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Swagger and September pull up.

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Rachel Swag parked and got out. He ran around to September's side and lifted her out of the car.

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She gasped as he ran in. She felt the doctors and nurses swarming as her vision started fading around the edges. "I love you," she told Swagger.

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Rachel "Don't say it like you're saying goodbye." Swag whispered and kissed the top of her head. "You're going to be fine, okay? I love you."

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"I could be saying good bye," she whispered, and blacked out.

((Fast forward))

September woke up in her own room. She was surprised she wasn't in ICU. No one was around.

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Rachel Swag sat in the waiting room with his head in his hands. He had sat like that since just after September blacked out.

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September woke, and her father spoke to her. "Hey, Sep."
"What is it, Dad?" She asked, through the mask.
"Tumor growth, severe, they said they weren't sure if you'd wake up," he said.
She felt a tear fall down her cheek. "Get Swag."
He nodded, though she couldn't see it, and walked out to the waiting room.

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Rachel Swag had sat back and was leaning his head against the wall behind him now. He jumped to his feet when he saw September's dad and ran over to him, his eyes begging for answers.

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"Tumor growth. It's very unlikely she lives, I'm sorry son," he said. It was obvious that he had been crying, from his puffy red eyes. "She wants you to come in. She's room 13 go ahead."

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Rachel Swag didn't waste time answering him and just ran straight to room 13. "

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September heard the door open, and wanted to jump out of the bed. "Swagger?" she asked.

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Rachel Swag rushed to the bedside and took September's hand. "I'm here." He told her quietly.

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She nodded, giving his hand a weak squeeze. "I think now with the growth I might get a lung transplant, if they can get a donor," she said quietly. "I don't want to die..."

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Rachel "You're not going to die." Swag told her firmly. "You're going to beat the cancer and give it a kick up the a$$ for good measure." He held her hand tightly, afraid that if he let go September might disappear.

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ears fell off her cheeks as she tried to hug him, but felt much too weak even for that. "Damn straight I will," she said, trying to sound upbeat.

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Rachel Swag nodded and wiped the tears from September's cheeks. "You will." He promised and gently hugged her.

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She kissed his lips. "I'm a fighter. I'm a survivor, and I will get through this. It's just a mountain I have to climb with sucky lungs," she said.

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Rachel Swag nodded and ran his had through her hair. "Just a mountain." He repeated and kissed her again.

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"Just a mountain." She kissed him back, but only for a moment. "I can't kiss for weary long...I can't catch my breath...." she said quietly.
A doctor walked in, and spoke. "Hello, September. How are you?"
"Aside from the cancer growing in my lungs? I'm pretty awesome."

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Rachel Swag nodded. "Sorry." He said and kissed her temple lightly. He sat back as the doctor walked in.

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She reached out for his hand, scared out of her mind. "Do I qualify for the transplant, Doc?" she asked.
"Here's the thing, September.... You do qualify," he said. "But it's a hard procedure, and lung donors are rare. We'd have to work hard to get you lungs before you died."
"Are you saying you won't try?"

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Rachel Swag held September's hand as the doctor spoke. He didn't know what to say so he stayed quiet.

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"We can try, but the hardest part will be getting a donor," he repeated.
She nodded. "I understand that..."
The doctor nodded. "We've been looking since your friend brought you in. Have hope."

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Rachel "Have hope..." Swag whispered and rubbed the back of September's hand with his thumb.

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She nodded, her sightless eyes welling with tears. "Hope... the only thing that cancels out all bad," she said quietly.
"We've been giving you more extra oxygen than you usually get from your tank, do you still feel breath loss?"
"Slightly. Every breath I take I feel like there isn't enough oxygen, but there is...."

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She frowned, "Now, can you update me on everything?"

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Rachel ((Sorry! I thought I had posted. :3))

Swag held September's hand tightly as she and the doctor spoke. He looked at September and sighed. He loved her so much. She couldn't die. She couldn't.

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The doctor shrugged. "If the procedure goes through with your lungs, and you can survive, in about a month, we can use a procedure and possibly restore your eyesight."
She smiled. "That sounds great. Let's just hope..." she was cut off by her own fit of coughing.

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Rachel Swag reached for the water and held it out for September. He rubbed her back, trying to soothe the coughing fit. He glanced up at the doctor briefly.

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She took a sip, then put back on the table. "Thanks," she mumbled.
"We're going to continue research, I'll lave you too be," he said, leaving.

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Rachel "No problem." Swag said quietly and took September's hand again. He watched the doctor leave and then continued looking at the door.

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She leaned on him. "We got this. I am gonna be just fine, got it?"

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Rachel Swag looked down at September and nodded. "Okay. Got it." He whispered an pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

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She took his hand. "I love you, Swagger Stevenson, and later, when this is over one day, I was wonderimg if you'd marry me."

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Rachel Swag nodded a little as he registered what she was asking him. "I'd like to marry you yes." He said carefully so as not to say the wrong thing and upset her. "But I want to wait until we're both ready." He looked at September hopefully.

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"I agree," she said, wrapping her arms around his neck.

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Rachel Swag sighed with relief. "Good." He said and kissed her nose lightly.

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She giggled. "I love you," she said.

September's dad came in, grinning. "They found lungs, Sep," he said.

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Rachel "I love you too." Swag smiled. He pulled back a little as September's dad walked in and smiled widely at the news.

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"Really? This is great!"

((Gonna time lapse again, okay? To after the lung surgery?))

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Rachel ((Okay :) right now? :3))

Swag smiled at September.

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~Time Lapse~

September woke up, her chest aching. She touched the tubes in her nose, wondering.
The doctor smiled. "After your body gets accustomed to working lungs you won't need them again," he said. "Your boyfriend and family are allowed to come and go as they please, as long as you agree with that."
"I do, sir," she replied.

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Rachel Swag paced nervously in the waiting room. He hadn't been allowed to see September at all and it was killing him not knowing how she was. He ran his hand through his hair nervously as he glanced down the corridor yet again.

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September's dad walked out, putting his hand on Swag's shoulder. "Thank you, son. You've been so good to Sep, even if she can't keep up with you all of the time. I'm really happy that she has you, and I know that she really loves you. The surgery is over, and I'm gonna talk to her, but you can come on in ten minutes from now, right?"

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Rachel Swag nodded. "Ten minutes." He repeated and nodded. "I'm glad I have her. She means the world to me." He smiled at her dad but his eye were still full of worry for September.

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Her dad nodded and walked into the room with his daughter, and they spoke for a while before he walked back out and told Swag the room.

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Rachel "Thank you." Swag said and ran to the room. He skidded into her room. "September." He breathed and sat down beside her bed.

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