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B.C. Crow | 15 comments I just finished this book, and it was both clean and refreshing. I haven't read many fantasy books lately, but I'm hooked on this series by Lallo. I would rate it a PG for mild violence.

B.C. Crow | 15 comments In case anyone is interested, The second book in this series, The Great Convergence isn't bad. It is more of a PG-13 for Fantasy type violence. Unfortunately the third book, The Battle of Verril has a scene that I wish wouldn't have been put in. Having said that, the nature of the intimate scene is brief and non-descriptive. I just didn't like that Lallo put it in the book. So while I enjoyed the series, the third book merits that one word of caution.

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Lora (lorabanora) Do you think these books are changing their standards as they go farther along the series? This is one issue I stumble across on a very regular basis. It's one reason why I dislike the push these days for so many series. I'd like more stand-alone books.

B.C. Crow | 15 comments My guess is that the author has their own standards, and the opportunity to express that standard doesn't always come out right away. If most series involving any type of relationship were condensed into a single stand alone, I fear that the writer's standards would fully shine then.
I like both stand alones and series, unfortunately there is a lot of wading through the muck to find authors with great talent and high morals. I'm hoping that by rating every book I read going forward, as if it were a movie, I can at least give some light to those who follow.

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