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Her Demi-Gods can learn to fight.

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Pete through his throwing knives at a target. *thunk* *thunk* *thunk* they all landed nose down in the grass. He walked over and removed them from their resting place. He couldn't concentrate. He went back to his starting position and started again.This time he concentrated hard. *thud* *thud* *thud* all the knives flew true and hit the centre. He laughed.

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Jemma grabbed her sword and sliced at a dummies.She needed to practice her sword fighting skills.She was good with a bow and arrow but her sword fighting skills needed a lot of practice.

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"Hey your pretty good with that sword" Pete yelled from across the room as he walked towards her. "How long have you been here?" he asked

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"You think so,Thanks.I just came a few minutes ago" she yelled as she sliced the dummies.She stopped to catch her breath and walked over to him.

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"Wow and you are already training" Pete laughed. "Hello I am Pete" he said holding out his hand and smiling.

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"I'm Jemma" she replied shaking his hands

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"Well Jemma" Pete said with a smile "Welcome to Camp Half Blood. I am guessing you are most experienced with a sword" He walked over to the wepons pile and picked up a sword. "Mind if you have a real person to practice on?" he asked giving it a few test swings.

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"Thank you Pete and no sword fighting isin't my strong point.Let us Spar then"

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"Your on" he said as he swung his sword. "Then what is your strong point" he asked as metal clashed with metal.

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She swung her s word."I'm good with a bow and arrow"

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"Ahh wel my skill is with daggers" he exclaimed as she knocked th sword from his hands. "Which would explain why I am so terrible"

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"Practice becomes perfect" she said

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"If you say so" he jived picking up the sword and going for another round.

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She swung her sword again.She was getting tierd

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"Oh boy" Pete exclaimed as he dropped his sword. "I give up, you beat me" he exclaimed.

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"Good attempt though"


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Pete laughed as he picked up his daggers again. He felt more comfortable with them in his hand. "Well lets see your skill with an arrow then" he said

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Jerome pulled out his sword and said "hey wanna practice together."

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"Ok." Jerome said as he started practicing on the dummies."

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"What was that?" Jerome asked

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"Doing what wrong?"

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