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Beware; Too much inspiration can lead to great books being written.

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Are you queationing me?
*Calls court up*

When you explode. :3

Do you not like the thread?

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Wait, this is a stupid thread.

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alessia (classick) I could give you a bit of the Writing Prompts list I have, if you want.

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Yes please

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alessia (classick) Right, so here goes. (I took some of them from random sources and pictures, but twist them a bit and you'll be fine.)

➥ “I will make trophies of their spines.”

➥ After falling asleep during history class, a teen wakes up to find his school and town apparently abandoned, for what looks like years.

➥ “I saw what was in his mind. I know what he’s planning.”

➥ A man uses his hypnotic eyes to rob the rich and then give to the poor.

➥ The president’s son discovers ghosts that inhabit the White House, and they’ve got a message for him.

➥ A young man must take over his ailing father’s business—raising dragons that they sell to the world’s wealthiest as pets.

➥ Out catching fireflies on their family’s farm on a hot summer evening, two little girls accidentally capture a fairy instead.

➥ “I’m so sorry, that I can’t offer you a less dangerous solution.”

➥ Home from the airport after a long trip, you realize you have the wrong suitcase. What you find inside, however, leads you to believe the bag’s real owner might be a witch with a mean streak.

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alessia (classick) They're just stuff that help get you writing. Like, to spark inspiration in you, or to make you lead your story somewhere if you're having writer's block.

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alessia (classick) Just search them up, some come in pictures, others are blog articles.

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alessia (classick) Yeah, any inspiring stuff will do. Like those quotes you might see on book covers? The ones people make into pictures for the book? Like that. Those will work.

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