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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Hello Alessia! How is your writing going? :D

message 2: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) єℓιzαвєтн wrote: "Hello Alessia! How is your writing going? :D"

Not much, honestly. There are examinations to prepare for and my mind can't think of anything to write... :(

message 3: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Wow...

message 4: by Tanaz (new)

Tanaz Masaba (tanazmasaba) Hi Sia!!! ^_^

message 5: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Hello, Tanaz. :) Welcome!

message 6: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) I just didn't know what to say, honestly.

message 7: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) I don't know. How did you expect me to react to that?

message 8: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Good, I didn't exactly think that either.

message 9: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Sadly, and unfortunately, no. I didn't think you were a genius. To describe what I thought exactly would be to describe it like this:

Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all. Surprised silence, you know?

message 10: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) :) Agreed. Anything you wish to vent out about?

message 11: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Nothing either. Things have been going rather (surprisingly) peaceful lately.

message 12: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Hello. :)

message 13: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Really screwed. What about you?

message 14: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Not exactly screwed, mostly annoyed. See, I make images on a photo-editing software, and whenever I upload it online to Pinterest, the quality is lost, so I'm searching up other image hosting websites like Instagram, Flickr, Photobucket and etc...but my computer is too old, so I can't see a thing on any of those websites. It's just sad.

message 15: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) I'll try it now...

My computer was probably released twenty years ago? Or maybe just ten or twelve, around there. It's super bulky and most of the prints (for the letters and buttons and everything) have almost all faded away already. And no, I don't have a 'younger' phone, I only have an ipad, and sadly that's not always available. (My mom always takes it to work, and she won't exactly let me spend time on it, too.)

message 16: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Probably because my parents don't think it's time to get me a new one. It's only those really new and flashy websites I can't see, other things work okay. So it's considered fine to them. Besides, they promise to get me another at the end of this year...I think.

And, I tried Google+! It's pretty awesome, I must say. Thanks for suggesting! :)

message 17: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Oooh, congrats to you, too! What are you gonna get? There's Apple, Lenovo, Asus, HP, Dell, Samsung, Toshiba, Acer and Sony. According to some research, they say those are the top nine brands of 2014.

message 18: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Ah, I'm probably getting that too. My dad says he'll get a new one once he gives mine to me.

Alienware? Is it supposed to be a gaming laptop?

message 19: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Ah, I see. Sounds cool to me.

message 20: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Endeed!

message 21: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) No problem. ;)

I'm doing okay, my examinations are finally over! :D What 'bout you?

message 22: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Sad, but I'll cheer you on! I bet you'll get awesome marks if you try. :D

message 23: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Hello. :)

message 24: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) I've been getting better! (Three more days to the summer holidays!) How about you?

message 25: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) What went wrong?

message 26: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick)'s confusing, eh? I hope it gets better!

message 27: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) You quoted, didn't you.

message 28: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) You and I have a taste for sad things. xP

message 29: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) What was that, V for Vendetta?

And here: "Be who you are, not what you are." It's positive!

message 30: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Ah, Pulp Fiction.

It's kind of like, "be a person, not an object", right?

message 31: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) "Every fate is a past, not every past has to be a fate." You said this one, too.

message 32: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Ah, everything's wrong! (Including me posting quotes here because I lost my bearings.) You win!

message 33: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Yeah, I just forgot where I was and which topic I was posting in.

Sure, just tell me what you need me to do. :)

message 34: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Alright, I'll give it a shot.

message 35: by alessia (last edited May 26, 2014 06:43AM) (new)

alessia (classick) Honestly, I'm not good in writing this type of stuff, but here's what I think I would have done: First, I would write a short story about the harshness of the cold hard floor, the way humans make pillows and blankets to cover it, but in the end it only hurts worse. And then say something like, "That's what lies are." Then proceed on to the "Why do we lie?" and what the truth is. Once the difference between the lies and the truth is laid out, I'd go on to why we shouldn't lie. And what lying does. Admit that lying is a comfort, an effort to protect oneself. But then also admit that the truth may be harsh, but at the end of the day, "Truth can kill but only if we stood too high on a mountain of lies".

(I don't think I helped... Sorry, but to be honest, I think you asked the wrong person to give suggestions. Heheh. x,x)

message 36: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) I'm not sure how to answer, since I've never heard of soundcloud before.

message 37: by alessia (last edited May 29, 2014 02:26AM) (new)

alessia (classick) {xD Yeah, I Googled it a few minutes ago. Just thought it'd be nice if you could tell me what it was on your own.}

But do you have anything to record? I mean, if you don't, you might forget the account sooner or later. So it's of no use.

message 38: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) That's sound cool, actually! :)

Oh, I've got an idea! Maybe an audio for your stories? There are things like audiobooks, right?

message 39: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) xD

...The Cage...? Any one you're really proud of.

message 40: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Okay, then ask others for the story they want you to narrate the most or something.

message 41: by Tanaz (new)

Tanaz Masaba (tanazmasaba) Hey Alyssa! Just wanted to say that you have really cool thread names. :) Now PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME HOW YOU DID THE FONTS! I'LL SEND YOU CUPCAKES!

message 42: by Tanaz (new)

Tanaz Masaba (tanazmasaba) P.S: virtual cupcakes. My cooking might poison you.

message 43: by alessia (last edited Jun 26, 2014 07:22AM) (new)

alessia (classick) It's actually quite simple, all you need to do is get on to (Here's the link: and just type in whatever you want in the red box. Then just copy and paste whichever "styled" text you want. There's a lot to choose from! :)

And thank you, for your (virtual) cupcakes! :D

message 44: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) @Lokrow: Ahaha, it's okay. Sometimes autocorrect interferes, and people type really fast, so I don't mind. :) Alessia sounds like Alyssa, too.

message 45: by Tanaz (new)

Tanaz Masaba (tanazmasaba) ❅║▌Aʟᴇssɪᴀ wrote: "It's actually quite simple, all you need to do is get on to (Here's the link: and just type in whatever you want in the red box. Then just copy and p..."

THANK YOU!! <3 <3 <3 I'll go check it out asap :)

And sorry for spelling your name wrong =/

message 46: by Tanaz (new)

Tanaz Masaba (tanazmasaba) Lokrow wrote: "Fuuuuuuuu... I meant to write Alessia but my fingers thought differently."

Damn fingers. Lololol

message 47: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Oh well, you guys can call me Sia so we can clearly differentiate.

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message 49: by [deleted user] (new)

That's a good nickname.

message 50: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Sia, as in Alessia. Somebody gave it to me once.

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