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message 1: by Lucas (new)

Lucas Bale (lucasbale) This is my debut novel. It is the first in a series, and I would like one or two beta readers who don't know me at all to read it and provide seasoned, constructive feedback. The novel has been edited by me several times and goes to a professional editor in a few weeks time, but I think a good beta reader will offer me a very different perspective. Self-publication due July this year.

Here's a rough estimation of the blurb for the back of the book (albeit this is subject to refinement):

Two centuries ago, Earth descended into a new ice-age. Humanity’s few survivors escaped on vessels built with corporate money and spread across a handful of terraformed systems. A brutal internecine war, said to have been caused by men driven insane by the vast empty reaches of space, threatened to destroy humanity for a second time. The New Republic was born and the Consulate Magistratus laid down the Seven Concessions. Freedom is sacrificed for the safety of humanity.

Travel beyond the boundaries of the New Republic’s territory – known as the Wall – is forbidden. Faster-than-light travel through the Visser tunnels, within the New Republic, is tightly controlled.

Religion is forbidden. Stimulants are forbidden, and all citizens must be implanted with devices to monitor every nuance of human existence. All crime is punished by banishment beyond the Wall or to the brutal Kolyma mining ships. The Magistratus protects those who submit to its authority within the pampered confines of The Core, but casts out all others to the poverty and disease-stricken border systems each under the control of a Praetor and his Peacekeepers.

Yet some of humanity strives to be free and there are those who defy the Magistratus and preach a new religion, a new way of life. Revolution is coming…

I look forward to hearing from you.

message 2: by Mike (new)

Mike | 20 comments Lucas I'd be willing to take a look, shoot me a message.

message 3: by Lucas (new)

Lucas Bale (lucasbale) Thank you both. I have enough beta readers now.

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