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Here shadowhunters cook and raid the fridge.

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April walked into the kitchen with Jace Alec and Isabella walking behind her. "I am starved all that dancing has given me an appitite" she exclaimed going over to the fridge

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Isabella just leant with her back against one of the bench tops away from the rest of the group

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"Do you want something to eat?"April asked Isabella while pulling random snacks out of the fridge.

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"Nah I'm good" she said her head down her mouth a straight line.

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April made herself a sandwich and sat down next to Isabella and Alec put his arm around her shoulders.
"It is ok" he said

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She just nodded and then put her head on his shoulder with a light sigh.

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"Isabella please tell us what is wrong" Alec begged. April ae her sandwich quietly.

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"What that stupid wolf said reminds me of all the stuff I have done" she said her voice sad.

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"What have you done?" Jace piped up "Is it bad?"

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"Yea it is pretty bad" she looked up her face sad and the look in her eyes was one of seasoned veterans after they have returned from war "and I don't want to talk about what has happened" flashes of memories from the battles run through her mind and tears welled her eyes.

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"Thats ok Isabella" April said her mouth filled with food

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"Ewww gross April!" She exclaimed her head lying against Alec's shoulder still.

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April swollowed the last of her sandwich and laughed. Alec laughed at the expression on Isabella's face. Haha. April hopped up and put her scraps in the bin."Well"she said happily "What do we want to do now"

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"I don't know why do you guys usually do when I'm not around?" She asked them.

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"Well we train" Jace said "We tease eachother, we go demon hunting, we risk our life and limb, we sleep, we chill and we knit fuzzy socks and"

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"Fun fun fun fun fun fun and weird" she said with a grin I suggest we train then I want to see what you guys are capable of

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"Sure why not" April said as Alec swung himself off the counter.
"Are you sure you don't just want to watch me?"he teased

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"As if more like I just want to kick you butt" she teased jumping down from the counter and landed in front of him

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April laughed as she walked to the training room.

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Isabella followed her out

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((Training room?))

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