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Any form of cancer or disease will be accepted.





~notes on appearance~ (Distinct features...tattoos, scars, birthmarks, etc.)


Type of Cancer:

Stage of cancer:

Age recieved Cancer:



Closest friends:





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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 4 comments Name:Augustus Son




Personality:Augustus is very caring and sweet. He loves to have fun and play around, and tends to tease others in a playful manner. He is extremely loyal and would never betray a friend, even if they have hurt him. Augustus will do anything for his friends, and if it comes to it, he would even die for them. He also is very stubborn, and doesn't like to change his mind.

Type of Cancer:Lung Cancer

Stage of Cancer:III

Age Recieved Cancer:12

History:Augustus was born on Christmas Eve, December 24th, and was raised by his mother in England up until she died when he was 8. He was then sent to live with his father in the United States, and at the age of 12, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He still receives treatment for it, but it doesn't seem to be working too much as his condition worsens at some points.

Maxwell Son(Father, Alive)
Katie Son(Mother, Deceased)

Closest Friends:
Kyle Sanchez
Vivian Nightly





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Full name: September Runner
Age (10-19): 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: (view spoiler)

-eye color: bright blue, but very distant.
-hair color/type: black, blonde, blue, and layered.
-height: 5'2
-weight: 90
-skin tone: very pale
~notes~ She has several scars on her ribs from surgeries, and a scar under her left eye. She also has a birthmarks on her ankle. It's Brown and about an inch in size.
Personality: She's strong willed, level headed, and extremely smart. She can be caring when she wants. She is big hearted, but she's easy to fool, and can end up shy. She is extremely witty, joking, and funny, especially in the face of threats.
She is extremely stubborn and goes by no one's rules but her own. She is a little on the wild side. Well, as far on the wild side as she can go, that is.
She is often depressed, because of her many cancers. She is severely damaged by it.

History: She was diagnosed with stage three cancer in her eyes when she was five years old, and it was terrible. She had to have lots of surgeries and eventually she came out cancer free, but she was also blind when it all ended. She was six at the time.
Four years later, she couldn't breathe, and she was dying, and everything was bad, and she was officially diagnose with stage four lung cancer. She has had only her sister and Swagger with her the entire time, but they were with her.
Both of her parents went into something, and they were of little he'll to her until she turned fourteen, and they finally realized that they needed to take care of her.

Cancer type: Lung cancer, severe but not getting better or worse

Stage: IV

Family: Twin Sister Ember (Open for creation)
Mother and Father.

Closest friends: Swagger and her sister.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Crush: Swagger Stevenson (Open for creation)

Bf: None.

Worst fear: Rape....

Other: ADHD, and she is utterly blind. She also needs her tubes and oxygen.

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Lilly (lylipad) | 7 comments Name: Annie Parker

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long dark hair and brown eyes. Short (5'1) and small. She has tan skin. (Pretend the girl in the picture looks like she's 13 xD)


Notes on Appearance: Annie has a small birthmark on her neck. It's lighter than the rest of her skin.

Personality: Annie is quiet and shy. She doesn't really talk to people unless they talk to her first, but she is friendly. Her experiences in life taught her that if she just kept her mouth shut and didn't complain about anything. her life would be much, much easier. Once you get to know her, she cares about other people, and will try to help others, especially if she knows them well. She tries to smile a lot and also apologizes more than she needs to.

Type of Cancer: Leukemia

Stage of cancer: (Type of Leukemia:) Acute

Age received Cancer: 8

History: Annie was born on May 14th, and was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was 8. The doctors had said it was acute Leukemia. Her brother was very supportive of her when it was diagnosed, and he became the closest she's had to a best friend. She takes medication for it but it's not getting better (or worse.) Her father verbally abuses Annie and her brother, Jayce. She tried talking back once, to try and stop him, but it ended up with her getting slapped in the face instead. Annie's mother is almost never home, because she works all day at a restaurant to support the whole family.

Family: Jayce Parker (Brother)
Natashia Parker (Mother)
David Parker (Father)

Closest friends: Elizabeth Wentel (Open for creation)

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Crush: None/Open

Bf/gf/husband/wife: None/Open

Other: She hates loud noises and the dark.

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Rachel Name: Swagger Stevenson

Age: 17

Gender: Male


~notes on appearance~ (Distinct features...tattoos, scars, birthmarks, etc.)

Type of Cancer: Skin cancer on his left calf and his stomach.

Stage of cancer: Stage II

Age received Cancer: 11

Personality: He is quite a joker, cracking up at even the worst of times. He is incredibly protective of the ones he loves and cares about. Stubborn and full of quick sarcasm, he has an answer for everything. All this and the help of his friends can get him into trouble sometimes. But as long as he’s living life and being happy, who cares?

History: Swag was diagnosed shortly after he turned eleven. Up until he had believed he was invincible but his cancer took that away from him. Then he met September. She brought back his confidence and his will to carry on. He has liked her - in a more than friends way - for a while but the thought of saying anything to her scares him more than his cancer.

~Mom – Suzie Stevenson
~Dad – Mark Stevenson

Closest friends: September

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Crush: September Runner



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Rachel Is he okay? Anything you want me to change about him? :3

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He's perfect. You also chose the perfect person for him. Approved!!!

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Dylan O'Brien has always been how I pictured Swag. You like, read my mind.

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Rachel I would claim I was pure genius but it would be a lie.
You told me that you pictured him as Dylan O'Brien so I went with that. ^.^

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Haha. Yeah. I forgot I said that;)

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Rachel Hehe. So should I just bring him in? :3

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Yeah. Please do.

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Approved, and I actually can not put Sep in a spoiler, so I apologise.

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Because I can not edit right now....and your welcome!

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When I can I shall.

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Astrid | 13 comments I did the whole thing and it didn't save, so forgive me if this is shorter and less interesting.
Name: Bea Weathers

Age: 15

Gender: Female


~notes on appearance~ Red hair, geek galsses, daisy chain tattoo around her ankle.

Personality: Gentle, but outspoken. She worries most about clichés, not cancer. She, for example, would never raise money for cancer, but for the Vegan Trust (she's a Vegan) and hates being all depressed and thanking God for the days she has left because she simply finds that too cliché. Intelligent, and reads all the time.

Type of Cancer: Leukemia

Stage of cancer: 3

Age recieved Cancer: 13

History: Born on the 9th of July, in Britain. Moved to America when she was 4, so has a slight British accent. A reader, earner and a brilliant liar. She began her opposition of clichés when she was 4, when her parents bought her a Disney princess dress, and she promptly asked if she could have the octopus costume instead.
Got bullied fiercely in school, and was taken out and home schooled when she was 10 because of it. She was homes schooled by her mother.
She was diagnosed at 13, and she didn't cry. She lived, and was determined to never read any cancer books again: she didn't want to be a cliché, after all.

Family: Bethany Weathers & Charlie Weathers (parents)
Billy Weathers (17 year old brother- open for creation)

Closest friends: Jane Everson (British friend from when she was 4. They communicate by Skype and letters.)
Her two ferrets, Mango and Chutney.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Crush: Well, there's this guy at support group (open for creation/whatever)

Bf/gf/husband/wife: -

Other: Outspoken, intelligent. Terrified of going blind, rickety steps and Helter Skelters. Loves going on protests, reading, writing and dancing.

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Sounds good! Thanks!

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Name: Charles "Charlie" Matthews

Age: 16

Gender: Male


~notes on appearance~ Just his glasses

Personality: Charlie is energetic and happy, and very kind to everyone. He smiles and tries to be upbeat and optimistic.

Type of Cancer: Leukemia

Stage of cancer: 3

Age recieved Cancer: 14

History: He has never been a popular kid, but after he had cancer, people seemed to focus on him. He didn't like it, and eventually became homeschooled. He is a determined kid, and will stop at nothing if he's doing what he believes in.

Family: His mum, Christina.

Closest friends: None, really.

Sexuality: Straight

Crush: Bea Weathers

Bf/gf/husband/wife: none


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Regina (charming_clara) Name: Ludivine Ares

Age: 19

Gender: female


~notes on appearance~

Personality: cunning, resourceful, snarky, very sarcastic

Type of Cancer: Leukemia

Stage of cancer: stage two

Age recieved Cancer: 13

History: Her parents died in a car crash two years before she was diagnosed with Leukemia. After that her brother, Stefan grew more protective of her. When she turned thirteen she grew very ill, worried her Aunt Katherine and Stefan brought her to their local clinic. They weren't positive of what type of cancer that she had when they were sent to the hospital.

After three months they finally figured what stage and type of cancer she had. She had cancer for almost four years. Undergoing several surgeries and treatments. Only four months after her seventeenth birthday was she finally free from her prison that cancer had created for her. She has been cancer free for two years now.

parents deceased~ Nicholas and Summer Ares
very protective older brother~ Stefan Ares
Aunt~ Katherine Petrova

Closest friends:
Hazel Grace~ 16~ (view spoiler)

Sexuality: heterosexual

Crush: N/A

Bf/gf/husband/wife: N/A


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Cool! Approved!

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