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message 1: by Cady (new)

Cady | 203 comments Mod

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)


Here are some things ya might like to know 'bout me and RPing.

-I don't always reply, because I tend to forget, so you have to be a VERY patient person, and don't mind messaging me or putting a little dot in our thread to remind me to post, 'kay? I'm soo sorry, but my notifications tend to get crazy most times, and I always open the notifications that I want to go to in new tabs, but sometimes I forget some, so....sorry:3

-Someone who doesn't mind me being the girl. I know, I know. It's annoying when people ask to be the girl all the time, but I don't freaking care. Get over it(:3)I'm tired of being the dude in RPs, so I would like to be the girl for once. But, I don't mind doing doubles either.

-I'm not very descriptive, okay? I mean, I can be, but the majority of the time, I'm on mobile. On my phone. And my phone's keyboard on ze screen..sucks. 'Kay? I don't like typing on it because there's ALWAYS typos. The period is right next to the spacebar. So I always. talk like. this.and I know, it's annoying. XD So, I'm usually not very descriptive, but when I'm on my computer, I will be descriptive :)

-I'd like it if you were in the same time zone as me, 'cause I'm RPing with a girl in England, and she and I are never online at the same time because of time zones....@___@ You don't have to be in the same timezone, but..close, maybe?:3 Lol, that's it.


message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Lol, that was really long.

And...um, I'd prefer to do an original idea, not based offof a book or something, because it's hard to come up with an idea...:P But, if you have an idea for a fanfiction-rp ish thing, i'm all ears:)

message 4: by Jess (new)

Jess I'm in! What time zone are you in though?

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

All right!:)

Um...i'm not sure*ashamed*lol, it's 9:43 PM at the moment, though :P

message 6: by Jess (last edited May 05, 2014 06:45PM) (new)

Jess Its 6:44 p.m where I'm at

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Okay, I'm all right with a three hour difference! As long as it's not like, you live in England or something..because that didn't work well with the person I was roleplaying with..curse those timezones!>.<

So, do you want to make the thread, or me?:)

message 8: by Jess (new)

Jess Can you:-)

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message 10: by [deleted user] (new)


message 11: by Jess (new)

Jess What are we going to RP about?

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

I don't care, really. As long as it's not based off of a book or television series. Just because those are hard to come up with a plot :)

message 13: by Julia (new)

Julia Let me see. Requirements, you ask? Sure.

~I prefer rping as a girl, but if you want to be a girl to, we can each have a girl AND a guy.
~Somebody detailed. I like writing a lot. And I mean, a lot. Like a paragraph or so. You MUST give me something to work with! XD
~Replies. Don't leave me hanging. If you're going to be gone for 4+ days, just tell me! I notify people I rp with when I'm going to be gone, so I expect the same of you.
~Somebody who doesn't mind my craziness. I'm only a limited edition, so don't judge me. XD
*feels awkward*

I'm open to a lot of ideas, but just no fxf or mxm. I'm not good at rping that kind of stuff...

message 14: by Eoraor (new)

Eoraor | 84 comments Mod
Hello? Anyone?

message 15: by Cady (new)

Cady | 203 comments Mod

message 16: by Eoraor (new)

Eoraor | 84 comments Mod

message 17: by Cady (new)

Cady | 203 comments Mod
Can you make the thread?

message 18: by Eoraor (new)

Eoraor | 84 comments Mod
Okay. And I'm here so.....

message 19: by Cady (new)

Cady | 203 comments Mod
Thank you XD

message 20: by Cady (new)

Cady | 203 comments Mod
Anyone want to do a post apocalyptic RP similar to the plot of 'Life As We Knew It' (you don't have to have read the book; the plot is relatively easy to understand)

message 21: by Julia (new)

Julia So... Romance? Fantasy? Anybody? *wiggles eyebrows*

message 22: by Cady (new)

Cady | 203 comments Mod
Julia, I can do one with you ^.^

message 23: by Julia (new)

Julia Sure!

message 24: by Cady (new)

Cady | 203 comments Mod
Could you make the thread?

message 25: by Julia (new)

Julia Sure! I'm going to have to go so I can study in a second, sorry... *feels bad*

message 26: by Xandra (new)

Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Anyone?

message 27: by Cady (new)

Cady | 203 comments Mod
Anyone detailed/semi-detailed want to do a THG rp? XD

message 28: by Xandra (new)

Xandra (literary-legionnaire) I can

message 29: by Cady (new)

Cady | 203 comments Mod

message 30: by Cady (new)

Cady | 203 comments Mod
Could you make the thread? ^.^

message 31: by Xandra (new)

Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Sure

message 32: by [deleted user] (last edited May 10, 2014 05:15PM) (new)

Thor 2. Anyone? I make my own version of it very clean. If you haven't seen it, then The Avengers.

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

Anyone? I have a story plot in mind.

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

Emberrrrr????? ;)

message 35: by Cady (new)

Cady | 203 comments Mod
Okay ^.^

message 36: by Cady (new)

Cady | 203 comments Mod
I'll make the thread, Chippy.

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

Thanks ;D

Emily [Naruto Fan ^.~] Smith | 3 comments Would anyone like to do a RP with me? I'm kinda new to this tho

message 39: by Jess (new)

Jess I do. I'm new at this too.

Emily [Naruto Fan ^.~] Smith | 3 comments Okay :) We make a thread now?

message 41: by Cady (new)

Cady | 203 comments Mod
(Yeah. And I like your profile picture. Hunger Games fan, too ^.^)

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 1 comments Anyone detailed (As in more than three full paragraphs), won't mind me not posting regularly, someone who will do multiple characters?

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