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The Great Lake (alternatively known as the Black Lake) is a large body of water located to the south of the castle. It is about half a mile in diameter and the Hogwarts plumbing network drains into it.
Every school year at Hogwarts, first years sail across the lake to the castle led by Rubeus Hagrid in boats as per Hogwarts tradition. When they get to the school, they are then Sorted into their houses. In Harry's fourth year it is said that Dennis Creevey fell into the lake and that the giant squid carried him back to the surface.

At the end of every school year, graduating seventh years leave the school by sailing back across the lake.

Triwizard Tournament
Students from Durmstrang Institute arrived at Hogwarts on their enchanted boat via the Great Lake. As part of the Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament, the four champions Harry Potter, Fleur Delacour, and Cedric Diggory, and Viktor Krum had to swim in the lake for one hour to rescue something that was taken from them. Harry used Gillyweed to be able to breath underwater, while Cedric and Fleur used the Bubble-Head Charm, and Krum partially Transfigured himself into a Shark.

Dumbledore's Funeral
In 1997, Albus Dumbledore was laid to rest in a white tomb on the shores of the lake following his death in the Battle of the Astronomy Tower.


It is home to a Giant Squid, Grindylows, and a colony of Merpeople. The lake was also used as the site of the Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament. The Slytherin common room is beneath the lake, accessed through an entrance in the school dungeons. The Chamber of Secrets is also thought to be beneath the lake. At some point, Neville Longbottom's pet toad, Trevor, escaped into the lake, joining other toads that lived there.

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E ((Sorry if it is short I am on my phone. Also I was thinking that they could know each other.))

Evan was sitting under a tree at the Black Lake. He finished writing his potions essay on how necessary the importance of using the right ingredients when crafting Felix Felicis. He put his parchment away in his bag. He looked out at the lake while shielding his eyes from the bright shine of the sun's rays. He wondered about the stories he had heard of merpeople and grindylows that dwelt beneath the depths of the water.

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Axel was in his swim shorts. Tight to his thighs the slick material seemed almost a part of him, but then again he could have been naked entirely and there would be little difference. As he made his way with a breast stroke to the shoreline it was only a moments notice that he felt the current shift around him. Grindylows were surrounding him and it was not about to be good. He pulls his wand form a leg strap and flicks it outward in a hard straight motion. It was only a moment before that he was jetted across the water and safely on the bank. He was breathing heavily and his chest hurt badly. Looking at his legs he had claw and tentacle marks all over him he shakes the water form his head momentarily before rubbing his eyes and getting a clear view of the part that he had landed on. Luckily he was still close to the school. He loved the summer air slowly twisting toward fall winds. It felt warm and yet crisp at the same time. Looking to his left he saw Evan not to far from him on the other side of Evan were his towel and clothes. "Evening, Evan...what is it that you have there?" He asked noting Evans parchment and quill. He figured it had something to do with Transfiguration or Potions. Evan as Dumbledore Captain & Axel as Vulchanova Captain the two seemed to get along quite well while when it came to the Maxime Captain the three have always held odds with one another. Axel and Evan sometimes even having friendly wagers with the occasional competition. Axel's only issue with the Maxime Captain is the mere fact he simply hates Maxime students. He can't place it, but ever since the new houses Vulchanova has not ever fully liked Maxime House. He never understood Evan's disliking toward them, but he knew if he ever needed someone to back him up in a duel Evan would probably be one of the first to stand at his side. "Anything interesting?" he asked for causal conversation.

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E ((Jacob I don't really get what this part of the paragraph is saying. Do you mind explaining it to me?
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"Oh nothing interesting really. Just my potions essay." He said. He looked down at Axel's legs noticing the combination of claw marks and tentacle marks. "Grindylows?" He asked indicating to the claw marks. "Nasty little creatures." He stated. He walked over to Axel and bent down to Axel's legs. "May I?" He asked taking out his wand. He waved his wand over Axel's legs. The cuts healed and the trickles of blood disappeared. "I can't wait for quidditch season to start." He said. He wanted to make the most of his last year of hogwarts quidditch and hoped that Dumbledore could win the cup.

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((Yeah sorry Iw as half dead yesterday and didn'rt fully understand half the stuff I was writing.))

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((I edited does it make a little mroe sense now?))

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Axel smirks dangerously, "I can't wait either, no matter who makes it to the cup those Maxime's will be taken down so it is only the two of us." His smirk was dangerous and held some darkness about it. He always loved a good competition, but he was never friendly when it came down to it always pushing his team to be the most aggressive. "Thanks..." He said down at his legs. He walks past Evan and pulls up his towel drying off and shaking his head a bit so he had the natural spike to it while it laid flat still. "So I expect today has been stressful then? Just wondering given the mere fact of the matter, you hardly ever come out here alone to do homework." Axel was one to pay close attention to his friends and Evan didn't seem the sort to him to simply do school work outside form everyone. He was smart and could normally get things done in class. Something had to be bothering him or he wouldn't be so setback form everyone. The captain of a team had to be social. Something was clearly wrong with Evan if he wasn't taking on the role, but then again evan probably thought the exact same thing about him.

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E Jacob wrote: "((I edited does it make a little mroe sense now?))"

((Yeah thanks Jacob))

"Yeah there is just heaps of pressure on me. Like I need to stay healthy and avoid injury if I'm gonna play for Montrose next season. And I am expected to get Outstandings across the board if I want to play in the next World Cup. And Herbology and me just don't mix. It's the only thing I am below Oustanding in." He said. "You know anyone who could tutor me?" He asked.

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Axel smirks..."I'll be sure to not hurt your poor body while in the pitch." He jokes pushing his arm lightly. "I could always tutor you, mate. I mean I'm always good in my classes it's more of knowing what is what rather than flicking a wand. It does get confusing, but you can't expect it to be easy. I got your back." He promises. He kept his shirt off and pulled on his uniform dress pants. "You might be late for a next class we've missed dinner." He says "Come on...I'll walk you back." He offers kindly. Dee down Axel had a crush on Evan, but he knew better than to ever over step such a boundary. He kept it to himself and remained a close friend to Evan never betraying his trust..well...except for his little secret that came out. Evan was the first to know about it form him. Being a werewolf wasn't easy even in this day and age.

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((He has Alchemy right? My guy has DADA))

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"Or I could just jump on your back and you swim for me." Aspyn said as she looked back up to see the Black Lake come into view. She actually was a little nervous. Even as the lake was safer than it had been years ago, the idea of swimming scared her a little. Almost all the students at Hogwarts knew how to swim, she just couldn't because she was afraid she'd freeze the whole thing. Voicing her fears, she asked,"What if I accidentally turn the water into solid ice? " Her thoughts went to the creatures living in the lake and it hurt her to think of harming them. Unlike the other students that were wary of the them like the merpeople, she would defend them just like she does for the anyone else.

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Adrian nods, " mucha s their is a risk of freezing the lake on top I know for a fact it will only happen if you exhibit the energy to suck a soul out. We couldn't freeze that large of a body of water solid, jsut frost it. Apart from the fact it freezes every Winter anyway. I'm sure the Headmaster has a spell that keeps the waters fitting for any creature livign there. I mean if we acquired some tropical merepeople a spell would eb made to make the water arund them warmer than what it really is." He promises. "So don't worry...I'll help you...and besides a regualr dementor by themselves couldn't freeze a full lake. I know for a fact our pwoers may be different than Dementors, but in no way are we stronger thant he real thing. We are a mix of magical and dementor blood." He says pullign his shirt off and undoing his tie. He then slides out of his shoes and then begins unbuttoning his bottoms.

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Aspyn averted her eyes as he began to undo his clothes. Usually she didn't care if he did this but she felt slightly embarrassed now. "We're going to swim in our underwear?" She asked over her shoulder as she turned around from him as she pulled on her own tie, and pulled off her shirt. Unlike him, she folded her clothes before setting them down. Her shoes came off easily joining the rest of her clothes. Her hands were shaky though when she was beginning to undo the button on her skirt. Mentally cursing herself as she did the task. Why was she nervous? Finally getting the button, the skirt finally fell off her, and she folded it as well placing it neatly with the rest of her clothes. "Next time we go on a trip, we're getting a bathing suit for me." She pointed out as she crossed her arms. She was left in a red lace bra and panties(view spoiler) and she rubbed her arms for warmth

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Adrian only responded witha splash as all of hsi clothes were in a sloppy pile ont he gorund shoes, shirts, pants, underwear and all...He then pulls out fo the water smirking, "You comign in...the water is warm." He urges seeing a beauty in red. "Come on sexy...don't be shy." He plays. He swam closer glimpses of hsi butt showing as he at alst got where he could stand the water was only hiding very little above the waist line.

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Aspyn scowled at him as she leaned over his clothes folding them for him. She wasn't even thinking that she was giving hims full view of her ass as she did the task. "Hold on! Someone has to be the clean and organized one here." Her heart skipped a little when he called her sexy. After finishing getting his clothes folded and set down next to hers, she made her way to the water. "Nice ass." She pointed out smiling as she went into the shallow water. There were no plans for her to go any farther since she still couldn't swim. "If I drown, I'll kill you"

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Adrian would have blushed had hsi body not already been so cold. But a slight pink did reach hsi cheeks. "Um, thanks...come on you can touch right here." he says holding out his hands for ehr to grab onto. Adrian's charming smile was alluring and his eyes were swirling green and gold. "Don't be a ashwinder abotu it get your arse over here." He says clearly cheking her out.

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Aspyn glared at him but obeyed treading over to him. She placed her hand on his shoulder to keep her head above the water. "You liar. I'm shorter than you. " To her though, she actually felt a little timid doing this. Aspyn could only have so much confidence. Trying new things scared her. Even then the water got a little colder as she felt like she might be sick. It was her excuse though to hold onto Adrian which helped her a bit. "Where didi you learn how to swim?" She asked as she glanced over to the shore. Teto was watching them but barking when the water touched his paws. He seemed to not like the water just as she didn't

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Adrian smirks, "It is a natural thing for me I guess. I mena I taught myself and normally use it to my advantage as ym workout for quidditch." He adds playfully leaning back forcing her to leap onto his naked waist as he ebgins back stroking with ehr on him. "See it isn't hard." Well the swimming aprt wasn'rt, btu other things felt like they might be getitng there as he had her straddling him.

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"Coming from the guy who bragging about teaching himself how to swim." Aspyn pointed out, jabbing his chest with her finger. Feeling him though below her made her feel nervous but excited too. She knew it was probably just the potion talking that made her slightly enjoy this wanting to lower herself more to feel him. "How do I know you're not just doing this because of that love potion?" Even though it probably just was that, she was grateful he kept her from drowning. Swimming was different that just being able to cast spells. It was all physical. The thought would have made her blush from thinking of the situation they were in but of course her body kept her with the cool body temperature.

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Adrian smirks, "Trust me. We have established we are only friends. If I had any intention of getitng with you I'd probably have to rape you and we both know that niether of us want that." He smiles waving his arms as he proppelled them throught eh water. He was getting a bit thick under her, but it was jsut the natural motion and firction that mad eit happen. He had no intention of having sex with ehr but it did put thoguhts in hsi mind. "Listen...youa re hot and all, but Id on;'t think any love potion could make me lvoe you any mroe or less than what I already do. You mena the world to me Aspyn and I do lvoe you, but I have come to realize no mattr how physically close we get we will always be jsut friends." He smirks..."Your nto thinking otherwise are you?" His smirk charming and challenging her.

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Aspyn rolled her eyes at him as he peered up at her. "If I was thinking otherwise, I wouldn't just be sitting here using you as a boat." She pointed out as let herself relax. "You'll always be my best friend. I'd tell you everything even....." This time she stopped talking Even the man I''m in love with... All those times having to hide it from him hurt her. He was always there for her. It was probably time to stop hiding it. "If I tell you who's my boyfriend..will you not freak out?" She whispered even though no one was there except them. "I've been wanting to tell you but it's so complicated but I hate keeping it from you."

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((gtg after this.))

Adrien looks at her oddly at last stopping from swimming around and just staring blankly at her. "What are you talking about? Who is he?" He says seeming to be deadly serious as his eyes turn dark blue almost soul piercing. "Sorry, but if I know him and don't liek hima s your friend we will have soem words with you not aorund." He syas palinly. "So go ahaead and spit it out, becuase hoenstly oyu are killing me nt telling me." He syas treading the water and sititng up right keeping her legs wrapped aorund him.

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"How do I know you won't throw me in the water afterwards?" Aspyn countered as she sighed, not wanting him to get upset. She pondered for a bit looking at him. There was already a thousand scenarios running through her mind, but she didn't want to hide anything from him. Not waiting for him to answer the question, she said softly, "It's Cethin....Cethin Zernebog" If she could shrink right now she would. It wasn't that she was ashamed of being with Cethin, it was the fact if Adrian was disappointed in her or worse mad.

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Adrian glared dangerously as he shoved her off of him and dragged her back to shore by the arm. After pullign her ontot he balck sand he turns compeltely naked. "What?! The Headmaster?!?! Are you naturally stupid...or is it jsut one of those random burst of insanity?" He glares coldly hsi eyes turnign a mroe pale blue. "I have no mind to agree w2th this at all.v What are you thinking gettignw ith the headmaster? Youa re completely idiotic...I can't beleive you would betray my trust for so long and to think I thought our relationship was growing abck together." He says even naked he seemed jsut as codl and dangerous the water dripping from him shattering like glass.

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"He was there way before you ever were!" Aspyn glared at him as she wrenched her arm away from him. It always happened like this when they fought. She would get as stubborn as he did. "Why do you think I wouldn't tell you?! I've lived my whole life shunned because of what I am. Don't you think I would have thought that before walking into a relationship? Yes I know he's the headmaster. I'm not an idiot." She huffed hating that he looked at her like that like she was some imbosel. The ice was forming quicker now but at the moment she didn't care. Already there were angry tears going down her cheeks but she wiped them away quickly as she looked at him. " I wanted to tell you. Everyday, every second I wanted to tell you that I was happy. I wanted to tell you what I was....who I was with. I can't believe you would think I was stupid. I told you because I wanted no secrets between us but I guess you could care less now." Her voice was as cold as his though there was a few peaks of emotion of the hurt she felt. Not waiting for him to reply to her, she shoved her clothes back on and picked up Teto before the ice could touch the pup. She still hadn't stopped the cold she was forming but she didn't even try to acknowledge it. Teto barked at the two of them, jumping out of her arms and ran off and not to her knowledge to Cethin for help.

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Adrian glared, "You are stupid. You can't date the headmaster! I don't want secrets from us, but sometimes I wonder if you jsut tell me this shit jsut to get me mad at you." He turns jerking on his boxer briefs. "I won't tell anybody about this, but I will not sit back and watch you ruin any chance at a rela life. Why are you trying to push me out of your life?! I lvoe and care for you, Aspyna dn you still push on me everythign that will rbeka my heart for you. I can't watch you go down a road that will easily destroy your life. I'ms orry...but I won't see it happen." He syas plainly leaning down and pullign hsi wand out gripping it like a knife.

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Aspyn scowled at him as she looked at his wand warily. "What are you going to do? My life will never be real. Don't you say I will ever have that chance!" She took her own wand out preparing herself if she had to go on the offensive. "I'm not pushing you out of my life. If I did, I wouldn't be talking to you. How can you do this to me? You're going to force me against my will to forget him?" The sadness was etched in her voice. "I'll never forgive you for that." The hard part was that it was true. He wasn't giving her a chance to explain and doing this without her consent, she wouldn't want to see him anymore.

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Adrian glares, "I'm sorry, Aspyn. I care about you and I can't see you hurt and I can't see Professor Zernebog lose his job because of you." Adrian looks her over. "I'm sorry but this is for your own good.' He says raising his wand. "I can't allow you to jeopardize your life like this." He raises his wand and points it in her direction. "Obliviate." He says calmly with cold dark eyes. The tip of his wand began to glow bright blue as he decided that it was best to wipe her mind of any thoughts of loving Cethin. As if it had never happened at all. "Aspyn?" Cethins tood in shock seing what ahd happened..."Aspyn?!"

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Aspyn frowned, confused as she stared at Adrian. What was going on? "What the hell? Is someone pissed or something? " All she could hear was someone yelling her name. She closed her eyes shaking her head.Feeling her wand in her hand, her confusion only deepened. Why was she holding her wand? Why was Adrian in his......underwear? As she tried to make sense of her surroundings, she recognized the voice as Zernebog. "Headmaster Zernebog..why are you yelling? I can hear perfectly." This situation was all just strange.

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Adrian raises an eebrow pulling hsi pants on. "Hello professor. Enjoying your walk? Where did the dog come form?" He asked looking at teto who seemed jsut as confused as Aspyn. Adrian then jerks on his shirt leaving it unbuttoned and hsi tie half on. "Me and aspyn were sjut going for a swim earlier." He smirks dangerously challenging the professor to say anything.

Cethin couldn't believe it, but he knew what adrian had done. He gritted his teeth. "Very well...I'll see you in my office tonight, Mr. Zénon." Adrian merely nods, "But of course, professor." Cethin grabs Teto and begins turning around. "Good day, Aspyn." He says trying so hard not to say anytihng. adrian jsut wiped ehr mind clean of ever fighting with Adrian and ever lvoing himself. He couldn't beleive it, but then again maybe Adrian was in the right.

Adrian walks over to Aspyn pocketing his wand, "You alright? You look lost." He plays the words carefully on hsi lips. "Maybe oyu are jsut water logged."

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Aspyn was still frowning, "It's nothing. I think I just zoned out for a bit." It was weird that she couldn't remember coming onto shore, but she decided to not press onto it. Instead she said," I still can't believe you tried to make me swim. You too, professor." She leaned into Adrian, taking his hand in hers again. She was shocked though when she saw the ice that formed. "Why didn't you tell me I was forming my own personal ice rink?" The ice was starting to melt as she wasn't mad anymore not that she knew anyway.

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Adrian smiles..."Never ntoiced." He said looking down at his still wet chest seeing ice still drip off of him. "Well, apparently niether of us noticed." He laughs lightly. "I'm sure you are just water logged, lets head back tot he commonroom and we can take a nap before dinner. "He says witha sly smirk. "I'm sure you need to take a nap and everytihng will ebokay." He promises ehr reachign out for her hand. "Come on." He smiles so sweetly as if nothing happened. He knew what eh would ahve to do to hismelf eventually, but it wasn't goignto happen jsut yet...Well, so he thought as a dark hooded figure came formt eh shadows of the tree line. Adrian stands infront of Aspyn, "Who are oyu? What do youw ant?!" he demands formt eh cloacked figure only he could see jsut a dark grin. A wand slides out and a bright blue light hit Adrian hard jsut beofre he fell tot eh ground passed otu compeltely. "Well, I'm surprised my experiment ahs worked so wonderfully. I'll be seeing you around." The cloacked figure said with a Spanish accent. He turns and pops out disapparating.

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Aspyn gasped shocked as Adrian tumbled down onto of her. She scrambled to get him off of her as she began to shake to wake up. "Adrian! Adrian!" She yelled not sure what to do. Remembering that the Headmaster had only recently passed by, she yelled for him. "Professor Zernebog! Professor! Please help!" Staying next to Adrian, all she could do was stay with him, not wanting him to be alone. What the hell was going on? She recognized the spell to be a memory harm but why would someone do that to Adrian? how could it be so powerful to knock him out?

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Professor Zernebog popped infront of her, "Aspyn? What's wrong?" He asked then seeing that Adrian was passed otu he began wondeirng if she had cursed himt he way he desrved to be. "WEll..I won't take poitns form you given it will affect your hosue...what curse did you use on him? He is still breathing. "He says sounding surprised byt he fact.
Adrian moaned in pain. "Aspyn???" Was all he could manage.

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"I-I didn't use an spell at all.....but the one that did..."Aspyn looked at the area where the cloaked figure had been. "I couldn't see his face but.... he used a memory charm. " She placed Adrian's head in her lap, watching him carefully. "I'm here Adrian....I'm here. Just relax." As she watched him carefully she continued to inform the professor, "The man in the cloak...he said ''I'm surprised my experiment ahs worked so wonderfully. I'll be seeing you around.'"Even saying those words made her feel cold and a bit scared. "What could this mean, Professor?"

((Well look at you adding more drama))

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Cethin shakes his head holding a claming hand on Aspyn's shoulder, "I don't know...but I fear we may have soemtihng great at work right now. You and Adrian need to get abck tot eh school immediately. I'll take care of this." He promsies before tapping hsi wnad on Adrian's chest and he begisn to levitate. "Here jsut point your wnad at him and take him to your common room. He will be waking up soon enough...When you find out jsut how much he has forgotten then you need to come and seek me in my office. bring himwith you." Cethins words were strict and demanding as he stood up hsi cats and teto at hsi side. anturally she owuldn't even remeber teto beign given to her by him. He picks the pup up..."Go now...hurry."

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Aspyn stood up shaky but did as the professor had said. With wand in hand, she went to the looming castle that was Hogwarts. Looking back at Cethin, she felt like she saw something different in his eyes. Shaking her head though he was just concerned. Right now she had to take care of her best friend.

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