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Confusing conversation /Rochester's wedding.

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Tytti He was testing her and maybe pulling her leg a bit.

Tytti Well, nice people are usually boring, at least in fiction.

Brenda Clough I always felt that the Irish family was the purest of pure fiction. Mrs.Dionysius O'Gall of Bitternut Lodge, really? It sounds more fake than a wooden nickel. Rochester frequently is manipulative with Jane (the gypsy episode, for example) in a way that I, at least, would not tolerate.

Victoria Prescott Yes, I think that while Rochester's cynicism is understandable because of the way he'd been manipulated by the Masons when he was a very young man, it's just as well Jane didn't marry him when he first wanted her to, or even worse, agree to become his mistress. It would have been an unequal match. By the time they do marry, he's gained some humility and Jane has more life experience and is financially independent. They are much more equal.

Brenda Clough I just heard of this today:

Clearly a lot of people have decided that there is no way the Jane/Rochester marriage is going to work out!

Victoria Prescott Yes, they'd been married ten years at the end of the book and were still completely happy together.

Melinda Brasher He wanted to make her feel jealous so she would understand the depth of her own feelings for him.

Melinda Brasher No, he didn't have to. But then the plot would have been shorter. :)

Brenda Clough Also, it was Byronic. That was the fashionable sexy-guy type then, just like slacker-bad-boy is the default today.
He had to be dark and brooding, by definition. He had to have Disappointments with Women, very important. He had to be mercurial, dramatic, and arty (remember the singing with Blanche). He had to have a streak of devious, so that you could never be quite sure that He Was Yours.
Notice how very much St. John is constructed to be his opposite. St.J is even blond.

Gabrielle Well he did like test her and playing tricks on her. Like with the fortune teller. He was first testing her jealousy because remember what he said about Jane never knowing jealousy because she had never been in love. Blanche Ingram was Rochester's means, granted not very gentlemanly like but we all know Rochester very limitedly considered a gentleman, to make Jane jealous. And then, when he sees that she is too stubborn or proud, and I am only thinking about it from his perspective, to admit her feelings he puts the fear in her of leaving Thornfield and everyone and everything within it.

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Iris I liked their relationship. They tormented each other. Rochester's torment was more intentional however, but Jane's was just as heartbreaking. When she left him after she found out he was married Rochester became hollow.

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