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Grayson sat on his bed, cleaning a knife off. A small knock om the door broke into his thoughts.
"Can I come in?" Aspen stood in his doorframe, her face streaked with tears.

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"Aspen? What happened?" He stood and immediately wrapped her in a hug.
This was not the Aspen he knew.

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"My family, and I...." Aspen stuttered. Grayson didn't know about her abusive childhood. She didn't explain, just let Grayson hold her.

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Grayson sat back on his bed and pulled Aspen into his lap and held her close to his chest.
"You don't have to explain." He told her.

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Aspen buried her face in Grayson's shirt, already soaked with her tears. He smelled like mint and lemongrass.
"Thank you." She whispered to him

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Grayson pressed his lips lightly to Aspen's head and hugged her tightly. They weren't dating, even though Grayson had a crush on Aspen for a long time. Grayson hoped tonight would change things.

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Aspen's sobs slowly faded to whimpers.
"Your ok. You're going to be ok." Grayson whispered. Aspen tilted her had onto Grayson's chest.

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The clock read 10:00 PM. Aspen was tired but she didn't want to be alone.
"Can I stay here tonight?" She asked Grayson

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Grayson smiled.
"Of course you can." He told her, twirling a piece of her hair between his fingers.

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((Yep. They date))

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"Thank you." Aspen said. She fluttered her eyes closed, laying her head against Grayson

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Grayson laid back on his bed, Aspen resting on his chest. He stroked her brown hair, running it through his fingers. She was cute when she was asleep -when she was awake too-.

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When Grayson woke up, it was early morning. Aspen was still asleep, her head on his tee-shirt. Or WAS on his tee shirt, it had ridden up over night. He kissed Aspen's head.

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Aspen squinted her eyes open. As Grayson attempted to get up, she grabbed his shirt, forcing him back down.
"Stay." She mumbled.

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"As you wish." Grayson whispered, laying back down. Aspen kissed his chest and snuggled closer.
"You shouldn't work out so much. Your abs are too hard to make a good pillow." Aspen stated.

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"My appologies princess." Grayson spoke into Aspens ear. She giggled, tracing patterns on Grayson's arm absent mindedly

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"I've always known you were strong, but seriously, my neck is going to be stiff. It was like sleeping on rock." Aspen laughed

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"Next time use a pillow." Grayson suggested, lifting Aspen into sitting position

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Aspen kissed his cheek.
"But that wouldn't be half as fun."

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"You know, most girls appreciate boys with abs." Grayson poked Aspen's shoulder.
"I didn't say I don't appreciate them. They're just uncomfortable to sleep on." Aspen corrected

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Grayson laughed. "You're spoiled rotten, you know that, right?" He joked. "I bet your parents gave you whatever you asked for." Aspens face turned sad. Grayson bit his lip. Aspen was tough. Last night was the first time in the ten years he'd known her that he had seen her cry.
"Aspen, what are you hiding?"

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"It's nothing." Aspen said. "You're right." She wondered if she had him convinced

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"Okay, Aspen. If you say so." Grayson shook his head. "We have to get ready for school."

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"I don't wanna!" Aspen protested, falling back into Grayson's bed

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Grayson sighed and picked Aspen up bridal style. She shrieked in surprise and clasped her arms around his neck.
"I'll meet you in Spanish." Grayson kissed Aspen lightly on the cheek. He realized he hadn't really kissed her yet. Later, he told himself, I'll fix that later.

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