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Transfiguration is a subject taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It teaches the art of changing of the form and appearance of an object. This type of magic is commonly referred to as "Transfiguration". There are limits to Transfiguration, which are governed by Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration. There are also many branches of Transfiguration, including Cross-Species Transfiguration and Human Transfiguration. Transfiguration is rearguard as "very hard work" and is "more scientific" than any other subject as in, you have to get it exactly right for the transfiguration to be successful.

Magical Theory is a subject taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, taken at least in the first year. It covers magic from a purely theoretical standpoint, including the topic of how spells work, according to the ad for the book Magical Theory.

Animagus Transformation is the study of becoming an Animagus. Only allowed by Seventh Years and Sixth Years who will be Seventeen within the school year.

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Aspyn held the small dog in her arms, pulling it close to her chest. "You know, you shouldn't have gotten me a dog. Isn't that against your rules?" She couldn't help but smile though that this little ball of fur was going to be hers though. At this time, it is after Zernebog's class being over, now it is her break which gave the couple an opportunity to be together. It shocked her though that he would give her a puppy as a gift.

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Cethin looks up from hsi glasses as he graded papaers and smirked charmingly sweet, "Well, it is considered to be int he muggle toy class and that normally includes small creatures so I would presume it to be okay...Headmaster approved." He gives a soft and kind smile. He was very sweet but only as much as he could be. He still held back a lot of emotions. His quill broke and as if it had never happened the quill repairs itself. He was gifted with wandless and non-verbal spells and it wasn't a hard one anyway.
Cethin at last finishes the last paper on the changing properties of an Animagus vs. Maximus Animagus. He lays his glasses down neatly and stands from his desk. His suit looking shiny in the hazed light of the mid afternoon. His eyes twinkling a bit he side steps and moves toward her. he rubs the pup behind the ear for a moment with a smirk before kissing Aspyn on the forehead.

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Aspyn closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of his lips against her skin. It had been a few weeks since they could be alone like this. "I missed you.." Before he could pull away, she couldn't help but kiss his lips, letting her own linger on his. The pup shifted in her arms and barked letting them know it was still in-between them. This thus received a small laugh from Aspyn."Are you sure this little guy won't want to keep me all to himself?"

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Cethin ruffles the pups head abit as it allows a crisp annoyed growl to escape. "I think he will manage to like us both or else we will have to get you a cat." He jokes sweetly. He was still very clsoe to her almost protectively and the pup was only granting the space between them otherwise their would be none. "How have your classes been?" He asks casually. He knew that she wasbeing tutored by Constantine and trusted enough tht there would be no issues in ehr studies. He may have only been Headmaster for three years, but that didn't mean he didn't know everytihng going on in the school. With the portaits always informiing him of the kids misbehaving and so forth. He msotly confided in the portrait of albus dumbledore who seemed to be the most easy to talk to. Apart form all fo this he knew that his life would easily get lost ina series of all sorts of things. Mainly his mind was stuck on Aspyn. She was his only true concern these days especially with a new year jsut starting up. They spent alot of time together in the summer, well...overnight time was alot of time for him maybe a fwew days every other week given it was still a secret, but he coudln't ever let her escape his mind. He lvoed Aspyn.

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((I know....but it will improve with time and i just need to push myself out of my comfort zone which u know i don't particularly like but i'll do it))

Aspyn made a face when he mentioned to get a cat but only jokingly. "A cat really?" When she had learned about his condition of being a Runa Uturuncu, it had only recently happened. Their relationship wasn't strained though. He accepted her heritage, it was only right for her to accept his. As he changed the subject to her classes, she mood darkened a little. It was a bit uneasy. "They've been okay. I think I pissed off one though. She didn't seem to like my opinion of racism being wrong even if we do have muggles to live with. Sometimes I wonder if I should keep my mouth shut...."Racism had always been a touchy subject for Aspyn since she was considered the abomination of her father's work. To keep herself calm, Aspyn would rubs the puppy's soft belly.

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Cethin raises an eyebrow. Concern breaking out in his expression, "Unfortunately I don't hire professors based upon their belief system. I hire them based upon their knowledge and talents on the subject of which they teach, what class was it exactly?" He asks kindy. He knew better than to meddle in her life at school, but he was curious for the mere concept of curiosity and when that hole of curiosity never got filled with what he wanted he normally reacted harshly. Cethin smirks and kisses her cheek softly pulling her slightly in an embrace. "I expect it won't be long and you will be graduating soon and you will be able to at last be with me in the more legal and less frowned upon sense." his statement didn't exactly sway from the subject nor did he expect her to sway form his question for the mere fact once he could marry her officially he would have every right to stand for her in a battle against a professors belief system.

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((Also tell me if it needs improvement too love. Im A WORK IN PROGRESS.)

"Ferocious Beast Studies."Aspyn's muscles were tense, just thinking of what happened. "....I think she's also a bit well angry about that one time the dragon entered our school." As his arms held her close, she let out a breath, trying to relax herself. He always was able to keep her relaxed when she was frustrated or upset just by a single touch. "It's not my fault I have these abilities. If it wasn't for Professor Clermont, I wouldn't have been able to do what I did." As she let herself be kept close to him, she shifted the pup so it wouldn't be so squished between them. In turn, it started pawing up to her face, licking her chin. She sighed, thinking of the day she does graduate. "You're right though. It'll all be over after this school year and my birthday." It made her nervous thinking of it. He was such an inspiring wizard, even as he does accept her and even love her...wouldn't her status hurt his reputation? Looking at him though, she knew he would do anything for her and she was thankful he gave her the love that they share now despite everything.

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((One quick question would you like to create a professor? I mean You labelled the professor of CoMC as a female...would you be interested? I could make another professor who can link with ehr story.))

Cethin smiles wrapping his arms around her and taking the dog from ehr and setting him down on the floor to play. He holds her tightly in his arms facing him. "Don't worry about your powers and stop thinking about your status hurting my reputation...I mean really it can't be that bad because I'm a skilled Occlumens and Legilimens while also being a late-bloomer, and a Runa. How bad can our lives be together. I'm not worried about what others will think, because those who respect if they truly respect me they will respect you as well. I love you and you love me and that is all that will ever matter to either of us period." Cethin's eyes were stern almost fatherly, brotherly then softened for a moment to loverly. He pulls her tightly in his embrace his hands locked at the small of ehr back as he kisses her deeply hsi left hand slowly riding up the side of her robes acroos her breast and arm to her neck and the other worked to her cheek as he truly fully embraced her sucking on her bottom lip for a moemnt before pullign back with his teeth. "Everything will be okay."

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((please don't call me dear or honey love. its strange. i'll do it if you want me to. but u know i take awhile to make a character.))

"Okay." Aspyn nodded as he pulled away, but a little moan had decided to escape her lips from his treatment. "You have too much power over me..."She said breathing out before sliding her arms around his neck. Before he could answer on his comment, her lips captured his once again reuniting their lips. Her mind couldn't help but drift to the times they were together over the summer. They had so many opportunities in that cabin to have finally taken her virginity, he even teased her to the point of doing it, but that never happened. He had been also a gentleman wanting that moment to be when they didn't have their teacher student relationship hanging over their heads. Even as he did that, she couldn't help but want him to take her now. Her kisses becomes more forceful as she returned his biting with her own on his lips gently. "I love you..." As she said this she traced the words also on his neck.

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Cethin smirks feeling the slight touch of her fingers on his neck tracing out the words. He loved it. He loved her and she knew it. He could read her mind and couldn't help but do it. He knew when they had the real perfect moment to sleep together for the first time mindreading would be perfect knowing where to touch her and what to do to her. Cethin loved being inside of her head and preferred it to his own. "I love you soo much." He kisses a bit more forcibly than she was grabbing her by the thighs and raising her to his waist as he settled her on a desk he worked his lips and teeth to her neck rubbing against her hard. Holding the small of her back tightly to his body so she had no choice but to keep her legs wrapped around his waist. It was a perfect chance to tease her but it was about to be a real cock block in the abrupt appearance of a student.
Adrian walks in and it seemed in a split second of touching so much and being so close Cethin was on the other side of the room turning the desk Aspyn was sitting on into a pony. Adrian looked curiously. "I know I'm early professor." He says moving to the front to take a seat. He sat down and emptied his bag for Animagus Transformation. It was 5:20 pm and the class didn't start until 5:30 pm.
Cethin nods, "It's fine Adrian...I almost forgot about this evenings class. I'm sure you'll do well as always. I'm actually glad to see you." He puts his wand away and flicks his hand as Aspyn's pony turns into a desk again. "I wanted to review over with you your theory on the Maximus Animagus."

Cethin looks at Aspyn apologetically. "Unless you plan on remaining on the class desk all day I expect you to have a seat, Miss Cavalier. I don't think you need any more explaining on how to transform an inanimate object into a living creature and back again. You do attend this class on Saturdays do you not?" He was an entirely different person when he had to become her professor and not her lover.

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"Yes, professor. Thank you for assisting me and letting me have some of your time." Aspyn had to compose herself which wasn't hard since they had done this many times before. She wished though they had more time alone though. After they had been apart, the puppy had run up to her, wagging its tail. She smiled a little, picking it up. I'm free after DADA. "Come on, Teto." She let the dog curl up in her arms as she took her seat next to Adrian. She thanked God she was able to tune out the emotions that she could feel from the other students since it must have been awkward for Adrian. She was curious though to how he must feel; she let her awareness of emotion ease up a little so she could at least be in tune with Adrian's and Cethin's.

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Being part Dementor himself it was as if Adrian himself had to drain away happiness even emotion. It was as if he had no soul. When around Dementors they rarely knew fully how to react toward him unable to entire feel hope from him but not entirely the presence of their own either. Adrian hated being what he was and was not proud of the fact, but he would make due. As Aspyn sat down the bella t last rang and a small number of Seventh years slowly started to gather in all sitting up front given few students believed themselves to truly possess such a power to control an animagus form. He looks at Aspyn smiling charmingly, " think you might get it today?" He asked wondering if she believed in herself enough to get it right. He knew it was all about self confidence one who doubted their own power would surely find it difficult in this class.

Professor Zernebog walks up to the board and flicks his finger lazily. Chalk begins to draw intricate diagrams of a naked man much in resemblance to the professor, not that anyone knew much about what his body and privates appeared as, but it was simply educational and surely seventh years were mature enough to see a naked man transforming into a cat.
"Today we are doing a beginning of term test. I know we have all learned the spell and how to perform it and it will take many years to truly master, but this being our Seventh year I'm curious as to how many of you practiced while at home. Most of you already seventeen and of the age I expect to see some progress. For instance you will one day eb able to master it without a wand. At the end of mid-terms examines will be performed to test transformation before moving on into winter break so be prepared for things to be harder and far deadlier this term." He explains. "One dya you will be able to turn as easy as I can control my jaguar form." He shifts before the entire class his clothes not ripping but simply folding neatly onthe desk as a black jaguar as large as a a small car appears infornt of them and aloows a lw roar to escape hsi hungry mouth licking his lips and hsi paw. At that isntant two larger than average cats leap onto the desk and the clothes seemed to unravel themselves as the professor reappears human with his pants on and his shirt coming on givng the boys and girls a glimpse at their headmasters body and possibly leading more into the fantacies of a few students.

Adrian straightens a bit stiff feeling an attraction toward the professors charm and even mroe so his body. But not nearly as much as he was attracted to Aspyn.

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Aspyn glanced at Adrian and let a smirk play on her lips."As long as I can beat your ass at it....i think I'll be fine. "When it came to transfiguration, it wasn't hard for her since she had asked Cethin to at least let her know the basics of it for her to be prepared for the training Clermont had for her. The idea of transforming into a normal animal was easier then becoming a magical creature which was more of a goal to Aspyn as it was for Clermont to get her to be able to do. She eased into her chair as she let Teto rest on her lap.

As she watched Cethin commence the lesson, she could already feel the excitement of the other students. She couldn't help but roll her eyes. Even if she wasn't a empath, she would tell there was enough hormones in this room to start an orgy. She leaned her head over to Adrian, "How many people do you think are already having their fantasies run wild?" She already knew Cethin was a very good looking man. He was hers though as much as she was his. This fact has always helped her stay composed when other students, male and female, would have their own attraction to the young professor.

As the presentation was over though, she was confused when she felt someone's attraction towards her. Due to their being more than one person's emotions being felt, she couldn't center who it was. Instead of furthering the matter though, she shut off her ability once more letting the emotion being more of a hum then anything else.

((I was thinking since he's a half dementor too she won't be able to center her abilities on him as much. and love you just love to start a little drama don't u?))

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((That's sort of what I was thinking as well. I mean being born in the real world a hybrid normally is seen to have different attributes. When the father is say a tiger and the female is a lion the creature born is a tigon. Tigons exhibit far more Tiger traits than Lion. Tigons more closely resemble their tiger fathers than ligers do their tiger mothers. (view spoiler)
When the father is a Lion and the mother a tiger, however, we create soemthing totally different. The Liger is much bigger than a Tigon. (view spoiler)

I am thinking of forming particular traits to particular Half-breeds. For example: A Male Wizard and a female Dementor are converged the Dementor Half-breed will exhibit far more human traits than anything else since Dementors are already Amortal aging will exist, but at a much less noticeable rate. The child would be more likely to be sensed by other dementors as a human given they holds a more emotional connection to the humans around them.
A Female Witch and a male Dementor breeding would be much different. The offspring will exhibit many Dementor traits seeming to be nearly souless should Dementors encounter it they would react harshly for the mere fact that they are not entire sure as to what it is have no true sense of happiness of it's own given no real soul. Much like the way Dementors can't sense animals the child of a male dementor would be more souless having to sustain themselves int eh same manner of Dementors while also having strong afflictions of darkness and sucking away happiness where as a female dementors offspring would be able to sense emotion and not have to live off of it. ))

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Adrian raises an eyebrow as a cold smirk plays on the corner of his lips. His eyes brightening with the more excited emotions in the room his aura grew dark. "Yeah, we'll see about that." He smirks.
As cethin looks over the class many trying to disguise their infatuation with the professor he could not help but to smile dangerously. Meeting each of their eyes he challenged them from within their mind. Then speaking aloud. "Alright class I want a full demonstration from volunteers and then I'll start random selection."
Adrian was quick to give a slight nod and a lazy raise of his hand. "I'll do it professor. I havn't been practicing over the summer, but I think I can do it with enough willpower." Adrian was confident to the extent of knowing what he was capable of other than that he often put himself down.

Prof. Zernebog nods to him and lets him come up in front of the class as he walks to the back. "Let's see you become an animagus."
Adrian stands and moves before the class smirking sweetly to Aspyn. He pulls out his wand monetarily. Thinking hard for a moment he points at his head and in what seemed to have him as glitch for a moment hsi face blurred as if a channel on a T.V. was not entirely clear. Adrian's face turns dark menacing with golden piercing eyes and skeletal features.
suddenly his flesh begins to burn away he screams out in a dangerous pain as his features blur together and his clothes shred into a cloak covering hsi face. It was in a matter of screaming that the horrible dark and silent presence of a Dementor took his place. He turned and the air around him grew dakr and cold as a layer of frost creaked over the marble floor toward the students. His hands were burnt and scabby looking almsot not even human anymore. He had at last performed a full Dementor form.

The room shifted with gasps and light squeals and aeavy fearful breathing. The entire light air fo the room shifted to something unnaturally chilling.

It's fist clinched it hovered toward Aspyn. Pulling not form her, but it was like a shield pulling form around her in a sudden moment a train of souls was being pulled form everyone in the room directly through the empath and into the Dementor. It was only a moments time before a glowing light appeared and a Jaguar Patronus leaped from a blue and white spark is sent directly at the Dementor and in a moments notice The cloak crumples to the ground and rising form the robes forms Adrian once more as the skeletal features slowly vanish and hsi golden eyes resume green again. "Thanks professor. I ahd my mind, but it seemed too hard to really control. I had to take in their souls." What really scared himw as the fact he took everyones joy and happiness in through Aspyn. He sat down and ran hsi fingers throguh his hair enrvously.

Cethin appeared a bit shocked himself as his Patronus moves to hsi deska nd licks it's front paw before fading into a mist. Cethin sits and begins writing down a full letter before at last looking up again..."Alright then who's next?" He asks holding his letter slightly int eh air as a dark green moulting phoenix glides down and snatches the letter before flying out a window.

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Aspyn looked down, feeling strange from what happened. Would that happen to her? She shuddered at the thought as she looked at Cethin. There was only so much you could learn about the hybrids that she and Adrian were. They were just the ticking time bombs as assumed by the Ministry. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath not realizing how tense her body had become. Even as she practiced on her own many times, she never thought about losing control, but to that aspect, when you see it in person, even she was wary now.

Not wanting to open her abilities back up, she glanced at the class. Their disheveled and frightened faces did strike a cord with her. She turned back in her seat, and sent out a wave of calm and ease in the room. Too much of negative emotion overwhelmed her psyche. Doing this wasn't to her taste though, she knew the dark part of her, the dementor wanted this, enjoyed it even to let the humans suffer. Trying to clear her mind of all of this, she was thankful she had Teto still relaxed on her lap.

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A girl walked up and successfully transformed herself into a lizard with the Maxime house colours for scales. After she successfully turned back another girl came up and successfully turned herself into a barn owl...well..mostly successful. She still had her human nose and Cethin had to turn her back himself only for her to turn back with a giant owl beak. He had to write a note for her to go to the hospital wing and have that taken care of.
"Alright any other volunteers...note students that even if you master your Animagus form don't be disappointed by the fact that it isn't what you desired. It will almost always reflect who you are internally, much like a Patronus. If you are an animagus you will be able to know what sort you will be by casting your patronus. It is almost always the same if not similar. Unfortunately I expect that Adrian here has no ability to cast a Patronus." He points out, "Yet, he can successfully morph into one of the rare Maximus Animagi. Something of which few have ever accomplished and was only in recent years discovered to exist. I know that most of you all have been in this class since your second year and I am sure you will be seeing much improvement. There will be those who master this ability and those who won't. Do not be feeling glum if you do not for few ever have mastered it. Alright i think we have time for a few mroe there are only three of you left, Aspyn...would you care to try?" He says offering hsi hand before his desk to observe.

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Aspyn frowned, not liking that she was volunteered even if it was by Cethin. "I'm sorry professor, but I'd rather sit this one out." I wouldn't want the class to have another Dementor scare. She voiced inside her head knowing he would have probably been listening to her thoughts. He might have even recognized the unease she still had from Adrian's animagus. This all convinced her that she had to control the dementor she will transform into. The last thing she wanted would be to harm someone innocent or worse Cethin, leaving him as a cold shell of what he once was. She didn't even notice that these emotions she was feeling was causing her to dig her nails into her skin, possibly causing blood to start to flow out from this action. It was a bad habit she did but it was what she did when she needed something to do with her hands when she was under stress. This was going to be a long school year for her to finally control this monster that her father had let her become as a stupid experiment of his.

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Cethin nods slightly, His eyes glued on her as he transferred a message. I don't believe your inner spirit is a Dementor must have faith." He could not simply ignore her after he asked her to come forward she would have to deny him personally. He knew better than to step too far into the line of wandering eyes.
Adrian nudges her lightly affectionately. "Hey...go on. You'll be better than me I'm sure. Sometimes I can't help I'm half dementor so much that my animagus is a Dementor. I think you will be something magnificent if you are a Maximus Animagus you will be something like a Thestral or even a Unicorn or Abraxan." He gives a reassuring smile.

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Aspyn smiled a little but still was disheartened. "Oh you'd be surprised. Unicorns can be very deadly." She joked softly, trying to lighten the mood. "There's a reason that horn is so sharp." Her hand release the damaged skin she had just pierced. If only Adrian knew, she was as much as he was. Cethin.....I'd more comfortable doing this when we are alone when I...try to, but even Constantine thinks I should refrain from it. We don't actually know when my spirit is. She knew it upset Cethin that she still wasn't comfortable with her status. She couldn't help it though. Rather be cautious then cause something disastrous. There was too much risk that Aspyn could be devised in her mind

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Cethin nods, "Are you prepared to demonstrate, Ms. Cavalier?" He asked offering her the option to turn it down before the class. Adrian gives her an encouraging nod, "Come on...I know you can do it." He promises. The room was growing darker as candles lit around the class at the peak of the setting sun. Cethin nods for her to do whatever she feels right.
Adrian was trying to encourage the girl he liked, but she seemed so insecure he began to wonder if there was any hope for her at all to be confident with herself and her powers. She wouldn't make a good Animagus if she lacked the confidence.

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"With all due respect sir, I wouldn't deny a request if I had no logical reason to. Professor Clermont had even advised for me not to just until moments notice." Aspyn said firmly. "I wouldn't want to waste any time now with my opposition though. " She didn't like to be stubborn with this refusal but she saw this as a necessity. Endangering students, especially her house Maxime and Cethin, was not going to happen. Sometimes she wished she could block her mind from Cethin so he wouldn't see the things she relived in her memories. The skeletal features, the cold silent and dangerous aura, her face changing from human to something deadly. It all came fast still reliving it in her head. Please don't make me. As her memory ended the last thing she remembered from it was when everything went black from when she fainted from the transformation. I can't lose control.

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Cethin gives charming smirk and a kind nod, "Very well...anyone else?" The class was small and it seemed one or two were missing. Prof. Zernebog begins to rub his temples feeling the darkness and seeing everything in her mind, but he was able to see beyond what she saw. He saw through the minds of others in her mind. It was horrible watching her tutors last memories before death. "It seems that is all the tiem we have today. I am assigning a foot of parchment essay on the properties of an animagus changing from human to animal and what makes them distinqushed so oen may know who they are when turned." He flicks hsi hand to the door whcih swings open. "That is all."

Adrien packs up his things and hands a large parchment to the professor. "I already wrote mine, Sir." Cethin nods, "Yes, palce it ere on my desk." He says palinly rubbing hsi temples painfully. "Is everything alright professor?" Adrien asked ahting that he shifted and freaked out half the class but if he bothered hsi favorite professor that bad he knew he would not be changin for a while.
He turned not bothering to recieve an answer knowing it had to be his fault. As he wlaked the floor turned frosted almost as if the cold of fear was in each of hsi steps. Adrian stands at the door. "Shall i wlak you to the dormitory to get your books, Aspyn?" He offers kindly.

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Aspyn was already out of her seat, with her books already collected in her arms."Sure.."She said as she gave a last glance at Cethin. I'm sorry. Her memories weren't the prettiest things to be in. Death...Dementors...It was all practically the scary movies brought to life. They couldn't take what she was lightly.

She turned towards the door and walked up to Adrien to join him. "You shouldn't blame yourself." She voiced at him. Since there wasn't many people around, it was easier for her to sense his emotions, but she didn't use that though. It was all clear from Adrien's facial expressions that it bothered him. "He's the professor and headmaster. It could have been anything else that bothered him." Or perhaps me. "Don't push yourself, okay?"

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Adrian nods, "Yeah, okay." He places his hand at the small of her back like a friend guiding her to the dormitory. He knew boundaries and he knew how far to push them before going to far. "Are you attending dinner?" he asked knowing they had dinner next.

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"I guess I will. " Aspyn walked alongside him, trying to keep into pace. She was thankful he guided her. When too much was on her mind, she seemed to wander as much as her mind did. "Does it bother you that the Ministry is so dead set on claiming half dementors as abominations?" She knew she shouldn't have asked but it was always on her mind. She had to wonder if one of her kind had the same thoughts and doubts. "Sorry, if that's too much to ask." A small whisp of barks came following behind them. Teto didn't want to be left out as it scampered back to its owner.

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Adrian pauses for a moment and allows her to pick him up before guiding her back to the corridor to drop off her things. He really felt some form of connection to her and had no idea as to how to go about asking her out.
The managed their way through one of the portrait entrances leading directly to the staircase on the fifth floor. Adrian lead her through kindly having discovered the passageway his first year here. He then led her up the staircase to the Seventh floor corridor door. Leading her through to the Maxime house dormitories down the hall from the Divination North tower down the corridor from the room of requirement.
the portrait waiting smiled. A quaint woman wearing a blue and silver dress. "What gets wetter the more it dries?" She asked given the password was much like th Ravenclaw dormitory. "Adrian thinks for a moemnt and it wasn't hard to figure out, "A towel?" The door swung open and the woman walked away.

He led her into an empty lounge. "Well...we seem to be alone if you aren't hungry for dinner I can have some hosue elves bring up some sandwiches?" He offers kindly. Offering to take her bag.

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((Post at Maxime Dormitory. Seventh Floor))

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