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message 1: by Dori (new)

Dori (dorifritzinger) | 2 comments "From My Family Recipe Box:

My first book of I hope many is ready.

For your copy go to www.lulu.com

Thank you to everybody for all you good words and support.


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Jo-Anne Vandermeulen (ppromotionals) | 42 comments Mod
As of FRIDAY my Women's Fiction (Suspense/Romance) "Conquer All Obstacles" became available for sale on ALL retail websites.

Review Brian Knight comments: "Author Jo-Anne Vandermeulen’s debut novel, is sure to take the world by storm. I see a bright future for this up and coming author as more titles follow this engaging tale of love and survival."
For more information about Conquer All Obstacles or the author: Jo-Anne Vandermeulen…

FREE first chapter read: http://bit.ly/EdvpE

Purchase eBook through the author: http://bit.ly/QYdVN or purchase paperback through Amazon: http://bit.ly/J5u8k

Author’s Scheduled Book Tour: http://bit.ly/3vdj4p

Tagging welcome...:).

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Dori (dorifritzinger) | 2 comments Exciting News!!!!!!

My cookbook "From My Family Recipe Box" is now available on Amazon.com

I am so excited!!!


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Darren Burton (sherlock77) | 2 comments I'm giving away one of my novels free as an ebook download. Anyone interested in a free read acn download "Scarecrow" here: http://ambienceproductions.com.au/Sca...

Information about the book can be found here: http://ambienceproductions.com.au/sca...


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Glenda Bixler (goodreadscomgabixler) | 1 comments Got this! Thanks...I put info into Twibes which goes to Twitter which goes to Facebook...LOL

Hope you have fun with this great idea!

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message 7: by Jo-Anne, Virtual Assistant from Premium Promotiona Services (new)

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen (ppromotionals) | 42 comments Mod
I did it again!...:). NEW release for those who are searching for ways to sell their products or books online. "Premium Promotional Tips for Writers" Building your author platform?
Tired of searching through blogs for practical marketing tips you can use today?
Here’s the answer…simple yet VERY effective techniques writers can implement into their marketing plans.

Check out this site to read the latest 5-Star review and get the details:

Blessings to ALL!


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Sam (authorsamoliver) | 1 comments "Angel of Promise" by Sam Oliver

Have you ever wondered if you have an angel walking beside you through life? This book shares insights into how we are guided personally and helped to realize who we really are. It outlines 7 promises we make at birth to the angel promised to us and the promise our angel makes to us as well. It is a fictional book based on universal truths seen in many sacred texts. When you read this book, you will find elements of your own story reflected in them. Your soul and imagination will come alive with anticipation at this Novel being more than a possibility in your own life... It is a book for anyone of any religious background. It can be read as a philosophical text that reveals what is sacred to each of us. "Angel of Promise" does share how we mature into adulthood and become more soul than body over time. Since it is a fictional book, you can read it without having to filter it through your own beliefs.

On amazon.com and bn.com right now.

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