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I dont like time travel science fiction

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Thomas but I was compelled by Ms Butler's story telling skill to feel this exception; it seemed natural, though generally I believe time travel implausible, even impossible. It doesn't fit our understanding consensus, yet she flushed out of my brain; I accepted is as so.

Sharon L. Sherman This was a great read--I'm following with more of her sci-fi now--starting with DAWN...

Sharon L. Sherman If this were made into a movie (even though the author specifically requested that her work NOT be filmed) I'd like to see Lupita Nyong'o in the lead role and have a younger version of Brad Pitt play her white male ancestor then have Halle Berry play her adult African-American/black female ancestor. As for child/teen actors playing the ancestors, I think it would be interesting to see Benjamin Stockham (Marcus in "About a Boy" TV series) and perhaps Willow Smith in those roles.

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