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David Torres | 72 comments Hello everyone. TO the first 10 people to sign up, I will deliver a free ebook of Restricted Renegade in kindle, pdf, Nook, iBook, or Smashword format. I require only rating and and an honest review on Amazon AND on Goodreads.

Book Details:

In a futuristic world that seems all too peaceful, Rachel Mercer finally bridges to become an adult. Once trained as a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer), she quickly realizes that things aren't what they seem while being trained at an accelerated rate with the new and curious technology of the A.R.E.S.
Things take a turn for the unexpected when an all too mysterious and charming gentleman—David—appears into her life that hides his identity of being a Congressman-to-be from her. But that is only one side of his heavy secret. As trouble catches up, Rachel discovers him to be an Unrestricted—people who she was trained to hate and kill with extreme prejudice—as they flee to the Restricted area for safety where she is then encountered with the choice of joining their cause, or die loyal to her corrupt nation. In an epic journey filled to the brim with suspense, action, and stop-your-heart romance, she is encountered with two choices. To remain loyal to her nation and live happily ever after, blind to all the injustices and corruption around her and lose her chance at love, or become an Unrestricted, opening her heart to David and fight for what she truly believes is right. Once decided, there is no going back.

So thankfully, Restricted Renegade is growing in popularity. But despite that, I HAVE LITTLE REVIEWS. It seems like nobody else takes the time to write a review of the book. Heck even rate them. And that's what I desperately need. Please help me out people. You won't regret reading Restricted Renegade.

I require a name, email address and format wanted. Thank you.

Angela Dossett (whisperingwillo) I would be delighted to read/review your book. Kindle will be fine.

Nathan Wall (goodreadscomnathanwall) | 182 comments Nathan

Kindle or pdf is fine.

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