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ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ Name: Anastasia "Anya" Rose Fairchild
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: December 21st
Faction Before the Choosing Ceremony: Euridite

Written Description:
Hair Color: Brown with a few light blonde highlights
Eye Color: Gray
Skin Tone: Fair
Body Shape: Willowy
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 110 lbs
Pitch of voice: Anya is a soprano with a low range, which means she can hit super high notes, but can also go pretty low.
Other: Anya is very pretty. Her coppery brown hair comes down to her waist. She keeps it that long because she was always very mishevious, and her mother scolded her for it by hitting her back. She now has scars over her back, which she covers with her shirt and hair. Her striking gray eyes make her seem like she knows more than what she's letting on, which, most of the time, is really what is happening.

Personality: Anya is energetic and very intelligent, which is one reason why a lot of people from her current faction think she's going to stay. She pretends that she loves it there, but she really doesn't. She believes that some people there are true-hearted about learning, but she also believes that some of those people are as greedy for knowlegde as the Abnegation aren't greedy for anything. When she was younger, she was extremely mishevious, and still is now, which could be good and bad. She doesn't, and never will, like just sitting at a desk researching things. She wants to be active, energetic, doing something she loves like running, which is why she wants to choose Dauntless.

History: Anya was born in Eurdite by Jocelyn and William Fairchild. She is their eldest, and has two younger sisters (twins) and two younger brothers (twins), both sets of twins. She grew up with many friends outside of her household, though, but bonded with her sisters, who are only 1 years younger than her, very well. She is very close to her whole family, and is not ready to say goodbye to them yet, which is why she was debating whether to stay or not. At least one child wants to stay here, the others want to be spread out between all of the other factions, one wanting Candor, one Amily, one Abnegation, one Eurdite, and she wants Dauntless. They used to play mind games with the whole family every Sunday, because their parents wanted them to know not only how to study and learn, but to have some fun with it at times. Then unexpectedly, her father died one day, when Anya was 8, right after her brothers were born. They were all heart-broken. Her mother was the most heart-broken, and had sat in her room for two months, not coming out for anyone. Anya was then the one who had to take care of her 6-year-old sisters and newborn brothers by herself at age 8. This had made her grow up fast, giving her responsibility and independence. What had happened had been part of why she had wanted to go to Dauntless.

Family: Name, Age, Faction, and a one sentence personality.
Mother: Jocelyn Fairchid, 40, Eurdite. Her mother is very kind, loving, and smart woman, but also forgets a lot of things now, after William's death, leaving Anya to look after her siblings most of the time.
Father: William Fairchild, deceased at 33 (now would be 41), Eurdite. William was a very fun-loving and smart man that loved all of his children dearly.
Older Sister: N/A
Older Brother: N/A
Younger Sisters:
Isabella Fairchild, 14, Erudite, wants to go to Amity. Isabella is a peaceful fun-loving girl who loved her father the most out of all of her siblings, because they were the most alike.
Clarrisa Fairchild, 14, Erudite, wants to go to Candor. Clarrisa (Clary) has always been a very truthful little girl that was usually the judge in games they played, because she fit the role perfectly.
Younger Brothers:
James Fairchild, 8, Erudite, wants to saty in Erudite. James is very smart little boy, always correcting his siblings when they are wrong about something informational.
Eric Fairchild, 8, Erudite, wants to go to Abnegation. Eric is a sweet little boy that always helps out when he can, no matter what someone needs help with.

What Faction you character would like to go to: Dauntless
What Faction(s) Your Character got on the Aptitude Test: To be filled in after the Aptitude Test.
What Faction your Character Chose: To be filled in after the Choosing Ceremony.
Divergent: Yes

Other: Anya's favorite thing to do is read. She also likes being in huge crowds and admires all of the Dauntless' energetic and care free attitudes.

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right off the bat i see that you need to bold and italicize the headers like name age faction etc

ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ Okay, sorry! I took one of my characters from another group and I'm going to edit it.

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Please finish ASAP. We wil not wait for you for the choosing cermony

ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ Okay, sorry

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Choosing ceremony is tomorrow so finish up

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