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message 1: by RandomAnthony (last edited Feb 27, 2008 06:42AM) (new)

RandomAnthony What, oh erudite book-readin' goodreads patrons, are your guilty (or not so guilty) pleasures? What television, movies, music, etc. do you like that you wouldn't necc. want to admit to liking in public? To what celebrities are you attracted about whom you wouldn't want your friends to know? Don't worry. You can tell us. I know some of you may say "fuck you, I'm not feeling guilty about liking Phil Collins" or whatever, so maybe a better way to frame it would be "what do you like that your friends might not necessarily expect you to like?"

Hm...I LOVED this season of American Gladiators. My sons and I watched it religiously. That show is so psychotically over the top and cartoonish I couldn't help but get drawn in.

I was a huge "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" fan, but I'm not one of those people who tries to claim the show was some great opus of modern times. It was a good tv show, people. Nothing more, nothing less.

Music...were you to catch me singing along to Kylie Minogue in my car, I would hold my head high and belt out "Love At First Sight".

Food...Taco Bell. On the way home from work. Seven-layer burrito. Thank you, America, for the joy of fast food burritos. I know it's not Mexican food. It's taco bell.

message 2: by Charissa, That's Ms. Obnoxious Twat to You. (new)

Charissa (dakinigrl) | 3620 comments Mod
OMG you're a Buffy fen??? My people!!!! Hey, did you watch Firefly and Serenity? Oh Joss Whedon... you mad mad genius.

Okay... there's this film that I watch over and over... The Cutting Edge with DB Sweeney and Moira Kelly... there's figure skating and snarky flirting and sappy ending... ::::sigh:::: My only solace is that my best friend's husband, who is 6' 4" and weighs like 280 with a giant Polish head and looks like he could totally leave the gun and take the cannoli also loves this film. We watch it together with Rudy and White Christmas and his wife just rolls her eyes at us.

I also love Kelly Clarkson and have watched every season of American Idol until this one. My daughter finally absolutely refused to have it on in the house. I can't help it... it's a sick fascination I have... how much crack will they be on this year?

Ha ha ha Tracy.... fierce.

message 3: by Kristjan (last edited Feb 27, 2008 08:32AM) (new)

Kristjan (booktroll) King Dinösaur said: Firefly never got a fair shake. Serenity is a brilliant movie, in my opinion.

Oh yeah ... forgot about the movie. I loved the series as well. I wish it would come back.

shellyindallas I was gonna say Judge Judy but then I realized I don't have any guilt over being a Judge Judy fan.

I second the America's Next Top Model thing. Tyra Banks is so over the moon with herself that I love to hate her.

Also, there is this "reality" show on Bravo called Millionaire Matchmaker that is brilliant. These old, rich, dorky dudes pay $10,000 to be part of a service that will hook them up with young hot girls. One dude was in his 50s and insisted on being set up with a girl no older than 25. Their date was priceless. The girl was all "Who's your favorite band?" and he (thinking he was being hip) goes "U2. What about you?" and she says "Linkin Park." Then later on his yacht as they are sailing you see her with the wind in her hair scream "You've never seen Napoleon Dynamite?!" So awesome.

message 5: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (songgirl7) American Idol and Survivor.

:::hiding and whispering::: Nick Lachey.

Silly, cheesey chick lit books like Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Anthony, I'm with you on the Taco Bell. And also Carl's Jr.

Movies meant for high school aged kids (like Mean Girls and John Tucker Must Die. Not High School Musical though. Although, HSM makes a great drinking game).

Justice League cartoons.

message 6: by J (new)

J Buffy a little. Angel a lot.

message 7: by J (new)

J Who said Taco Bell? Did someone say Taco Bell??

message 8: by Meels (last edited Feb 27, 2008 10:54AM) (new)

Meels (amelia) Crossing Over with John Edward

Doritos and Cream Cheese

Early Steven Segal movies (Not the later ones where he looks like bloated Elvis)

Julian Lennon (Shut the fuck up! He sounds just like his dad for shit sake!! Want Your Body is great.)

And Maurice, John Denver is fantastic, never feel guilty for JD! He wrote amazing songs, he was all about the conservation, and he sampled the herb...Yeah!!!

message 9: by RandomAnthony (new)

RandomAnthony I've got to check out that Millionaire Matchmaker show...sounds great in the most awful of ways, like that psycho show where they would bust cheating people.

I keep meaning to read the Buffy comics...speaking of Buffy, Sarah Michelle Gellar, whoo...I had to keep reminding myself she wasn't actually in high school so I didn't feel like a total perv...

message 10: by Charissa, That's Ms. Obnoxious Twat to You. (new)

Charissa (dakinigrl) | 3620 comments Mod
Oh man, Koe.... that was bloody amazing!!! You know my secret soul!!!!

My daughter won't allow me to eat Carl's Junior anymore since she saw Fast Food Nation. But nothing can stop me from the occasional Taco Bell taco. I can't help it. They just fit a place in my heart shaped exactly like them!

Buffy was an amazing show... until season 7... and Angel freaking rocked all the way through. I belong to a Live Journal community that write Buffy & Angel fan fiction. And yes... I have written it. Since 'Not Fade Away' a bunch of the fen have been following the comic... but it's kind of like the diaspora. We've all sort of drifted away in different directions.

Firefly didn't do well on TV because the freaking studio made Joss chop it up and re-edit it, thus ruining his entire vision. You can watch it as it was intended to be aired on DVD. I bow to his genius. Seriously.

Unfortunately Joss still is sucked into the Hollywood vortex of skeeziness. The first Buffy Con I went to he was all humble and wonderful and had long conversations with any of us that hung around. The next one and he was sauced to the gills, possibly coked up, and too busy staring at some blonde overly tan bimbo's tits (that wasn't his wife) to bother to actually speak to any of his fen. Joss is a geek who got fame and fortune... his pleasures are those of an elevated geek. Nevertheless, it was sad to see and made me really depressed and cynical afterward. I stopped going to Cons after that. I was tired of seeing what Hollyweird did to my favorite artists. I fucking hate that town.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

yah-i watched most of the bachelors
i still love the chick who told the guy on the first date that her biological clock was tickin and then proceded to have a complete meltdown when she didn't get a rose
it's like watchin a train wreck

now i'm into the biggest loser

message 12: by Kirk (new)

Kirk | 136 comments Guilty Pleasure # 1:

Also, the Monkees, Go-Gos, any power pop (any Pandoras fans besides me?), Hard Case Crime pbs, PBRs and Natty Lights (at the end of the month), anything on TruTV when I can't sleep, Vanity Fair and Entertainment Weekly, Tattoo Magazine...

But the No. 1 most embarrassing has to be
The Real Housewives of Orange County

Don't ask why... just help me get my masculinity back...

message 13: by Seizure Romero (new)

Seizure Romero | 116 comments Kirk-- I recommend the following recipe:

1) buy, borrow or steal one (1) large caliber firearm and one (1) round of ammunition
2) empty house of all other lifeforms
3) shoot television

It's the only answer.

message 14: by Kirk (new)

Kirk | 136 comments Yes! I can feel my testosterone reviving already. Fortunately, we have a surplus of guns in Alabama. I'm off to break into my neighbor's truck and steal one off his gun rack.

message 15: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) Really Kirk, I don't have a penis and I won't even watch The Desperate Hobags!

What are Natty Lights please?

Tattoo Magazine rocks, why is that a "guilty" pleasure? Oh, and the Monkees are great too! "Our lips are sealed..." Belinda was pretty hot, I can see that.

Char, Buffy, Buffy, Buffy...what the hell? I liked it for a while, but then it got all shitty. What was that lame crap with the robot Buffy 'n' shit? The Seth Green days were the me some leprechaun!!

message 16: by Kirk (new)

Kirk | 136 comments Way to make a man feel better, Amy! Seriously---that show is groundbreaking. Where else do you get to see transsexuals on TV?

OK, ok: Natty Lights, aka Natural Lights, aka The Beer that Got Larry Eustachy Fired When He Crashed a Missouri Sorority Party after a Game....

As for Buffy ... two words: Eliza Dushku.

message 17: by Charissa, That's Ms. Obnoxious Twat to You. (new)

Charissa (dakinigrl) | 3620 comments Mod
Eliza Dushku... oh dude... I would so totally tap that.

King... masturbation? Who the hell feels guilty about that? What are you, Catholic?

Amy... I loved the Buffy Bot!! "We're very pretty!" heeee!!! But yeah, Oz man... I miss Oz.

message 18: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) No kidding King, why should anyone feel guilty for masturbation? Did you get fed that, "you'll go blind", "you'll get hairy palms" crap as a kid or something?

Char, do you watch Robot Chicken? That is SO damn funny!

message 19: by Kirk (new)

Kirk | 136 comments Charissa:

Eliza Dushku... oh dude... I would so totally watch you totally tap that.

message 20: by Kirk (new)

Kirk | 136 comments "... Catholic School Girl Outfits make me feel guilty...."

Me, too. Especially when I wear them.

message 21: by Charissa, That's Ms. Obnoxious Twat to You. (new)

Charissa (dakinigrl) | 3620 comments Mod
Kirk, I would totally sell you tickets to watch me tap that. Ha! And... there could in fact be Catholic school girl uniforms involved. I'm just sayin.

Amy... ROBOT CHICKEN RULES!!!! Oh man, I about puncture a lung every time I watch that. Also, Seth Green's appearance on Entourage was especially amusing I thought.

I wanted to be Stevie Nicks so bad when I was in 7th Grade. I turned out more like Cindy Lauper though. Damn it.

message 22: by Kirk (new)

Kirk | 136 comments Dear Charissa:


It's official: no sleep tonight. Dammit! I gotta work tomorrow, too.

message 23: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (songgirl7) Amy, I love that you said Doritos and cream cheese. Because I love a bagel with cream cheese and crushed Doritos as a sandwich.

message 24: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (songgirl7) Ooh oooh... Beauty and the Geek.

message 25: by Varmint (new)

Varmint my neighbor has a papillon. she dresses the poor thing in ribbons and bows and little boots. and most humiliating of all, named him "poopsie".

i look after the poor critter sometimes. i'm embarrassed to admit that i really like this dog. he loves fetch and frisbee and tug of war. there's more fight in him than most twice his size.

message 26: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) We have a mini rat terrier named "Goliath". I never thought I would like a little dog, but he's got some big dog personality! No bows though. He did have a rhinstone collar, but that got lost somewhere.

Speaking of Rhinestones...has anyone seen that old movie Rhinestone with Dolly Parton and Stalone? THAT is a guilty pleasure, so damn funny. She has to teach him to sing country! It is a little painful in parts, admittedly, but it is funny all the same.

message 27: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) Seriously King, it's painful to watch him sing, but if you just go at it as a can't help but laugh your ass off! Plus, Dolly is pretty funny. I abhor country myself, but I went to see her live when I lived in Dallas to help a friend with some "special" people he worked with. They were given free tickets to take them. The woman is a comedian really, she just happens to sing as well! I can't say I like country, or would buy her CD, but I'd go see her live again in a heartbeat.

message 28: by [deleted user] (new)

the bass player?
you're going to take advice from the bass player?

message 29: by Seizure Romero (new)

Seizure Romero | 116 comments Three musicians and a bass player walk in to a bar....

message 30: by Charissa, That's Ms. Obnoxious Twat to You. (new)

Charissa (dakinigrl) | 3620 comments Mod
Q: How many bass players does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: Zero... the piano player does it with his left hand.

message 31: by Seizure Romero (new)

Seizure Romero | 116 comments Q: What do you call a drummer without a girlfriend?

A: Homeless.

message 32: by Kelly (new)

Kelly I really could not get into the Buffy craze, but I do love me some America's Next Top Model. Tyra is hilarious, horrific, awful, I can't get over it. It makes me laugh every single time.

I also love to read the gawker blogs. I know they're bitchy, I know they're often shallow and mean and often focus on celebrity gossip (which, I have to tell you, is a fav feature- I get it through there so I don't have to shame myself picking up the magazines at the gym), but I just love it. I spend faaaaaarrr too much time on Seriously, its bad. I just love that blog.

And in random order: Celtic music (seriously, love it), cheesy movie soundtracks (anything by Patrick Doyle), John Williams (perhaps part of the above), the movie 10 Things I Hate About You, Vanity Fair (the magazine, I won't consider loving that book a guilty pleasure- which I do), and that Avril Lavigne song "Girlfriend," which I definitely crank up to full volume every time I visit the gym, regency romance novels that I am ashamed to put on this book site (except for the geniunely quality Georgette Heyer) and old school Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees- what can I say, I was in middle school when that came out.

Wow. I didn't realize I had such bad taste...

message 33: by Christy (new)

Christy Hi I'm Christy and I'm a reality tv-aholic. I even like the ones that are meant for teenagers like Laguna Beach. *hanging head in shame*

message 34: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) Welcome should be ashamed!

message 35: by Christy (new)

Christy I also love 80's pop like Duran Duran and Adam Ant. Some might say it's related to turning 40 this year and feeling mighty nostalgic.

message 36: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) I own Adam Ant and Duran Duran CDs, That's not so bad.

Tracy, YOU should be ashamed...Hanson? Good Grief!

ANTM rocks, I don't feel guilty one bit! Who doesn't like watching anorexic girls run round in their underpants and fuzzy slippers? It's perfectly natural.

message 37: by Christy (new)

Christy I agree about ANTM. What is truly shameful is that I can watch the ANTM marathons on VH1 over and over even though I know what's going to happen.

Any Project Runway fans? That's actually or reality show I'm not embarassed to admit that I adore.

Oh here's a literary guilty pleasure....the Clan of the Cavebear series. Oh my I loved those!

message 38: by Clackamas (new)

Clackamas Who said Beauty and the Geek? You're not alone... only I tend to lose interest after they have the geek makeover episode. I just can't wrap my head around why anyone would want to change these guys. Don't tell anyone, but :::I totally go for geek:::

Also, I play Boggle alone, because I can't beat anyone. I shouldn't feel any guiltier about that than doing the crossword puzzle though, right?

I'll watch anything with Marky Mark or Ewan McGregor, even if it's bad (and some of it is Really bad).

And this is the worst I am hooked on teen melodrama like Dawson's Creek, Felicity, Gilmore Girls, and all of the terrible movies that featured the WB crowd. I’m so embarrassed.

I try to pretend to be a thinking person, but now you know the truth.

message 39: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) Good grief, I read those too and I have to say I didn't hate them. At 16 it was like porn though...I read the last two or three a couple of years ago, just to get caught up. :)

More guilty - I own the movie with Daryl Hannah on DVD. hahaha

message 40: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) Puck was so funny, I would have farted on their lame asses too! :)

I used to watch it a LONG LONG time ago, I have no idea what season. The last I remember, I think they were in Seattle and someone had to go home because they hit someone, or slapped them or something??? It was better before they made them get jobs.

message 41: by Kirk (new)

Kirk | 136 comments Hanson was three BROTHERS? Uh-oh....

message 42: by Charissa, That's Ms. Obnoxious Twat to You. (new)

Charissa (dakinigrl) | 3620 comments Mod
Boggle!!! OMG I loved Boggle!!! How about Racko!? I used to play that with my Grandpa. I loved the way he would say RACKO!! Heee.

Hey... there's nothing wrong with Celtic music!!! No way that's a guilty pleasure!!

message 43: by Christy (new)

Christy Three brothers, yes. One was really pretty though.

message 44: by RandomAnthony (new)

RandomAnthony I like Hanson. That Mm-Bop song was good. It'll be running through my head all day.

Well, by Celtic music do you mean "real" Celtic music or the electrified Celtic music? There's a weird place where traditional Celtic music crosses over with New Age...I don't want to visit that place EVER.

My wife buys "In Style" magazine and I read it religiously.

Ok, I may have shared too much.

message 45: by Charissa, That's Ms. Obnoxious Twat to You. (new)

Charissa (dakinigrl) | 3620 comments Mod
three incestuous brothers? : )

message 46: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) Oh Donald, sweetheart, you need help! You have just exceeded any sickness I have either felt and/or witnessed on this thread. (shiver) You really need to talk to someone, my nephew takes some really good anti-psychotics...they might help!?

message 47: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) Shhh, King, shhhh - you're not helping!

message 48: by Kelly (new)

Kelly I feel ashamed to admit that I know that Hanson is still together, playing in their band. No one over the age of 13 should have that information. And I /still/ know the words to MmmmmBop. Such as they are. :)

And belatedly Tracy, yes, ANTM is amazing and awful, and no, I didn't think Kimberley should've gone home either 'cause I liked her, but I respect the way she did it and realizing that that crazy place was not her place.

And people who like Project Runway should not be ashamed! It is the one quality reality television show to admit to watching to!

anthony: see, that's why its a guilty pleasure. I like all kinds of celtic music. Not just the good traditional stuff or the few celtic rock bands that are any good, but I'll even listen to the New Age-y stuff. It's bad.

message 49: by Jillian (last edited Feb 29, 2008 02:56PM) (new)

Jillian (mother_of_dinosaurs) I have to admit I watch Project Runway but only when my husband isn't around. I also watch Survivor and Moment of Truth.

I love Arby's. I always get the same thing. A chicken sandwich, curly fries and cheese sauce.

message 50: by Lulu (new)

Lulu | 31 comments Project Runway, Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen, Biggest Loser, Amazing Race, Dinner Impossible, Ace of Cakes (pretty much anything on Bravo and Food Network)

Gilmore Girls whenever I come across it on abc family

LA Ink

Meg Ryan movies from the day, such as French Kiss, Sleepless in Seattle, etc.

And ok...:gulp: National Cheerleading competitions on ESPN. Hey, my daughters were cheerleaders.

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