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☆Joycedale☆ | 1109 comments That schedule works for me :-)

☆Joycedale☆ | 1109 comments Anyone else confused?

☆Joycedale☆ | 1109 comments O good I was worried it was just me lol

☆Joycedale☆ | 1109 comments I did notice that. It goes chapter 1, 1, 2, 3, 5

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☆Joycedale☆ | 1109 comments Chapter 3-5

Well at least it making more sense now. Although I don't understand what could happen in a car ride to make her go from "run, run" to I'm falling in love.
And he really needs to stop erasing her mind, he's going to cause brain damage.

☆Joycedale☆ | 1109 comments Chapters 6-8

The first part of these chapters I was thinking just have sex already! His whining was getting on my nerves. I dont understand how he didn't realize he was in love. I understand he thought it was compulsion but it seems like that would have only caused so much of it.

What is with his friends? Abe seems like he may be all rapey rapey. I'm not sure what to say about Lance he seems like a good guy sometimes.

At least the Dr knew what was going on. But I can't believe he proposed like that. And why would everyone clap when he had to basically beg her to say yes?

I also didn't understand what he was 3 hrs from before it got ruined by having sex with Lily.

☆Joycedale☆ | 1109 comments I just finished chapter 14 and was thinking the same thing. Plus there's too much poetry. I like poetry don't get me wrong but this much is a little overwhelming.

☆Joycedale☆ | 1109 comments I finished it. I'm happy to say chapter15 on contains almost no poetry and gets really interesting.

☆Joycedale☆ | 1109 comments I know the poetry was driving me crazy. I'll looked at the reviews for this and I felt bad I only gave it 3 stars. Seems like everyone else gave it 5

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☆Joycedale☆ | 1109 comments I liked the story just not the insta-love and so much poetry

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