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Jennifer  | 285 comments I am not certain how to divide this book as the chapters are neither numbered or titled.

Mike | 318 comments Mod
I had a bit of difficulty locating a copy. There is no Kindle version. Two Amazon used sellers offered the book for sale and subsequently were out of stock. I think the author's passing has fueled interest in his works. Finally a third seller has shipped the book but it could still be a few weeks away.

message 3: by RachelvlehcaR (last edited May 07, 2014 07:15PM) (new)

RachelvlehcaR (charminggirl) I had a hard time finding a copy too.

I found a copy online in PDF, here is the link, http://public.callutheran.edu/~brint/...

Hope that helps.

Kressel Housman | 99 comments I'm sure your local libraries will have it. It's a classic!

Mike | 318 comments Mod
This is a tough read. Time is not linear and all the characters seem to have the same name. While the book may be a clever representation of the history of Columbia, that does not necessarily translate well to a mainstream audience who does not have a understanding of that history or culture. It seems to me a bit like reading William Faulkner or James Joyce. It may be worthwhile to use Sparknotes as a companion reader to help keep interested and on top of what is going on...

Kressel Housman | 99 comments Do you know enough of the history of Colombia to understand it? Because I'd love more explanation.

Mike | 318 comments Mod
Kressel wrote: "Do you know enough of the history of Colombia to understand it? Because I'd love more explanation."

Sadly, my knowledge is lacking. (Hence my dependence on Sparknotes. ;) )

Kressel Housman | 99 comments So what do the Sparknotes say? I don't have any.

Mike | 318 comments Mod

I have not read ahead of my place in the book so far.

Kressel Housman | 99 comments Too much work.

Britany I just started this last night... It seems to flow, not super tough reading, but hoping this doesn't take too long to finish... :/

Britany ON page 150- Actually getting through this pretty quickly (considering I was really dreading this based on above comments) The story is interesting, just feels a little disjointed- plus, I agree with all the same names of the characters- makes it tough to relate to them and to form a connection with them

At this point, Ursula's my favorite

Britany Ok-- I'm happy to report that I finally finished this one! This was my first Marquez read, and I'm left still wondering what the heck was he thinking when he wrote this...

To me, it felt a little "all over the place" and I didn't like how he basically told us that people would perish and then we'd read about their lives and then they'd die. It was like being told a spoiler and then having to watch the show... I loved some of the characters-- Ursula was my favorite, and hated some of the characters-- The second Jose Arcadio and one of the Amarantas...

Hated the similar names-- made it so difficult to try to connect with the characters and the ending was so perplexing (view spoiler)

Not terrible, but not amazing either...

My review: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...

Alana (alanasbooks) | 1189 comments Mod
I listened to this on audio over the weekend, and I liked it, but I didn't. Early on, I decided he was taking a similar vein to a lot of other Latin American authors (or maybe he started the vein, since he was one of the earlier ones) in kind of blending a Western sense of linear time with an Eastern storytelling style of making everything circular, all going back to repeating itself. I don't care for that style myself, but understanding that made it easier to just listen to the poetry of the words and the storytelling he was going for.

I was glad for the family tree at the beginning! I just read Middlesex and thought THAT had a lot of inbreeding and incest...doesn't even hold a candle to this one! And why, oh WHY, must all the characters have variations on the same name? By the end, I truly didn't care who was who (they intermixed so much anyway), but just tried to process the ideas of solitude while living in the midst of so many others, solitude of the town from the world, even solitude of the self whilst sharing the same family name. I don't know if that's the kind of solitude the author meant to convey, but that's what I got out of it.

Poetically, it's beautifully written. As a story, enjoyable....eh, maybe a three star? Hard to rate, since the style is just not one I tend to like. Borderline magic realism with some history (although I couldn't understand how much was relatively representative of actual history and how much was just to move along the story) and a very twisted family drama. I guess I'd give it 3.5 stars.

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