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Come here for group.

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September came in, and was greeted by a few, but her sister guided her to a chair. She showed her sister away after she was in the chair, and slowly waited for him.

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September bit her lip, and no one spoke. She waited for anyone, but for the last month no one had come.

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Lilly (lylipad) | 7 comments Annie shuffled her way into the massive room, and saw a girl sitting alone in a chair. She walked over to her and sat down in a chair next to her. "Um, hi," Annie said softly. She shifted in her seat and then introduced herself. "My name is Annie," she said even softer. Although she spoke softly, the large empty room magnified each sound by 100.

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"Um," September said, messing with her tubes. "I'm September," she said, turning toward the voice to make it look like she was looking at Annie. "It's nice to meet you, Annie."

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Lilly (lylipad) | 7 comments Annie smiled. "September... that's a really pretty name." She says, while looking at the other girl. Annie noticed that September had an oxygen tank, and looked down. "Sorry," Annie apologized. She didn't know what for, though.

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"Oh, thanks, and don't apologize. I need to breathe, so I use my tank. It's not your fault," she said, smiling.

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September stopped for a moment, taking a few deep breaths. "I have screwy lungs and if I talk to fast I can't breathe."

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 4 comments Augustus had walked in and was looking around. He hasn't really been here that often, since he was usually in the hospital. He looked over at September and smiled, waving a bit.

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She didn't see the wave, obviously, but she heard him come in, so she turned and smiled and waved.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 4 comments Augustus's face brightened up and he went over, looking at Annie and September before he sat down beside them, "Hello," he said cheerfully.

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September recognized the voice, and grinned widely. "Hello there, Augustus!" she said happily.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 4 comments Augustus smiled, "I'm finally out of the hospital." He said, but he coughed a bit. "I'm feeling much better, but I'm still coughing."

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"Oh yes, well get better, Gus! I mean, I am. I still can't see...or breathe...but I'm great!" she said. "I really hope you can get better though. We are the cancer kids, though," she said.

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Lilly (lylipad) | 7 comments Annie realized she had zoned out for a moment and then came back to reality. She realized Augustus was sitting next to her now, and she waved at him. "Hi, Augustus." She then realized that September had said something about not being able to see, and then she felt guilty. But as Augustus said, they were the cancer kids. "How are you guys today?" She asked, trying to avoid awkward silences.

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"I'm feeling...strong," September said, hearing the toneof the ggirl's voice. "Oh, and by the way, don't feel bad. I fake being able to see and see how long it takes people to figure it out. It took Augustus three days, I think, and I always mentioned it when asked..."

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Rachel Swag walked in and pulled down his hood. After a glance around the room his eyes settled on September and a grin spread across his face. He walked over and sat down in the chair beside her, waiting for her to speak first.

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September was engulfed in her conversation with Annie, and didn't even hear him come in.

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Rachel Swag chuckled and watched September as she talked to one of the others.

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She heard the chuckle and spun. "Swag!" she said.

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Rachel "September." Swag said and grinned at her. "Took you long enough to realise I was here." He teased.

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"Took you long enough to realise that I couldn't see you come in," she teased back. "Now get your ash over here and give me a hug."

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Rachel Swag laughed and walked over to September. "Your wish is my command." He said jokingly and hugged her.

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She wrapped her arms around his neck. "Of course."

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Rachel "Yeah sure." Swag rolled his eyes and put his arms around September's waist with a smile.

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She grinned, giving him a kiss. "How are you?"

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Rachel Swag kissed her back. "So much better now. How are you?" He brushed her hair out of her face.

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"Blind and struggling to breathe, but better the moment I heard you," she teased.

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Rachel Swag smiled and kissed her forehead lightly. "I'm glad I made you feel better." He said quietly.

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Lilly (lylipad) | 7 comments Annie smiled at the couple. They seemed really cute together, and she didn't want to bother them, so she turned to Augustus. She smiled at him. "Um, how are you? Oh, wait, sorry, I already asked that." She giggled and then shook her head.

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September bounced on her toes for a moment and then bit her lip. "Oh, Swag! How rude of me. This Annie. Annie, this is Swagger."

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Rachel Swag turned to face the girl, Annie. He kept one of his arms around September's waist and gave Annie a charming smile. "Pleasure to meet you." He said politely.

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September smiled at his touch and then listened. "Are we the only four here besides Hazel?"
Hazel Grace had been in charge of group since the previous man had died of a reoccurrence of cancer.

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Rachel After a look around the room, Swag nodded. "Yeah it looks like it." He told her softly. "Me, you, Annie, Gus and Hazel."

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She nodded. "Nice," she she accepted.

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Hazel walked up to the group. "Hi, guys. I know three of you, but I don't recognize this one," she said looking at Annie. "I'm Hazel Grace, and you are?"

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Rachel Swag smiled a greeting at Hazel. "Hi Hazel." He said and then kissed September's cheek.

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"Hey, Swagger. How are you and September?"
September grinned. "I'm blind, not deaf. I can speak for myself, Hazel. I'm doing well, and I'm not sure about him," sh said.
Hazel gave a small smile.

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Rachel Swag smiled wider at September's comment. "I'm good." He said simply, like he did every time someone asked how he was.

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Hazel nodded, "That's good," she said, and walked back away, never learning Annie's name.

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Rachel "So have you done anything exciting lately?" Swag asked September after Hazel walked away.

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"Um...tried sneaking out. Went well," she said. "I ran into the car outside and set of the alarms," she said.

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Rachel Swag laughed. "Next time you want to sneak out, call me." He told her. "I'll help you not run into things." He teased.

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She smiled, "Yeah. I'll remember that," she teased. "Siri call Swagger," she said loudly. "Mum definitely won't catch me then."

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Rachel He laughed again. "Well then you'll just have to figure out how to call me without using Siri." He grinned.

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"Well, I think I have figured out how to blindly you the numbers and hit the right ones," she said.

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Rachel ((Blindly you the numbers? :3))

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((I have no clue....*face palm*))

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Rachel ((Lol okay :) ))

Swag chuckled and kissed September's cheek. "It doesn't matter babe." He told her. "Why were you sneaking out anyway?"

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"I don't know, to be cool?" she asked. "But being blind and carrying around a clunky oxegyn tank aren't good for it..."

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