hsi reflection in a spoona dn began mesisng with his hair.

Marcus places a hand over hsi face rubbign hsi temples, "really, Jacob...msut you be so self-centered that you have nothing ebtter to do but look at your reflection in a spoon." He points out jerking it froma now dissapointed Professor Amare. "Hey...Iw as jsut making sure my hair wasn't messed formteh fumes this drug is giving off." He says plainly. Cethin laughs lightly, "My dear, Aspyn, if someone really wanted to give you a lvoe potion I'd expect it was a professional who created it and an amature who simply gave it to you jsut as a joke. Maybe a friend desiring to help out a bit."
Cethin tries to sound like a joke, but deep down he was concerned. Jacob points a fingure at Cethin liek he was a lightbulb. "Exactly...It seems this particular potion will be required in doses ona regualr bassis to acquire the full effects of true lvoe. Quite amazing really." He says still examinign hsi reflectionint he ice ont eh glass. Adrien rolls hsi eyes, "Yes, thank you professor." He says takignthe cup back..."I'm sure it was sjtua joke on us by someone." He adds looking back at Axel beginnign to wonder how he knew som much abotu it to ebgin with.

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If Jacob wasn't her professor, she would have scowled at his act but right now the potion still bothered her. It couldn't have been a student then. Not that she would they are not smart enough to do potions, but it would take someone well known in potions to make it. She dismissed it though. There was a nagging feeling inside her though saying something was missing. "Thank you for your help. It probably just is what you said..a mere joke. And thanks again Professor Cethin, for bringing me Teto." A bark was heard when the little toy dog heard its name. It scampered across the floor to join them. Seeing there was no matter pushing it she waved the issue off like it was nothing and tugged on Adrian's elbow so they could go. What bothered her though was she had a similar drink with a red coloring but it couldn't have been him. He watched over her her whole life. He would never try to harm her. There were plenty of wines that could have that color. Her mind insisted. It's nothing to worry about.

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Adrien follows reluctantly. "Um, Aspyn? What are we going to be doing about it? I mena if someone gave us both a lvoe potion that requires two people to take it don't you think we should eb experiencing feelings for one unconditional love?" He asked curiously.

Jacob merely nods to the two a good day and Cethin nods as well. Markus remained quite He had more important matters to discuss than a childish love potion. "As I was saying the department is looking to send aurors here it won't end well...The Ministry Wizengamot is considering a full wide act against cursed and halfbreeds. I find it to be an outbreak of hysteria. They ar elooking for the enxt dark wizard to become a threat to our society to be a halfbreed with mroe strict laws on tehm not even the fabelled Harry Potter could ahve forseen sucha thing as this. It was alla suppsoed ot be taken care of back then, but now all sort sof issues are rising.

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Aspyn squeezed his hand thinking. "If it did, my guess is that since we only took dose or two, It wouldn't be as effective. We'd probably only experience a small attraction towards one another." She wasn't about to tell him what she experienced in the common room but it was a small matter. "Don't worry about it. We might have drank another one sometime during our meals too so just be careful of who handles your drink then. "As she said this, she leaned down to pick up Teto. A frown formed on her face since she could still overhear the professor's conversation. "It won't hurt us but what the Ministry has over us. I want to worry about that more."

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Adrian wa spaying no midn to the professors conversation, "What are you tlaking about he asked as they wlaked out fo the Three Broomsticks. I mean right now I fele that if anyone put that potion inthere how did Axel know so many of the ingridents in it. He siad so hismelf he isn;'t good at potions...I don;'t get how he would know that much." He syas palinly.
Teh walked out going in no particular direction as they walked. I jsut don't feel safe right now if someoe is abel to slip me a lvoe potion who is to say they can't slip us a poison?" He says trying to think logically. As far as her words about what she was overhearign he could have been least concerned, but that is becuase eh had no idea what she was talking about.

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Aspyn frowned stopping as she looked at him. "Adrian, Axel isn't the one who would do that. If he did, why would he tell me there is something wrong with the drink. If others found out, they could blame it on him. " She had promised Axel she wasn't going to share his secret and she planned to keep it that way. "Just trust me okay? He wasn't the one to do it. And that just means we have to be mindful of what we are served. " Her mind was wandering now. Yes she didn't like that someone would do that but right now she was still trying to bring back an acceptance of the half breeds. Her problems were not at important

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Adrian looked at ehr oddly, "Okay...I trust you, but I don't trust him and as for what's bothering you care to share?" He asks looking at her trying to see into what emotions she was feeling, btu eh was no empath. Clearly, he was born to be a dakr wizard with exceptional dark magic, while she can read emotions and control them and eat amgic. He looekd at ehr oddly, "Something else is bothering you...I cna tell so go ahaead and spit it out. what's on your mind?"

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"I understand that what happened is bad but right now I'm more focused on the Ministry. "Aspyn wasn't looking at him as she continued, she was too deep in her thoughts at the moments. "That's why I never tell people of what I am. We think proving to the Ministry that I can control it and maybe even benefit the world of magic. I've lived my whole life in fear that no one will accept me, if it wasn't for Clermont, I wouldn't even be at this school. But with this whole new act that will go against half breeds." She waved her hand in annoyance clutching Teto to her chest with the other. "It's just frustrating. I didn't choose what I am. Only a few people even know of it and they are the ones helping me. "

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Adrian nods, "I know, but whatever it is about some Ministry acting agaisnt us I am sure it will be vetoed out. I doubt it will be anytihng serious. I know for a fact that we will get through this all." He tries to assure her. "I mean the worst they can do is segregate the school."

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