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Here is where shadowhunters train

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Isabella walked in with Jace Alec and April "nice set up" she told tem looking around

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"I thought so" Jace said as he removed his jumper and placed it on a rack.

April laughed and put on her protective gear and grabbed her serph blade. Alec grabbed his sereph blade and offered it to Isabella.

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Isabella looked at it in dismay "I'm good I have my own blade" she said holding up her arm looking at her bracelet and peering at the charms in contemplation

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"Oh" Alec said and lowered his head embarassed.
"Well we shall show you girls how the pro's do it" Jace said and lunged at Alec. He laughed and parryed his strike. Metal crashed on metal sending ringing sounds throughout the institute

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Isabella pulled one of her charms and her broze sword came out and she pointed the tip to the ground and leant on it and watched the boys "and you call yourselves pros" she said laughing

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Jace suddenly very swiftly attempted to disarm Alec, but Alec ended up dissarming Jace. They both laughed hard. April clapped politely joining in on the laughing. She thought the guys were helarious. ((I can't spell))

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Isabella clapped and giggled "I think it's time the girls show you how it's done" se said straightening and twirling her sword in her hand.

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April laughed and agreed giving her sereph blade some test swings. April faced Isabella on the mat. "Its on" she said trying to be gangster but failing.

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Isabella laughed and swing experimentally at April to see what she was up against

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April effortlassly blocked all her attempts and swinging in with some of her own.

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Isabella decides to show a bit of what she can actually do and began to push April harder

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April kept up with Isabella parrying and blocking her attempts.

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Isabella used the disarming trick that like had taught her years ago and twisted Aprils blade effortlessly to the floor with a clatter.

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April rolled on the floor and made a break for the serph blade.

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Isabella kicked the blade out of Aprils reach and pointed her sword so that the tip was a millimeter from her throat

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Jace and Alec suddenly rushed infront of Isabella to protect April.
"Put the sword down1" Alec exclaimed

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"You guys are way to over protective" she said putting her sword back into her bracelet "where I'm from the only way to end a fight is if the other person yields is to I here's to continue or in the rare case dies" she explains "I was in total control may not have looked like it but I was"

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"Ok" they both said and gently moved to the side. "Here" April said "If someone is on their ass they are yeilding" she laughed

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Isabella offered April her hand to help her up "you would t last five minuets where I'm from she laughed none of you would I was going easy on you" she said easily laughing lightly

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April laughed "Well lets see you go up against Isabelle she is the best shadowhunter ever" she said as the doors suddenly opened and slamed as Isabelle walked in. "Why thankyou April" she said flicking her hair.

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"Hiya Isabelle I'm Isabella " she said "nice to met ya" she pulled the strands of her hair back into a high ponytail as it was annoying her and getting in the way.

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"Hello Isabelle" Isabelle said as she picked up a sword and swung it a few times "Ready to meet your match?"

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"Only one person has ever beaten me do your worst" she chucked taking stance

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Isabelle flew at Isabella doging every attempt that Isabella made. Isabelle was as graceful as a butterfly and as quick as a cheeter

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Isabella waited analyzing Izzy's moves and dodge think of what to do next trying to find her pattern

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Isabelle((Geez this is confusing me haha)) started to try and disarm Isabella

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Isabelle can just be izzy for now it will be easier))

Isabella had figured out what izzy was about to do so she used the momentum of the disarming move jumped dropped the blade flipped over Izzy's head and pulled another sword out of her charm bracelet and held it over Izzy's throat not touching her but with not enough space for her to slip away with out getting seriously hurt.

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But Issy had been ready for this and knocked Isabelle's blade out of her hand.

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Isabella twisted out of Izzy's way and pulled out to hunting daggers from her bracelets d held the blade at izzy "you pretty good" she said in a neutral tone "but I'm still not trying very hard" she explained her voice even as if she hadn't been fighting at all

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"Neither am I" Issy said and grabbed a dagger from a hidden thigh sheeth and flung it just over Isabella's head

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Isabella ducked and reached up and grabbed the handle of the dagger "nice throw" she said

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"Thankyou" she said and stepped off the mat

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Isabella stepped off the mat too "well that was fun but not to difficult ou guys need to come train at camp with me.

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"Haha well that would be fun but we don't want demons running around your camp" Issy said placing down her serph blade . "I am not a serph blad person anyway. I normaly use this" she said as her bracelet curled into a long golden whip.

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"Nah they won't be able to get in. We have protected boarders" she said

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"Oh ok then" Issy said not convinced. "Well what are we going to do now?" April piped up

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"Don't know " Isabella said turning her weapons back into charms and attaching then to her bracelet.

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Issy looked thoughtful. "I think we all need to cool down and relax" she said slowly. "What about we go to the lake?"

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"Sounds fun just chill" she said smiling "I might even tell you some training hints"

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They smiled at each other and exited the room.
"Well" said Jace"Looks like we are going swiming with the birds"

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"Looks like it" she agreed smiling

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