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message 1: by Mollydee (new)

Mollydee | 33 comments I would love a Sci-fi (I have been getting bad recommendations) along the lines of Hitchhiker. Any suggestions PLEASE let me know! I would love it. A good fantasy along the fairy tale line would be good too

message 2: by Mollydee (new)

Mollydee | 33 comments Elizabeth wrote: "How about his other two Guide books? (or there might be more than just the three)
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
Life, the Universe and Everything

As for fairy tales, there's lot of the..."

I read his other books I should have mentioned that. But thanks for the other two recommendations! I will check them out they look good. I have seen one recommended in another group so it must be good. Thanks again!

message 3: by Mollydee (new)

Mollydee | 33 comments Cassandra wrote: "If you don't mind shameless self-recs (and if you consider "Alice's Adventure in Wonderland" a fairy tale-esque story), you can download my novella, The Madder Hatter free on Goodre..."

I love shameless self recs lol! I have had The Madder Hatter on my tbr list forever! I just looked at it again the other day. WOW and it's free! You can be sure I will be reading it today now. And the sequel I will look into. I read a lot of good reviews about The Madder Hatter so I am so excited. Thank you for the shameless promotion :) I will do a review too I always do. Now I will self promote, feel free to check out my blog and if you want, come on to do a guest post or an interview and plug whatever you are doing now. You can find me at:

If you like my blog you can vote for me (I need help!) here on goodreads for Blogger of the Month. Here is the link

Keep in touch! I am going to add you to my friends list. Thanks again.

message 4: by Morné (new)

Morné | 2 comments Never read the hitch hiker's books, but saw the movie. If the book is similar, all weird and random, then you might enjoy The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Can't say that I'm a King fan, only read those books of his, but it's also very strange, semi science fiction/anything can happen sort of thing.

message 5: by Mollydee (new)

Mollydee | 33 comments More you must read hitches it is so funny and good. Thank you for your suggestion I'm going to check it out. :)

message 6: by Mollydee (new)

Mollydee | 33 comments P's the book is way better than the movie

message 7: by Víctor (new)

Víctor Arratia | 1 comments I recommend you the book of A game of Trhones. I guess you've heard of it but I really like it as well as the television series.

message 8: by Firequill (new)

Firequill | 259 comments Mod
Víctor wrote: "I recommend you the book of A game of Trhones. I guess you've heard of it but I really like it as well as the television series."

I'm struggling with the book, I don't know why, but I love all the extra tid bits the television series didn't provide. And it's huge. hahahahaha.

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