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Who realy wrote it.

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G. M. I agree it is sad, that the Pern books have taken this turn.

I wonder if Anne did write some of it though before she died.

You, can clearly see two different stiles. A section or even a hole chapter is very coherent, easy to follow, and well, makes since.

Then we jump to; a not full fleshed out passage, that clearly reads like a dream.

For example; in chapter 12- near the end; we have Jirana coming from a half sleeping child, then her hand is patted and put back in the blankets. Next she is apparently next to an egg, for she rolled back toward it no blankets in site..

This passage is clearly not well hashed out. Heck, I can do better, even with my bad spelling. A good third of the book is like this. As well as it is clear that Tod, was to concern on stuffing big words in weather they fit the passage or not...

Grant you some of this disjointness could be his mom's do to her declining years. If they were "he" should have made them more plausible.

I feared this would happen when he took over. I was giving him the benefit of the doughty on the first ones hoping he would get better. Again, you could clearly see the difference in there writing. But, sadly he has gotten worse......

very sad

Allison I agree that the series has taken a definite downturn since he took over. Very disappointing. But I don't think it is because of his skill as a writer, just that his stories are more sad, more predictable, and less exciting.

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