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Ollivanders Wand Shop in South Side, Diagon Alley, London, is owned by the Ollivander family and run by an older family member Garrick Ollivander, known only as Mr. Ollivander. Mr. Ollivander has been serving as the family shopkeeper at least since the 1930s, and remembers every wand he's ever sold. The Ollivander family are widely acknowledged to be the best wandmakers in Britain, and rank among the finest wandmakers in Europe. Wandmaking has been the family business since 382 B.C. Although there are other wandmakers in Britain, most new British wands are purchased from Ollivanders, including almost all first wands purchased by incoming Hogwarts students. There is also an Ollivanders Wand Shop in Hogsmeade. There was a branch of Ollivanders Wand Shop in Hogsmeade. Located in High Street, this branch was very similar to its counterpart in Diagon Alley. It was run by an associate of Garrick Ollivander.
Ollivanders is now run by a distant relative who is not very old, but jsut as tallented as any Ollivander.

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Adrian was in the wandshop helping a second year pick out a new wand given his had broken. "So your last wand was a maple and unicorn hair? I suppose you woudl find strong affinity with an oak...another hardwood." He offers the boy the wand only for the building to shake violently when he cast wingardium leviosa. "Perhaps a bit too pwoerful for you then." He offers another, "Here is maple and Hippogriff feather." he offers the wand to the boy and it seemed to work briliantly as blue and pinka dn purple sparks shot out the end soarign aorund the room, "Enjoy..that will be fifteen galleons." The boy gave him the money and tookt he box as he wlaked otu fo the shop. "Don't break that one!!!" He yells after him before restockign the wands.

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Aspyn was looking through the window, just to see Adrian again. She was just passing through to go to the Three Broomsticks but it was always a habit to check on her friend. Her chest squeezed though remembering the Dark Arts class. He seemed to be going fine without her. Seeing him facing the windows more, she ducked out of view saddened that this was how it would be. It would probably be good if she headed towards the bar now. This was not her place to be.

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Adrian for a moemnt of turning almsot could have sworn he saw aspyn. She always came to his work jsut to hang out. She neve really did much else but talk until hsi lunch break and they would go out for dirnks and something to eat. It was wonderful really. He lvoed her so much, but he hurt her. What hurt him the most was that he enjoyed it. He did not enjoy hurting her, but he enjoyed using such a pwoerful curse that made him feel pwoerful and in contorl of everyone aorund him. He coudl taste the fear it created int eh other students and it only fuelled him. He jsut wished he coudl apologize and be her best friend agian. The more he thoguht about it the more he began to relaize a relationshipw ith ehr would never work. He was like her guardian angel. He lvoed ehr like a sister and never wanted wrong to befall ehr. He couldn't possibly see himself beign with ehr as a husband, but always being with ehr was another story. He wanted to be by her side at all times protecting ehr from ebign hit on or judged. he wanted tobe open abotu who they were togehter. But instead he had to linger alone compeltely now. a Popular guy with no real company that he desired.

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Aspyn took one more peek at Adrian before hiding again. She couldn't feel anything through her empathy in order to tell that he wanted her back as much as wanted to be friends again. Her hands were in her pockets as she leaned against the store, thinking about them. It was mostly memories that they had really. The trips they had, him making her trying muggle foods that were actually good like cheesecake and doughnuts. She couldn't help but let a little laugh remembering those times. He was always the one to help her try new things, him being the braver of the two though she was always outspoken. She would never admit her love for her sweets since he would give her some just to tease her. Those times were always memorable to her. "I'm gonna miss you, Adrian......"

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Stefan walks up to Ollivander's and looks at Aspyn curiously, "Sorry, but mind telling me what exactly you are doing sitting on the ground?" He smirks chamringly. His eyes changin blue and green even purple at times. "Sorry, jsut curious. Yous eem almsot enchanted by lenaing agianst the wand shop." He was so alluring with hsi changing eyes and his chamring smile and his symetrical features. It would eb ahrd to deny him anytihng really, even if he was sjut a friend or a stranger.

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"Just checking on an old friend." Aspyn said not looking at him as she stood up. She easily recognized his voice as she finally looked at him. "You're Stefan right?" As Head Girl, she had personally went and made sure she knew everyone from the three upper houses. It was a difficult task for her but she managed getting to at least know each name. She had heard about his little misadventures with the girls he had done. It didn't matter to her if they were true or not but she had stopped them from spreading rumors of Stefan. Yes he was good-looking but no one should claim him as whore.

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Stefan smirks, "Yeah? Unfortunately, I don't believe I have had the pleasure of meeting you." He takes her hand and kisses it gently. "Allow a formal introduction, I'm Stefan Isaak Caiden Pursang,Seventh Year Dumbledore, Half-Veela, Animagus, Prefect, Quidditch Keeper, and alleged Seer." His smile was so sweet. his teeth eprfectly straight his face without blimishes. Everything seemed perfect. He looked alot aloder than seventeen, but it suited him.

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Aspyn smiled since he made such a polite greeting to her. "Aspyn Kalel Cavalier, Seventh Year Maxime, Head Girl and empath. Sorry the list can't be as long as yours but that's just me." She finished her own introduction. It was no surprise that he received such looks from that Veela inside him but he was a half breed. He was one of the kind she was fighting for acceptance unbeknown to him. "Are you alone?"

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Stefan looked around curiously, "well...being in public I'm never really alone, but if you are asking if someone is accompanying me currently, then yes I am alone." He allows the corner of hsi lip to twith slightly as hsi eyes finally fixate on a bluish purple hue. "An empath? That's strange...never actually heard of one. I mean empathitc spells is oen thing, but to be naturlaly gifted as such...seems rare and very unique."

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"I wouldn't say that but thank you for the umm compliment." Aspyn didn't really know how for reply since she didn't really see it as a gift too much since she is a Half Dementor. "But why are you alone? I'm pretty sure there are plenty of people who would like to be with you." She was curious none the less.

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Stefan's eye brow arches momentarily with an odd expression on his face, "Unfortunately, I have a tendency to be known as a person who indulges int he pleasures of the human body and the presence of which form others. Many would liek to be with me, but not without thinking I'm easy to get in bed with." he elaborats mroe simply. His smile was sweet still and he had no reasoning ast o the desire of wanting to pusht eh matter any further.

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((It tastes really goo and lol yes i will. is there any love interests u want me to make?))

"I wouldn't think that." He obviously didn't know she was the one to stop the rumors. "Besides at least those rumors are gone. They just need to learn there's more of a person not a sex toy there. sorry you have to deal with it though. So where are you heading?"

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Stefan smiles sweetly, "Well, I'm heading down the road to the three broomsticks, care to join me?" He asks his eyes still swirling purple and blue. "I mean only if you would like to, unless comtemplating entering thsi palce is still on your mind." He says witha nod to the store behind them.

Adrian caught a glimpse looking up seeing Aspyn with the Dumbledore boy. Naturally that was the person she was dating. Great now she was going to flant about who she was dating right infront of his him. that was perfect. Trade out the Half-Dementor best friend for the Sex machine. He rolls hsi eyes and turns formt eh window his back to it with hsi arms crossed angrily.

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"No it's fine. I've been wanting to go there anyway. " Aspyn agreed, starting to walk with Stefan to the Three Broomsticks. She wasn't award of Adrian's assumption but then again he pushed her away. What was she going to do? if he wanted to mend their relationship, he had to tell her.

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((Okay I'll tlak to you enxt week.))

Stefan smirks as he places hsi hand at her lwoer back and walks with her to the Three Broomsticks. He was very pleased to bump into a friendly face adn hoped thsi could start something good. "So I've seen you around before, but normally you are always with some other guy...the Half-Dementor." He says the last part almsot as if he was disturbed by the fact. "What's up with that relationship?" He asks curiously as they walk.

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((Your next post be at three broomstick inn.))

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Aspyn walked into the shop as she called out, "Adrian, Professor Clermont wants us now." It felt odd for her that she wasn't hanging out with him in the shop but they still were in a strained relationship. She couldn't really look at him as she spoke. She just wanted to get this over with.

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Adrian was in the back. Perhaps, he thought, just perhaps if he palyed like nothing really happened even when it did he could win his friendship back witht he girl he lvoes. He wanted nothing but her protection. He was goign to be the one to provide that. "Okay, I'll be done in a minute, "Keisha...take my shift for me, I have urgent matters at the school to tend to." he says to a girl walking out from long rows int he back. Fromt eh otuside the building was the size of a small apartment if even that and didn't hold much room, but on the inside thsi palce could ahve been a warehouse. Adrian walks out grabbing his wand from a wnad holder on the wall near the chas register. "Alright, ready?" He asks sticking out his elbow for ehr to link to it.

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((I thought he was angry with her bcuz of seeing her with stefan?))

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((He is...He is trying to push it aside right now, jsut wiat until they start questioning one another))

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"Yeah.." Aspyn was more quiet than usual even as she had her arm linked with his. Obviously it was still on her mind as they exited the store. Her mouth was at a fine line as she thought about what happened yesterday and today. It just wasn't her week, but she wanted them to go back to normal. Was that so hard to ask for? Maybe he was going to apologize? Remembering what happened though made her stiffen. Or maybe not. Did he enjoy that curse that much that it didn't matter it was casted on her?

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Adrian walked with her, "So...I saw you in front of the shop, about thirty minutes ago...who was that guy you were with? Was that him? I mean the person you are seeing." he hesitates and begins to jump in front of her facing her, "Not that it has to be a guy...I mean if you are catching for the other team I'm okay with that too.It's jsut...curious is all." Yep, he was smooth. He slaps hsi hand to hsi face as he rolls hsi eyes at hismelf. This time not linking arms with ehr. He walked beside fo ehr five inches apart form one another he still felt like they were too far apart. IT bothered him he didn't know how to handle this situation becuase it never occured to him that anytihng like this would ever happen.

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"I'm not with Stefan...." Aspyn looked at him like that was a ridiculous suggestion. She smiled a little though since he was the same Adrian as ever. The smile fell though as they continued their walk. "...and I'm pretty sure I would have told you if I was more attracted to the same sex." It still felt awkward and foreign the way they were. Hell if it was how they usually were, she would be teasing him for this kind of moment. All she could hear though is their footsteps which bothered her a lot. She mentally cursed herself for being so quiet but what was she going to say? Hey, how have you been? Do you still enjoy the memory of you cursing me?

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Adrian nods, "So, the guy you are seeing, isn't Stefan? I mean, not that it's my business, jsut curious...that's all..." He syas before makign the most of their walk silent. They reach the school gate which meant the half way marker. At last eh ahd to break into sometihng. "Um, about the Dark Arts class, Aspyn....and what happened int eh Common room....listen...I eman it's not like I really menat ot do what ahppened, but I mean....I did do it and for that I'm jsut sort of trying to say...And well....I mean it wasn't like I meant to hurt you. It is hard to was more like I was drawing formt eh spell itself...and I was....ah....nevermind." he at last siad finsihign his babbling. he moved a bit further apart form her as they walked. His ehad down and hsi eye son hsi feet.

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"...Adrian. You have been my best friend since I arrived at Hogwarts." For Aspyn, it was still hard to swallow what had happened in that class. "I want to believe that it was some fluke. That you werent sure what you were doing.but if whatever compelled you to do that makes it fine for you to curse me. I want no part of it......... I can't be afraid of my own best friend." The words hurt as she said it. She could feel her throat closing but no tears would follow. "I just don't want to be afraid." She had decided to walk ahead of him, not wanting him to see her sad expression or that she could feel her shoulders slightly trembling. Her breath was harsh though too indicating that what had happened had really impacted her.

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Adrian grabs her by the shoulder and turns her aroudn to face him. "Listen to me! I am sorry for what happened and as far as fearing me goes as muchas I don't want that to happen it is a little too late. I'm afraid fo myself. It wasn't cursing you that I enjoyed. I fed fromt eh fear...I can't explain felt good to use a curse that gave me power as my victims suffered and thsoe watching. I'm sorry it had to be you that made this feeling happen. I tried to stop it, but it went too far. the inner Dementor wanted the pain to happen and it felt great. I'm sorry, Aspyn. You mean the world to me and I don't want to lose you. I lvoe you mroe than anyone else int he world. I have always been there for you and you there for me. I realize I don't love you as a lover, but as a sister. I want to protect you and make you feel safe, but I'm scared that the power I showed in class yesterday was something inside of me and it was mroe than a simple curse on my best friend. It was something that could easily define me as a Dark wizard. I do want to always be by your side, but not living in fear that I may hurt you again without even seeming to care. I don't want you afraid of me...I'm sorry, Aspyn." He satys p[lainly. This was not only his antics at trying to rebuild them, but if at all possible it was a plea for help or maybe his final words to her as their relationship came to a close. this was possibly it. He caused too much pain for the both of them and the sad part was even if it wasn't Aspyn he enjoyed the pain.

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Aspyn was loping into his eyes searching for something as she was not sure what to say. For her, she was familiar with that fear of the Dementor within herself. When her past mentor had passed away, she wondered if maybe she had something to do with it. Maybe she was the cause of it. They were both half dementors afraid of themselves. Maybe the reason it was directed at her was because she was the empath, emotions surrounded her all the time. "I can't say I forgive you. I'm not even sure if I can right now. But I've always been afraid of what I am. I've caused pain before, I might have even done worse." She paused for a moment trying to find what to say next. "It seems we both experience that fear though." Her hands took a hold of his, her thumb circling on his palm. "But maybe since we are working together, we can learn control." For her, what she was saying was more to get them on speaking terms but not as close as they were. Even as he apologized, she was not ready to go back to how they were. She wasn't even sure if she was ready for anything else, but she would try to for their sake.

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Adrian nods and kisses her cheek. "Accepting my apology is on your terms. Honestly, though...I don't htink I can stand ebing apart like this. I've always had you in my life since like fourth year and I know some people have been friends longer, but we have always had that connection. I would like t try and learn self-control with you. I know it will be hard to be like we were after allt hat has happened in jsut one day, but I don't want thsi to be the end of our friendship. I value your presence mroe than you could understand. I do care for you, Aspyn. no matter who you are with and even if we cna never truly be friends liek we were I would at least like to say we are on speaking terms again." His eyes full of dark hope. He was cold yes, but not so cold that he could push aside what happened. He really did care for and love Aspyna dn all he wanted was to be that shoudler to cry on and ear to listen again.

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Aspyn looked at him and smiled a little, letting go of one hand. "Let's go to Professor Clermont. We don't want him to get tired of waiting." With on hand in his, she started to lead him the rest of the way to the classroom.

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