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Here is where hungry Demi-Gods go to satisfy their hunger.

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Pete walked into the Mess Hall. He was starving. He laughed as his stomach gave an involetary grumble. "Just wait a second" he told his stomach.

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"Hey Medusa" He said as she sat down, "I am starving" he exclaimed.

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"Whats wrong?" he asked suddenly concerned

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"Oh ok" he said and started to eat his peanut butter mnm's.
((Sorry for dissapearing))

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"So how have you been?" Pete asked while stuffing food into his mouth.

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"That sounds like fun" he said the silence anoying him. Why didn't she like people? he thought. He picked up a sandwich and bit into it. It was like heaven on bread.

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Jemma walked into the mess hall.She was hungry.

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She looked around.A girl was there.

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( gtg,cya later)

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