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message 1: by Shannon (new)

Shannon Chase | 2 comments I love reading because I like to discover new worlds. It sounds cliche, but its true.

message 2: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea (chelc13) | 1467 comments Mod
I love to read because it's more exciting than what is going on in my actual life!

Cheri: The girl who is back to her old self finally I love to read because I like the journeys it takes me on

message 4: by Joi (new)

Joi | 62 comments Mod
Reading takes me to a whole new place. On many new adventures I would have never experienced.

message 5: by *facepalm* (new)

*facepalm* (alagaesia) Imagination! It's all about that little thing, which keeps me company at school lessons! And books have helped that little friend of mine so much:)

message 6: by Dari (new)

Dari (lalluby) I don't realy know, reading is just amazing, I mean, just think about the feels These books can make in us, books make us laugh and cry (and sometimes both on the same time!), isn't this fascinating. While reading we can go to new worlds and Forget our Problems okay, we're going to think about the Problems the bookcharacters have, but their Problems are way more interesting aren't they? It's just awesome :)

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

It brings me to new worls. Some that I would never imagine. It is also just nice to do.

message 8: by Savannah (new)

Savannah | 27 comments Science Fiction, Fiction, and Fantasy.

message 9: by Bailee (new)

Bailee (bschubauer) "I am a reader. Not because I have no life, but because I choose to have many."

I absolutely love the feeling you get when you're so into a book, it really doesn't feel like you're reading anymore; the words just come to life in your head.

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Oh my wow I love that quote where did you get it?

message 11: by Bailee (new)

Bailee (bschubauer) I saw it on Pinterest! xD

message 12: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea (chelc13) | 1467 comments Mod
It's really amazing!! :)

message 13: by Fibi (new)

Fibi (shalils1191) | 1 comments My love for reading started when my teachers first read Roald Dahl, to us in primary school; it also grew when my mum used to read with me as a child. She'd set a gaol for the night; she would read a chapter of her Stephen King book and I would read two pages of my Roald Dahl or Turkish poem book, before we went to sleep.
From there, I was hooked to reading. I haven't only read the amount of books shown in my read list, I've read a lot of Turkish books as well.
Reading is just a way to get away from reality, and I love that.

message 14: by S.Shade (new)

S.Shade | 4 comments Being able to slip into the mind of someone else, living someone else's life, feeling and seeing what they experience is amazing. With books you can be whoever you want. It also allows you to travel to new, exciting places without leaving the comfort of your home.

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