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Lied (lied) Hey Jinx! SO how do you want to start?

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 195 comments Hey... want me to explain it a bit more?

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Lied (lied) Yes, that would be nice:)

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 195 comments the basics is that it is a fantasy romance plot. A reaper girl is one of a profacy (i will come up with this later) and has to find her scythe before her next birthday. The demons wants to stop this from happening and send one of their best to stop her in every attempt. her brothers role in this is that they try and put her into her place all the time because of the profacy that she knows nothing of. In the process to this that the demon and the reaper fall in love.

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Lied (lied) Okay, and i play?

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Lied (lied) A reaper is the death, isn't it. So the girl is the daughter of death and death?

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 195 comments the demon

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 195 comments Lied wrote: "A reaper is the death, isn't it. So the girl is the daughter of death?"


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Lied (lied) Is the Scythe hidden or something?

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Lied (lied) Wow, sorry for al those questions..

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 195 comments For the reapers, they have to find their weapon and themselves with it to reap souls.

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Lied (lied) Okay, cool. A bit morbid but I like it. :)

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 195 comments characters then...

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Lied (lied) Yes, how is the demon?

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 195 comments over 399 years old and is, like the deeper assessment states, the best that hell has to offer

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Lied (lied) So, really evil, no empathy, kills everryone he wants to etc. But demons don't love? So the girl makes him more human?

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 195 comments yes, but he has the ability to love. the fact that her brothers billy her does get to him at one point, but at the start he just messes with her in her search

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Lied (lied) Okay. I hope I understand it well enough :)

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Lied (lied) I'm going home now, so I'll talk to you in an hour.

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Lied (lied) Or so ...

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 195 comments alright ttyl then i will post vasarie while you are gone.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 195 comments Name: Vasarie Arató
Age: 399
Birthday: aug 24th

Supernatural view-
Human's view-

When she does get her weapon-

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Lied (lied) Okay! That's good! Byeeeee

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 195 comments bye and thanks

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Lied (lied) Name: Saleos
Age: 417
Birthday: june 15th

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 195 comments Saleos is okay

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Lied (lied) I think that's it.. What do you think?

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 195 comments It will be fine for the rp

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Lied (lied) Okay nice.
What else do we need to do?

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 195 comments We just start from here

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Lied (lied) Okay :) Do you want to start..

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 195 comments Vasarie walks through the woods around the portal she had used to get their from her home. Her eyes scanned her surroundings with each step she took in the light of day. When a harmless little yawn lifted out of her she shook her head. This is no time to be tired and yawning. Oh where, oh where has my scythe have gone. Oh where, oh where can it be. She thought through boredom as she stretched the last of the morning tiredness out of her body.

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Lied (lied) Saleos was walking through the forest. Swearing inside his mouth. He did not like that he had to be the one that had to stop her from finding her scythe.
He knew she had to be in this forest. Somewhere. He stood still, was he hearing a person walking or was it just an animal. He walked in the direction of the sound. He walked quiet. Hoping that he had found her.

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Lied (lied) He jumped out of the bushes to find nothing there but a rabbit. "You stupid rabbit. Why aren't you the filthy girl." He said while picking up a rock. He trew the rock at the rabbit. He missed. "Damm, You got lucky there rabbit. Run animal. Before i throw another one he said." The rabbit ran and Saleos walked further.

ʆƖƝҲ ƲƝƊЄƦԼƖƝƓ (jinxunderling) | 195 comments (lol.. was just about to post)

Vasarie stops to watch a rabbit hop past her at a blazing speed. "who scared that small thing?" she murmurs as she walked closer to the edge of the forest. Wonder what the living's city is going to be like. she though as she walked farther and farther from her portal home, disobeying her fathers command.

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Lied (lied) ((I'm Sorry ))

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Lied (lied) As Saleos walked further he heard another sound.
It better not be that damm rabbit again. As he came closer he was sure that it wasn't a rabbit. It must be a person. He walked closer slowly, making sure he would not be heard. There she was. He looked more closely. She was deffinately a girl, and she looked like a grim reaper. Who else would be in the forest he thought. It must be the girl. He started to walk faster so that he would be in front of her.
As soon he was, he leaned against a tree so she would walk to him. He could hear her come closer.

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