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The Boy's dorms in Maxime House have their own bedrooms with Purple and White Colouring.

Simply post below your white and Purple Bedroom pic and students full name and Prefect or Head Boy/Girl title.

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Prefect: Adrián Zacarías Michel Zénon
Havign his own bathroom for enchantment purposes water tends to freeze in hsi rpesence.

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Aspyn walked into Adrian's bedroom with him right behind her. After sitting down on his bed, she looked at him. "Why do you think someone would want us to fall in love? I doubt its a coincidence we had that happen and our memories taken....." She was still holding his hand as she continued to talk. "What if it's because of what we are? Could someone have known?" Racking her mind through this was frustrating already. Thank God his room was enchanted because she wasn't keeping her cool. Ice would have formed already if it wasn't for that. Even as she thought, she could tell she was tired physically and mentally. what was going on?

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Adrian frown's, "Well...honestly I think it is just a coincidence. If my memories were taken and if yours were we think anyway. I believe that was an orgnaized crime...the love potion though doesn't seem like something I'd worry about much right now. Given it needs to be taken in doses like you siad just watch what we drink." He tries to convince her. "I mean...I do already love you, so I doubt the potion would have any affects anyway." He tries to encourage her.

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Aspyn sat up. "So you're saying you wouldn't kiss me right now?" She asked boldly. "You haven't had any thoughts whatsoever?" She didn't know if her taunting would work but she has to admit she felt something different. Her mind went back to the kiss, why did she fight him afterwards? And this love potion and memory loss, it was almost too good to be true. What would be so bad to bring her to be with him? All these thoughts are probably because of the potion but she wasn't stopping them.

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Adrian frowns looking at ehr oddly. after their fight that no longer has any real cause he began to wonder jsut what might be so bad about kissing her. "Well...honestly I've kissed you on your head before. It wasn't anytihng serious then, but each time I wanted it to be. I'm not sure why, but honestly any chance I could get I would kiss you. I care too much abotu you to see youw ith anyone else." He admits. Looking ehr over he had no idea what else to say to her about it.

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Aspyn thought about what he said. There was a pang in her heart when he said those words. "Well now, I wouldn't be offended though I really don't why I would have been mad after that kiss. " She looked up at him, pondering it. "How do we know this isn't something from the potion?" Even as she said this though, she pulled him closer to her. Curiosity was always a trait of hers she hid but she couldn't help it with this issue. Would it be so bad to kiss him? He was her trusted friend but could it be more.

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Adrian frowns, "Well...I remeber kissing you and you being mad saying sometihng about your eyes on someone else or something of the sort. I think it made me mad that I didn't know who he was. So if you are tlakign about the potion well...I'd easily say on my behalf it had nothing to do with the potion. Honestly, I have always ahd deeper feelings for you. On top of which discovering you were what I am made it even more desirable to be with you." He admits lookign her up a bit hesitantly. "I there someone else? Or were you possibly jsut saying that becuase you didn't want me? Or even you were jsut as nervous about it?" He was curious hismelf now.

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"There hasn't been anyone else." Aspyn frowned. "I don't what I could have been talking about. It's not important. It could have just me being nervous. You know I don't like being caught off guard." She laughed a little trying to lighten the mood. " I don't know if I want you. And if it did, maybe this potion just provoked what was already there. Maybe those times when people pointing out that we are couple are right. Maybe we just don't notice or at least I don't. Whatever it is, I don't know how to make of this but whatever happens I want to be true not some illusion."

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Adrian smiles, "trust me when I say any feelings I have for you are no illusion." He says smiling. He leans up and kisses her cheek softly. "Honestly though, if it is the potion why not we wait until tomrrow so any dosed efects we have taken will be out of our system by then. "He encourages. "I jsut don't want to hurt you and don't want either of us hurt in the end. Tomorrow we will know the truth behind most of this I hope." He smiles so sweetly.

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Aspyn smiled a little that he always protected her and their relationship. Her hands continued to trace little symbols on his hand as she asked, "Could I stay here for the night? I'd feel better being here since apparently we have some person after us. " Even though it wasn't even near night time, she didn't want to think about being alone in her bedroom. He gave her a sense of safety and comfort. "I promise I won't rape you in your sleep," She said wryly as she kept herself looking at him.

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Adrian looks at her oddly and laughs slightly uncomfortably. "Um, well who knows...I may want to be raped in my sleep. "He jokes playfully. He scoots back on the bed and pats the bed infront of him. "Come on." He offers kindly. He was happy she asked. He wouldn't have wanted it any other way. "He really did love her and each time he tried convincing himself otherwise or how much lesser his love for her was he always found himself lying to himself. "Lay down. "He tells her pulling her gently down in front of him. He lays with her for ab it and waits until he believes she has at last fallen asleep form exhaustion. Normally, after having a memory charm done on you it causes drowsiness.
As she passed out, well he believed she had he raised up and pulled his shirt off and his pants walking over to hsi bathroom he turned ont eh shower and pulled off his underwear and climbed in.

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"Well it wouldn't be rape then." Aspyn did feel a little sleepy though and she didn't want to deny being able to sleep with him. It was easy to just concentrate on his calm heartbeat, letting it ease her to go to sleep. Losing herself in her sleep, her dreams went back to surprisingly when she was born. Her hands gripped the sheets when Adrian's prescence was gone. It was so strange she could remember that part so vividly in that dream. Her body shivered from the fear it brought. The dementor leaving her, the only human being she knew her father captured and the Ministry claiming her as an abomination. But why would she dream of her father now?

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Adrian showered and then finishes up. He felt odd and dizzy. he couldn't explain it. He stepped out fo the shower and walked over to hsi towel wrapping it aorund hsi waist and movign back into hsi beroom. Without even thinking givne the daze he was suddenly in he could feel the cold coming off of Aspyn as he lays beside of her not even bothering with clothes and curls up to her tightly to keep her cold body comforted.

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Aspyn's body froze at first from feeling a presence but even subconsciously it recognized his touch. It relaxed as her body let itself be held close to his. Her breathing was a little shallow from having such a miserable dream but it returned a more normal pace as Adrian gave her sense of comfort. Her nightmare slowly dispersed into a dreamless sleep as her had found itself leaning against his shoulder. She was going to be in for a surprise though once she woke up.

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The day turned into the night and the common room buzzed for only a bit and at last went silent. Adrian frowned...His dreams swirled him from something erotic and wrong at thsi point, but it was always about Aspyn. Even his nightmares held her in them. He couldn't explain it at all. All that was on her mind was that. He couldn't beleive it.

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In her sleep, Aspyn was not always one to stay in on place. Her body turned to his as it snuggled closer to his. One leg had draped itself over his, letting them be in a more erotic position. If she was awake, she would have felt his length was very close to her own private area. It didn't help she only wore panties under her skirt. She always hated wearing skirts though it was the uniform assigned for the school. Something could happen but she would have never imagined it would happen like this with Adrian.

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Adrian wakes up frowning only for a moment cuddling closer to her as he felt the cold sensation slightly arouse him rubbing closer into her. Getting morning wood was one thing while you were completely asleep, but he was half awake and sort of enjoying it, not fully conscious as to who it was he was cuddling into. He was jsut enjoying the cold agianst his groin and continued pressng agianst aspyn.

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Aspyn slowly woke up, feeling something rubbing up against her. Her eyes opened to see Adrian still asleep well at least she thought he was. It hadn't registered to her just yet that they were in a very intimate and erotic position. A little moan escaped her lips though when a wave a pleasure went through her. As she finally became aware of what was happening she blushed embarrassed and scooted away from him, sitting up. Her uniform was a bit rumpled from sleeping and she could feel there was a bit of damp spot on her panties. She cursed. Even in this situation she managed to get aroused.

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Adrian jumped up fully awake now and grabs a pillow covering his hard-on. "Aspyn?! I...I...sorry...I just...I don't know what happened...I mean it was a dream...well it was supposed to be..." he was lost for words and his cheeks began to naturally blush. He stands up still holding the pillow to him only for the towel to dro completely. "Aspyn... It's not what you think I wans't trying anything." He tries to assure hismelf more so than her. What was really happening. What was he thinking he knew she was in the bed with him what was running through his mind?

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It was funny. Aspyn and Adrian's body temperatures should not have been able to blush at all but for some reason this situation brought it to them. She looked at him not even sure how to make of this situation. Clearing her throat still flustered from this situation, she answered,"It's fine....I never thought this......could happen but look it's fine. " What was worse her body was still aroused from it. Thank God she was wearing a bra at least, this situation would be more awkward if he saw the physical evidence of his effect on her. She walked to his closet and grabbed one of his boxers, throwing it at him. "J-just at least put those on."

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Adrian catches them and turns his back to her showign his arse and pullign the boxers on. He turns back frowning. "Sorry...really I am." He assures her unable to beleive what had jsut ahppened. how could he be so ignorant to think of such a thing? He moves to a drawer and pulls out a pair of pants. "It's Monday I guess we need to head to classes?" He offers as he begins pulling on an a-shirt and then his school shirt and sweater. "I'll walk you to your class." he offers kindly "go and get dressed while i gather up my books."

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Aspyn nodded as she searched hastily for her clothes in his closet. She always kept spare clothes in his room if she ever decided to stay with him for the night. Being with him like that was still vivid in her mind, seeing his arse didn't exactly help. A little part of her wished it was still happening. She sighed and thanked him for not looking at her as she her panties and slid on the uniform that was identical to his though she wore a skirt instead of pants. "I just need to stop by my room for my books and Adrian it's okay really. At least the effects of the potion should be worn off."

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Adrian nods, "Yeah, right..." He adds. "Ithink we over slept a bit. We missed breakfast and we slept through our break so here." He says pulling his wand out he flicks at his bed and a small silver tray of cinnamon rolls appears. "Eat up on your way to class. I got Wandless Arts today." He says plainly, "Don't you have Care of Magical Creatures or sometihng like that?" He asks lookign her over wishing so badly they were really in a relationship.

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Aspyn scowled not liking that she would have to deal with that professor again. "She detests me as much as I detest her opinion." She was uncomfortable thinking of attending that class. As she picked up a cinnamon roll and chewed on it, her eyebrows furrowed in concentration. "I should have stuck to your schedule more. " Taking an extra cinnamon roll to go, she propped herself up and brushed her lips on his quickly. "Thanks for the food, I'll meet you outside my room." She didn't even realize what she did until after it happened. If she wasn't a half dementor, a blush would have been evident now, but instead she went out the door to get to her room, collecting her books..

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Adrian smiles sweetly, "Right...see you in a bit." he promsies as he turns form ehr and races over ot his books. Gathering everything up he awaited ehr outsid eof her bedroom. He was trying too hard tos upress the feelings he ahs suddenly acquired for Aspyn especially now that she wasexperiencing feelings for him to. He was ready to either get sick or blush several shades of red were it possible. He couldn't even tellt hat he had blushed earlier. That really bothered him for the mere fact he had no idea what was running through his body to allow him to blush.

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Aspyn finished the rest of her food as she got all her books for class. Even as the potion had worn off, she still felt something different now with Adrian. Remembering just what happened this morning made her feel....she wasn't sure. It wasn't like she had fell in love before well at least she thought she didn't. Adrian was the only boy around her age she had gotten really close to. This was still new for her and she was finding herself wish she had kissed him a little longer. Not really sure what to make of it though since she suggested maybe the potion still had some lingering effects, she propped her books in one arm and waited outside her room for him.

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Adrian was already standing there and kisses her cheek gently as he intertwined their fingers together. He moves his hand behind his back as they walk out of the common room still holding tightly to her hand keeping her arm slightly wrapped at his lower back. "Alright so to Care of Magical Cretures, or whichever place you have to go?" He offers kindly walking with her witha charmed smile.

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"Dragon Studies." Aspyn corrected as she followed him. As they walked together, she squeezed his hand lightly as she listened to their footsteps echo. "I think after dinner, we should tell Professor Clermont about what happened yesterday. Maybe we could practice again, if you want." She remembered too that she wanted to ask the Headmaster why he seemed so sad. Her mind was more clear now but the memory troubled her. He had always been there for her. She had to be there for him too.

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Adrian nods, "Yeah no problem." He smiles kindly and keeps her clsoe his arm with hers remaining behind his back as they walked. he walked outside with ehr to her professor's classroom and knew he was about twenty minutes early. "Maybe you cna show me some fo the dragons you are studying." He says with a shy smile. "I'm sure the professor won't be back for a bit until class starts and I have wandless arts it can't be too bad to skip a few minutes out." He adds.

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