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Aspyn let Teto get out of her arms so he could run around the room. "I think it would be good if we stay here. I like it better when its quiet. The great hall is too loud." As she said this, her form plopped down on one of the couches; her back leaned against it, relaxing for a little bit. In all honesty though, she wasn't sure she could face Cethin. Those memories probably left a toll on him. It was her fault too. "And you never answered my question....does it bother you that the Ministry is so dead set on claiming half dementors as abominations?" She know she shouldn't pry but she wanted to know. Before coming to Hogwarts, she felt like she was the only one of her species. "They think that being hybrid is a......omen practically like the mere appearance of one will bring calamities and ruin."

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Adrian stares oddly at her before setting beside of ehr smiling reassuringly once mroe with hsi usual charm. "Yeah I know, but I honestly don't let it phase me. I'll only be able to get a good job by working at the school ebcuase the Headmaster would be the only guy who would hire me. I get that and I'm actually okay with that. I can see myself here for a very long time, but if I'm goign to worry abotu what our government thinks about me and my said kind then I'll be wasting so much real potential that i have. I won't let it get em down jsut becuase the minister of magic has marked me as something bad. I'd rather prove to them that I'm something great and pweorful and I shoudl be treated as an equal if not greater than them. I mean I have my doubtful in particular, but I know I have to be strong for whomever might be like me." He explained not actually having any clue that she was aprt dementor as well, but he could always sense more closure to ehr than anyone else as if she was something much like hismelf.

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Aspyn nodded, a small smile playing on her lips. "Zernebog would accept you in a heartbeat. Who knows maybe in a few years, you'll be the Transfiguration professor and I'll be professor for Care of Magical Creatures." What she said could be true though. Aspyn had talked to Cethin about working there so that they could be together after she graduated. Thinking about him though, still made her remember class which was only a few minutes ago. Trying to keep her mind somewhere else, she asked, "Have you met others like you?" Even if this was a diversion from her own thoughts, she was curious too. Adrian was the first person she met that was like her. But he wasn't afraid to tell what he was, she did. There was too much to risk to her but what he said stuck to her. She wanted to be strong for her kind too if she wasn't so afraid to lose control so much.

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Adrian downs hsi ehad lightly, "As far as i know I'm the only one of my kind. They say I'm an abomination, but I say I'm a force to be reckoned with. I have enver fully understood how someone could truly feel that any living thing or being is an abomination, but then again I'm the end result of Illegal Magical Crossbreeding." He admits. He looks at her momentarily. "You know I know I'm different and everytihng, but I really like you, Aspyn. It's like we have a connection. I feel almsot drawn to you. I know that technically had my mother not given birth to me I should have been formed like a fungus as dementors are, but I'm not like them. I was riased by them and once one gets to know them they are nothing like what everyone says."

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It was hard for Aspyn to comprehend his confession to her. She looked down thinking, trying to put her words to gather slowly. She then asked,"What if there was " This was the moment she didn't look up. It was too much to risk to reveal who she was but Adrian is one of her friends she talks to more often then a lot of the Maxime students. Even though she was friendly to the others, she and Adrian were Head Girl and one of the prefects. If she wasn't with Cethin or Constantine, she would be with Adrian. She could tell him...the truth of what she is. But wouldn't he be hurt that she kept it from him? Excuses raced through her head, one saying she should, the other saying no, objecting to the very thought..

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Adrian smiles slightly, "Funny, but I'm the result of a rare illegal magical breeding experiment. There is no way one could duplicate any of it. It takes a powerful wand that leans toward the Dark Arts and Care of Magical Creatures as it's affinity. To bond a creature who isn't even mortal much less human in any aspect I would find it more than difficult to acquire the training and power to know how to create such a crossbreed." He explains, "If there were another one of my kind here, which there isn't, i would be more than happy to embrace them." He says plainly confident in his words.

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Now or never.Aspyn looked up at him, not wanting to consider the results of what she could say. "Adrian....if one were to find out how to create that kind of hybrid, don't you think there would be wizards crazy enough to try again and maybe succeed? The man to first create one was named Javier Dell Valle, seventeen years ago. That was before your birth. We know this because around that same time, the Ministry stated that discovery of the illegal magical breeding experiments......."She waited for him to reply to what she said, to comprehend it. If he could connect the story right, he might be able to know its her.

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Adrian had heard of the crazed man Valle who his in South America while he attempted to recreate a Dementor Hybrid, but beyond that no evidence were made public. What bothered him most was the mere fact that he knew Aspyn was adopted and her real father was probably in azkaban prison if he was still alive. What now concerned him was that Aspyn was seventeen herself born around the same time the reports of Valle's arrest made it to the Uk. He didn't fully know how to react to what she was telling him, but he knew what it meant. He was the government experiment in a wizard war a bit more south of the Uk. But if Aspyn truly was the end result and the last successful breeding experiment of Prof. Valle he knew things would never be the same between them. Adrian looked deeply into her eyes as if trying to see something deeper, something darker...something of Dementor's and he could not find it, but as he leaned in a bit more his hand cupped her face lightly before he even realized what he was doing. He was placing his lips to hers. He had never believed another like himself could ever exist and they would be classified as a nationally recognized breed of being if they were together.
He pulled back after a moment of feeling the cool air around himself connect with ehr. "I'm sorry...I shouldn't have..." He turns from her standing and walks away. He stood next to a window just from the window seal. "I'm sorry...I really am Aspyn." He says staring at the window feeling emotions he had never truly felt himself, but has absorbed from others. The wave of emotion was so foreign and alien to him. "It's sut I've never met anyone much like you, Aspyn and now I find out I'm not alone...I'm sorry." His hand propped against the window as he looked down one leg leaning across the other where he stood. He couldn't bare to look at her after what he just did for no apparent reason a reaction no one would see fit or normal in such a conversation.

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Aspyn was stiff from that kiss, really just from the whole result. Besides Cethin and Constantine, she had never told a soul what she was. If this was different circumstances, just a confession of affection, it would be different. But that wasn't reality. She admitted to him she was the same species he was. "That's why I couldn't show anyone my animagus. Im not in control of it. Last time I tried, I blacked out.....I don't even remember what happened before I blacked out. I'm afraid that...I did something terrible." Aspyn wasn't even aware she was talking anymore. It was more of her talking to herself then anything else. She was looking down again, fidgeting her hands together not liking this distance now. "I was the first for the Ministry to encounter and thats when they started calling the breed a abomination. Geneviere, my mother, worked in the Ministry, she took me in even when they fired her. She just saw me as a baby, not a monster..."

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Adrian nods, "I know...Geneviere...I met her with you in Diagon alley, but this is something far different. If you were I mean curiously I find it strange if Valle was your father then the Dementor was your did a female dementor give birth to you?" He asked curiously. "I am's just...this entire time of knowing you I have always felt something between us, but this? We are the same. But, I know you don't feel the same way I feel about you. I'm sorry...I just you are the only other one I have met and I thought this whole lifetime of mien I would live alone and unhappy if that can be considered living at all. There are times I have considered returning back to the forest and living among the Dementors." He explained. He moved to the other side of the room from her trying to keep as much space as possible knowing she would never be interested in him and he was insane for even believing that. Even more so now that he wasn't alone he felt more alone than ever.

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((Will you look over my Dum,bledore student and pm what you think of him any add ins or anytihng else?))

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((I have an idea for the plot for adrian which could also bring her father into it. I'll pm it to you. I'll look over your character too.))

"I don't know....I'm only the end result of that experiment. There's no explanation to how he created me.....I'm something that should not have existed but here I am." She sighed, still keeping her head down. "And your feelings....I'm sorry but you're right. You've always been the closest friend I could confide in but I like someone else."It was always hard for her. Aspyn told Adrian everything except the most serious things in her life-her relationship with Cethin and her heritage. He even knew about the classes that she took by Clermont tutoring her. "But don't live alone, please. I've never lived with the dementors but like you said you want to show the Ministry you have a voice too. Don't give up on that, please. Maybe....we could have that chance at acceptance."That's what Clermont told her. He taught her to excel and to control her abilities so she could be accepted.

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Adrian nods looking up at her only momentarily. "Yeah i kind of figured who is he? IS he in our house?" He asked curiously. She always confided in him, but never had she yet said anything about relationships and eh thoguht the window was open, but it was too late...he was too late. "Yeah...sorry...Your right abotu it all. If Id o live with the dementors I'll probably be killed, but I do need to try and ebcoem accepted. MAybe one day I can create a purestrand of half-dementor and have it renamed as a species of it's own. Have chidlren of my own and raise them the way dementors raise their chidlren." He suggest silently.

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"No...Really it's just a complicated thing to talk about. I really would tell you. I just don't think it should be right now. He makes me happy though Adrian. He really does...."Aspyn looked at him, apologetically. She didn't like this. Turning down her closest friend. He had always been there. She would be the one to protect him and vice versa when it came to any issue in and out of class. She just couldn't protect him from this, herself not feeling the same as he did. "...How do dementors raise their children? I never was able to meet my mother. The reports say when they found Javier...the dementor had already fled when they captured him."

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Adrian could hardly remember his life living among them, but there were glimpses in his mind. "Well...I was not entirely accepted by the pack. My father had to feed fromt he toehr dementors ebcause if he left em with them they would try to kill me. they were frightened at how human I seemed in their presence and at the same time they could nto sense any emotions form me. They were violent toward me. My father fed form the others to keep me alive. One of the only Dementors ever to be seen caring for their young. In fact it was believed that dementors could only suck away form people, but he proved otherwise. It was also believed they could only feed and never give anything back but fear and sadness and misery. That statement was disproven again becuase he fed form the otehr dementors and then allowed me to feed form him. I survived most of my entire life off of everyone's happiness. Keeping their fears alive while I remain temperate." He explains trying to be happy she changed the subject. He knew she would never tell him who anyway. "I have learned how to cut off my sense of emotion from other dementors and I can walk among them as one of them. I can feed form others and survive quite well form it. Have you never noticed I hardly ever eat human food. It's becuase during class hours I'm always feeding on others joy. People around me are always morbid for a reason...but now it makes sense at how they all are and you aren't and why I was able to suck the happiness form everyone around me int he class today through you. The empath the one person who is connected emotionally to all others. The female Half-Dementor." He says the alst part as if it were no logner a happy subject. He really liked Aspyn adn yet she shot him down so easily and well he shot himself down quickly. He couldn't ebleive how he was so foolish to think she wasn't wht he was and interested in him.

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Aspyn could sense the bitterness he had. "Adrian......"Before she could continue her sentence, a flood of Maxime students came into the common room. Dinner was already over. Her facial features turned from a grimance to soft smile, to greet them. She gave Adrian one more glance before she headed to her room to get her materials and books for the Dark Arts class. She stood there after collecting her things, a picture of her and Adrian was on her nightstand. It was taken the day they had both traveled to France to see the Quidditch Semifinals for the Championship. She touched the photo seeing those smiling faces as Adrian had surprised her giving her piggy back ride. The photo had captured the budding friendship they had. She missed those days. She just hoped she didn't ruin it but rejecting his affection for her. A shaky breath escaped her lips. "I'm sorry Adrian....I was given to me by someone else..that i fell madly in love with." A little laugh had added at the end. She just couldn't love Adrian the way he wanted it to be.

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Adrien was in his room seeming to have a picture of him carrying Aspyn around on his back as they both laughed and enjoyed the company of one another. They had gone to France with her Adoptive mother to see the Quidditch Semifinals for the championship. It was that sort of moment he wished he could have always had with her. But even mroe so now knowing what she was. He knew better than to let her secret out, but what bothered him most was that the whole time of being her ebst friend he lsot his chance at lvoing her mroe than what he already did. She only saw him as a firend and now he wondered if that were even possible now. Who was it that she saw everyday. He never saw her boyfriend anywhere near her given that Adrian was the one to walk her to all her classes even if it meant being late to his own. He cared deeply about her and could not bare to even think of someone else having her heart. He used to kiss her on her cheek at least once a day out of pure affection and she clearly never saw it as such. He was alone again and he had lost his best friend. "How can I be so stupid." He says plainly as he decides to grab his bag he shakes his head with an unenthusiastic smirk before heading out of his room and back through the common room. He wasn't there to wait for her and had no intentions of doing so knowing she wouldn't want to anyway.
He headed through the portrait and walked to the dark arts. The entrance was still in the old bathroom, but it was no longer a bathroom it was a spiral staircase leading downward beyond the dungeons. It wasn't hard for him to make his way there given he knew many of the portrait passwords to use their secret passageways. Many students were late when heading around the school form the farther classes and he was always early.

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((Dark arts now?))

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Aspyn's hand was on Adrian's arm as they walked into the common room. She didn't know if she was stable enough yet to go on her own but she was thankful, he was there to help her. She scanned the room seeing that it was practically still empty. The rest of their house must have been still out at Hogsmeade. "I could help you with controlling the cold your presence gives." She remembered he still couldn't control that aspect as much as since he was gained most of his abilities through his dementor father, he was more attuned to that. His presence gave a more chilling presence since she did.

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Adrian smiles, "That would be great. As many peple that enjoy my company twice as many simply do their best to avoid it. I'm popular, but mroe people fear my presence than they can accept my personality." He says plainly before looking over the fire. "I expect no one would be back until dinner time. If you want we cna practice here." He suggest it now simply becuase perhaps int eh same palce that destroyed their friendship adn relaitonship it could eb rekindled.

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"I think that would be fine. Even if someone walked in, its more of you concentrating. The worse they'll think is that you are converting to Buddhism." Aspyn led him to the couch as she went to sit on it, having her legs be cross-legged. "It's kinda like meditating. I've kept it in control by keeping myself calm. With a little practice, the concentration will be nothing to you as it is for me. Are you ready? I can help keep your emotions calm if it's hard to do it. "She patted the spot of the couch in front of her for him to sit. As he hoped as well, she wanted their relationship would be rekindled as well.

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Adrian ndos setting down and crossing his own legs. "Alright, what do I have to do?" he asks. he was so eager to be clsoe to ehr once more he would be willing to strip naked infront of ehr if that was what it took to keep her clsoe agian liek they were. Then agian unknowningly to him such a thought was int he potion he had two full glasses of. It was odd how he felt mroe and more conencted to ehr the clsoer he was to her.

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((I thought the attraction gets stronger after every drink not two drinks equals they are dirty minded xD))

"Well when you give off that cold, what do you feel usually? Like Clermont said, we are slightly different in how we came to be so we might be slightly different on how we experience the same things." Aspyn took his hands in her again as she looked at him. She hadn't realized that he had such an alluring scent to him. Was it that cologne she got him last Christmas? Had she not noticed before? It gave off a very pleasant scent though. The potion she had taken with Adrian, had given her a more sensitive awareness of him. Noticing his scent would just be the first of many to let her be drawn to him.

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((lol he is a guy....need I say more, the average male teenager will think about sex at least ten times every hour.))

Adrian downs his head, "Honestly, I actually feel really good...energetic...feeding formt he crowd around me is what makes it happen.v their happiness and joy makes them dulls and sad and depressed as I get happier and stronger." he says feeling ashamed of it really. he hated that he felt so good making so many so miserable. Looking at Aspyn gave him a different sort of joy. He felt warm without feeding form her without drawing formher he just loved her presence. It was strange as he thought more baout her he began thinking of other things. For instance her hair smelt like roses and starberries and for some reason beign this clsoe to her she held a slight scent of him. He remebered giving her one of hsi shirts to sleep in when shestaye dwithhim. It was odd becuase she smelt like him almsot, but sweeter. He never really noticed, but she msut have slept in that shirt alot ever since he gave it to her.

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((Oh really love? how much do u think about it? :P))

Aspyn freed her hand as she moved it up to cup his cheek. "We'll find a way to control it. I want you to concentrate on that presence you give, think of a memory something that made you happy. The trick is kind of like a patronus, you focus on a pleasant memory to find that level of fullness I guess you say. For some reason, those thoughts are not taken away, it leaves me feeling like I don't need to have their happiness. You get that calm state which also effects your presence. It won't give off a warm presence but it gives off a more of a room temperature." Being so close to him actually seemed to distract her a bit. She noticed more of the square of his jaw, the fulness of his lips and how his eyes seemed to welcome her in more. "If you need better focus, just keep your eyes on mine. "

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Adrian nods keeping hsi eyes locked on ehr own as he felt her cup his cheek he couldn't help but feel the sensation to hold her hand. He restrained form it, but that didn't stop the ideal of wanting to. He began breathing trying to think of every happy memory and his happiest ones were with ehr. At last feeling his happiest memory coming out. She stayed with him at his grandmother's summer house. It was storming and she krept into his bedroom. he was half dressed as it was and she was wearing hsi shirt he had given her. She climbed into the bed with him thinking he was asleep he was sure. He naturally turned over and kissed the back of her neck before wrappign around her. His arms holding ehr clsoe to hsi body and his legs curving with ehrs. He lvoed smellign ehr hair adn rubbing her arm and side softly to comfort her. IT was his happiest moment with ehr. they never did anytihng, jsut laid together. "okay I ahve a memory." He says keeping hsi eyes sealed tight in a gaze to hers.

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"Focus on that. Let that memory take upon its own essence. Let it thrive around you, settling the cold around you." Aspyn's voice was but a soft whisper now as she watched Adrian have a focus on this particular memory. The air seemed to lighten more not as cold as it usually is projected by her best friend. She was caught a little off guard though after feeling an emotion that was not hers. Had this memory been so strong that she could actually feel his emotions for once? Her thumb stroked his cheek as she gave him a small smile of encouragement. It was still a shock she was never able to feel what he felt before and as this happened she slowly opened herself fully so she could find out if what she felt was not just mere instance caused by her imagination. "You're doing well. Keep going"

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Adrian felt the warmth of her body as if it was the only thing in the world that mattered. It was strange how good it made him feel he felt human almost. It wrapped him in the emotion of desire and restraint. It was like a forbidden temptation. Strange and wonderful all at the same time. Adrian could not fully describe it but eh knew he wanted to feel thsi all of the time. Slowly the air around him wa sno longer cold, but hot. It felt as if a heater was pointed right on them.

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Aspyn smiled as the heat didn't bother her body. No matter how hot the temperature could be it would not affect her cool physique. "You did it and as long as you do that, it will be easier for you to not produce the cold. This memory though i think it will be a little uncomfortable for the others. It'll be too hot now. It must be some memory."

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Adrian looked confused and lsot focus and as he did the temperature went back down to hsi coolness. "Um, some memory?" he asks a bit confused. "What do you mean?" He lost his focus and the memory was gone. He coldn't go around thinking that one thoguht while in a hallway all day. He could experience other thoguhts form sucha memory that may project something else. "Um, sorry, maybe a different memory then?" He offers. Rubbingthe back of hsi neck slightly embarrassed now. His pale features acquie a slight rosey hint to them on his cheeks.

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"Only strong memories can make it heat up that much. You must have been really happy. What was it?" Aspyn asked curiously. She brought his hands in hers again, kissing the top of them. She only did that to him when he was embarrassed or nervous. And at this moment she seemed to enjoy it more that she should have leaving her lips there a little longer. As she pulled away, she said, "You don't have to apologize about it. It'll be hard to maintain the balance at first. Just find that perfect memory. "

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adrian nods, "Yeah,w ell...I don;t ahve the perfect memory for balance all my good memories are with you and all my bad, well...I'm alone." He says plainly, "the restfo them...He lvoed the feel of her lips on hsi ahdns. It at last felt like they might be what tehyw ere once mroe. Sure he knew it woudl take a while, but maybe, jsut maybe she can fidn a way to forgive him. He smile sleanign forward and kisisng ehr cheek, "I'd rather not sya what it actually was, but I know that it was a good one ebcuase you were in it."

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"You're not alone. Just think of any good memory of ours then. Remember when you told me what you were, even as you had told everyone before what you are, you told me i could leave if i was afraid of you. I didn't though because i knew how much you cared about me. That moment made me upset but also happy because I know that you only said that because you cared so much." Aspyn relaxed when his lips had brushed her cheek. When she thought of that memory it reminded her that even with what happened in the Dark Arts class, he was trying to redeem himself.

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Adrian couldn't help it. He really loved her. He could not explain it but his emotions were turning in every direction. Does he come onto her again? Does he simply set back a while and wait to see if she does instead. He was mroe confused than taking Arithmancy and reviewing Ancient Runes homework at the same time. "Listen...i care about you mroe than anything, Aspyn, you are right, but I worry that one day like yesterday I'll do somethign stupid and ruin everything we have always had."

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"I know you do but we'll....we'll work out. We always do." Her heart wrenched at his own confusion and guilt. Adrian was looking out for her all the time and Aspyn couldn't help but wrap her arms around his neck, letting her head rest at the crook of his neck. "We'll be okay, Adrian." Her eyes closed as she breathed against the sensitive skin of his neck. She found a slight urge to have her body more against him, letting him feel her more but she pushed it aside. Right now she wanted to enjoy that moment of being close to him again.

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Adrian almost felt surprise at the way she touched him and the breath on his sensitive skin began to prickle and he would have been turned on if he didn't feel she wouldn't go for especially after what happened when they had kissed. Adrian had no real reaction at all but to let her lean into him. He laid his head against hers smiling sweetly. He loved this feeling of closure. As much as he wanted her more he felt this was close enough for now.

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"You believe me don't you?" Aspyn stayed like that for awhile. She felt more aware of him. His heartbeat against her chest and listening to his steady breathing. It all seemed so different now yet the same too. "Do you think.....I will be able to control it.....what happened with the professor? I know he's there for me but I get scared of it all. I hadn't been able to become a Dementor fully until today. I was able to because of you but I could mess up. I could accidentally hurt someone." Her mind always seemed to do that. Even at the nicest of moments it would drift off to her worries. It was a really bad habit.

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Adrian nods lightly, "Yes I believe you. And don't worry." He says pulling ehr form him and holding the sides of ehr face gently starigndeeply into her eyes. "You are going to have mroe control over it than I ever will and you even unlocked a power not even heard of by wizards...a dementor who can suck away magic and be an empath....That is all new and amazing for te world to see. You could be exploited if nto careful, but Don't worry abotu anytihng. You will alwayme here for you." he says kissing ehr cheek with a light peck the seemed to feel like it had lasted for several minutes, but it only remained for a few seconds. As he sat back he smiled charingly trying to ensure she was okay now. "Don't worry about anytihng."

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Aspyn kept her eyes on his, searching for any doubt he had, but he seemed so confident in her, much more than she had. "I feel like we've been together for so long. I almost forget it's only been a few years since we met. " She was interrupted though when she could hear her stomach growl. This had caused her to laugh, falling into a sheepish grin. "Do you think lunch's ready?" They had been talking for awhile that they hadn't noticed how the time had passed so quickly. It was no wonder she was already hungry, she had skipped breakfast having slept in with Cethin.

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Adrian frowns, "Unfortunately, They released the other students to hogsmeade, Lunch will not be served at the school today." He says plainly giving her a charming smirk. He kisses her cheek once mroe, "Care to have lunch with me in town?" He offers plainly interested to spend mroe time with her today.

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"Is that a date?" Aspyn teased as she stood up. His lips felt good against her skin but she knew she shouldn't indulge in that. She probably just missed him. "Cause I always like it when I don't have to pay." He knew that she had someone so she didn't show any suspicion or anything because he cared for her. "But you know....some guys did think we were together. "She wondered if he knew about that. If he had liked her more than a friend, maybe he enjoyed that fact.

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Adrian's eye brow furrows for a moment, "Really? What gave them that crazy notion?" He says as if dismissing all the horrible events of yesterday. Adrian smirks and stands taking her hand. Pulling ehr up he stumbles back for a moment pulling ehr with him. It left them nose to nose for a moment with strange expressions on both of their faces no doubt,. "Um, sorry." He shrugs lightly. His breath was cold, but sweet. His skin was cold, but hsi presence was mdoerately warm.

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If Aspyn could blush, she would have felt the warmth already in her cheeks. She bit her lip nervously though since she was still against him as she slowly peeled herself off him, just taking a step back. "It's okay, but i'm not sure, it's not like we're found making out in the hall way as all the other couples are." It was good that they were ignoring what happened yesterday but still it felt different with him, but she wasn't sure why. "Do you have any idea why?"

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