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Panic (Panic, #1)
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Isabella (throneofpages1) That wasn't cheesy at all! It was perf ;D Can't wait 'till Wednesday!

These Violent Delights (Robin) Can I still join this? :)

message 3: by Lana (new) - added it

Lana (intentional-or-not) I'll get the eBook :)

Isabella (throneofpages1) It's official!! The Panic! Readathon has beguuuuun

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Gina's (ginasgoodreads) | 26 comments Cool!

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Lana (intentional-or-not) wait how much do I have to read til Wednesday

Isabella (throneofpages1) I'm kind of like hating on Heather because she's such a mean narrator, "people shouldn't be happy when I'm so miserable" I hope we see some major character development from her part because.... hnggg

Also!! *spoiler alert* (if you've read more than 90 pages) Why the heck did Nat betray Heather like that? Getting Dodge as her ally? Omg I swear these characters are making it hard to like them ><

Isabella (throneofpages1) C. E. Ferris wrote: "I'm really liking this book, so far... especially the parts from Dodge's view."

Would you prefer him to win or for Heather to win? I don't think Nat has any chance at winning tbh xD

Isabella (throneofpages1) Hahahahah i loved how you ended your comment, did you come up with it or did you read that somewhere? I really like it ;D

Anyways, I totally agree, I don't know much about Dodge, but I feel for him because of his sister and he has actual reasons for participating in Panic, Heather is just... I really hope she grows up because she's making it hard for me to enjoy the story

Isabella (throneofpages1) OMG (If you've read more than 145 pages) when Heather is saying that "the lions have bleak eyes as if they've looked at the center of the universe and were disappointed. Heather understood."


Isabella (throneofpages1) @C.E. Ferris Hahahah! I back you up on that, I would probably be even more than disappointed, I would be ashamed for humanity. Just ugh

Isabella (throneofpages1) How's everyone else doing?

Isabella (throneofpages1) Oh my goodness I just finished Panic, it was a redeeming ending, and I really enjoyed the last half of the book :)

C.E. Ferris, I think you're going to like it, despite some things :))

yaaaaay I feel successful, does it matter that i finished it before wednesday?

Isabella (throneofpages1) Omg I could feel the hatred for Krista boiling up inside me, how could she? Sheesh, but TRUST ME! This moment is very important for Heather and we get to see SO MUCH CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT its cray, I'm somehow so glad she went through that and came out being stronger and beautiful and just everything I wished she was at the start of the book :P

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