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The Dark Arts were once banned from most schools having been taken and brought back through the years Dark art is a dangerous subject that no one should take Light heartedly.
Spell Creation is nearly just as dangerous leaving many dead through the centuries and is a newer class brought to hogwarts so that one day students who desire to become something of fame by creating new spells may create something extraordinary.
Located in the once legendary Chamber of Secrets now a classroom for the more darker aspects of duelling.
Taught By: Constantine Daiman Clermont

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Aspyn sat in her seat quietly, not bothering to pay attention to anyone else. Her relationship with Adrian was hanging on a thread now. She wasn't even aware her emotions had dimmed the emotions of the other students. When she didn't pay attention to keeping her emotions in control they always affected everyone else in her wake. Unease, anxiety and sadness was clearly present now in the classroom. It didn't affect Adrian of course but now he wouldn't be able to take away joy when there is none. She didn't look at him either. Their seat were always next to each other in the classes they shared. Her thoughts wandered to those days still when they were happy. Could that possibly exist now? Usually aware of her surroundings, she didn't even notice Professor Clermont when he entered the room.

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Constantine walks in with a dangerous smirk staring at Aspyn. Then looking over at Adrian. "Alright settle down children. Today we will be learning how to grow up and start behaving like adults." His voice very clever sounding and at the same time many would agree on the desire to hit him in the face. "Aspyn, Adrian, would you two please be good boys and girls and actually stop making this classroom more morbid than what it really is? Today we will be learning some of the more dangerous of arts. During your Fourth year you learned about the Three Unforgivable Curses in Defense Against the Dark Arts. Well, it being your Seventh year I feel knowledge is power. Today more than simple demonstration will be made. This is a classroom and therefore learning just what these curses can do will be hands on. I will ask you to bring your wands and leave your bags as we gather in the Chamber of Secrets." He moves past them all and walks out the room. Adrian never even bothered looking at Aspyn now. the professors comments were simply implying her empathic powers and his power as a Half-dementor. So no secrets were let loose. Adrian was the first behind Professor Clermont.

Upon opening the security gate Adrian walked in seeing a chair at the other end of the hall. At it's legs was enough rope to thoroughly tie down a Welsh Green. Professor Clermont turns to the students smiling dangerously. "I will explain the rules. I'm sure for those of you participating in the Duelling club will know exactly what is about to happen. We call this game Dungeon Roulette. You will be duelling one of your classmates using verbal spells only. The first to be knocked past their team lines will be tied in the chair and the Cruciatus curse will be performed upon them by their opponent. So let us have a battle of the sexes Girls Vs. Boys." The groups slowly gathered behind a line on either side of the large stone pathway. Adrian was in the front. When Professor Clermont pointed to him he walked up and bowed to the Vulchanova girl ebfore him. Upon turning aroudn their struck their attack positions and in a swipe of light the girl was in the water after Adrian shouted "Arcus Offa!!!!" A bright bolt of lightening struck the poor girl and as she flew back beyond her teams line she seemed to convulse momentarily fromt eh electrocution.
It was only a moment later that Adrian flicked hsi wand hard ocne mroe and before the girl could even be tied down she was screaming out in pain as he used the non-verbal Cruciatus curse.

Once finished he turned and went to the back of the line. It seemed to bounce back and forth until there were only five guys and seven girls left on the teams. Adrian had yet to notice Aspyn gone yet where eh had already gone four other times. Had she already gone he was preoccupied by what he could have sworn to be an acromantula in the shadows of the cavern.

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Aspyn didn't even acknowledge the opponents she met. When it came to dueling, she forgot where she was and just prepared herself to take upon each opponent. Most of her spells casted were curses that attacked the insides instead of the usual spells every one else was casting. She was more of corrupting someone from within then out since it would be more effective. Her fifth opponent was a Dumbledore boy against her now. She let her grip hang loose on her wand as she shouted, "Confringo!" A burst of fire had taken upon the boy's clothes and seethed his skin. His scream made her stumble though, making her feel his own pain and even as it looked she was winning. Her knees gave out as she fell onto the ground, matching his. Her defenses also weakened as the pain from the losers curses affected her own. This never happened to her but her scream was clearly out of character for her. To continue though, She let out a curse with the words ,"Secat lacerationem!" that was only suppose to attack the boy but instead attacked anyone that surround her in a twenty feet radius. Gashes and cuts appeared on the arms and legs of the victims as Aspyn was curled into a ball, whimpering from the pain she could feel she inflicted.

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((Hush and hurry...))

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((you didn't edit...yous tills aid she used nonverbal spells during the duel...))

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(("Most of her spells casted were nonverbal curses that attacked the insides instead of the usual spells every one else was casting." No non verbal spells))((You basically said during the duel's she participated in here she mostly used nonverbal spells.))

(If you are trying to say she normally uses non verbal spells during duels this one being the exception then reword: When it came to dueling, she forgot where she was and just prepared herself to take upon each opponent. Most of her spells, when she duelled, were nonverbal curses that attacked the insides instead of the usual spells everyone else was casting. Using Verbal spells was a bit different for her now.

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((I'm going ahead and replying but fix it, thanks love))

((And sorry love, but did you just randomly make the spell up? Secat lacerationem because in latin that means Cuts & lacerations.))

Adrian's hand was the only thing in radius as he received a small gash on his palm. He hissed slightly as he looked up to see Aspyn laying in a ball the poor Dumbledore boy was kneeled over in a puddle of his own blood. Professor Clermont blocked the curse with ease. Adrian was shocked as clermont forced her to her feet. "Perform the curse on him the other students are fien perform the Cruciatus curse on him and face your final opponent!" He demands coldly. A dangerous red tint in his eyes made him seem dangerous.
Adrian unfortunately was her last opponent. He was unsure how this would turn out as he watched Clermont make Aspyn perform the curse on the Dumbledore guy.

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Aspyn let out a shaky breath, not wanting to speak but let the unspoken curse take care of the poor Dumbledore guy. She shook off Clermont's hand not wanting him to hold her up. Her gaze was glossy as it met Adrian's. She would have rather she be tormented than him...but then again maybe he would enjoy that fact since she turned him down. Emotions from everyone still was affecting her as she tried to gather her sense. She walked away from the professor and took a forced breath. It took a few seconds but the emotions again were more as a hum again. A shiver went through her though, she hadn't felt that much pain before. Why did she have to be an empath? Looking at Clermont again she knew she had to do this. He had taught her for those few years she's been at Hogwarts. She couldn't fail her mentor. His dissapointment was not what she needed.

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((It's all good...and yeah the spell is fine given she takes spell creation. But it won't be written in as a legally classified spell because it has not yet been recognized as a stable spell.))

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Adrian frowns walking forward knowing as the last two int eh duel to live without being cursed this was going to be a powerful fight. He bows low and doesn't say a word before returning to his circle five feet form his line. He keeps his wand down not even at the ready. He had to go easy on her, but he knew she wouldn't do the same for him. As he awaited her curse he counted to himself silently to three as he was supposed to. At last ready he lazily flicks his wand. "Stupefy!!!" He calls out as the blue light flashes toward her spinning wildly so no one knew where ot was goign to hit her then another, "Crudusico" As small silver slashers of light charge out at Aspyn. "Feritos!!!" He calls out one after the other to ensure he wins and knowing he didn't want to give her the chance to attack. Slowly a ball of pale red lightning shoots out of the wand goriwng in size to race directly at her. His first spells was meant to stun her the second was to cut her and make her bleed iwhtout being able to heal her wand hand. Then the third was to knock her out fully.

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((Love that's called Bulimic, Anorexic is when you don't eat anything... Bulimic is when you force yourself to vomit after eating.))

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Aspyn cried out, "Silencio! Protego Maxima!" She knew it wasn't right to silence Adrian but she wasn't going to go off easily. A bluish white shield appear before her before the spells could meet her. She paid attention to her breathing as she was still recovering."Bombarda!" An explosion appeared right at Adrian's feet. "You really expect me to go down so easily?" Was he really taking it out on her? She stared at him with a little shock. Her head shook as she regained her stance waiting for him to do something. She had to push aside their personal issues and win this.

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Adrian used a non verbal spell on hsi voice so he amy speak he knew Clermont wouldn't count that as a duel spell ebcuase it was sued on hismelf. "I plan on taking you down for the sake of my own honor fo not beign taken out by the likes of you." He said coldlyas the air aorund him turned dark adn the water seemed to freeze over in a circle around him as a droplet formthe ceiling shatters as glass. He points sharply seeing she was far mroe defensive at thsi moemtn e would ahve to lash out with stronger spells, more deadly spells that no shield coudl easily block. "Exuro Infinitus!!!" Large flames shot out at Aspyn ready to indefinitely burn her. "Feritos!!! Flaerflamma!!! Incendio Frusta!!!' He said twirling his wand liek a whip at her striking and crumbling the ground around her. Lightenign and fire seemed his best options right now and theyw ere the msot dnagerous to cast for both caster and opponent. "Miolnir!!!" Lightening shoots otu at her in a large arch ebfore he shouts another spell, "Nigeravisae" A alrge flock of ravens and crows soar up into a circle above him. "Oppugno" He says codlly as the large flock of at least a hundred of them dart at Aspyn. He really was not about to give up. "Tenebrae" a dark inky cloud swirls outward as it covers around the two.

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I am the likes of you. Aspyn wanted to counter, though she knew she couldn't. "Aguamenti Maxima!" Waters plunged out of her wand, extinguishing the flames as they came right at her. She repeated that spell once more this time instead of making it hit Adrian directly it surrounded him and the birds, projecting a wall of water. The walls of water closed in on him as she used the spell he used. "Miolnir!" The lightning instead struck the water, conducting it with an electric current now. She might have not been able to seem him through the dark clouds but she could still sense him. "Ortus in Terra!" The ground shook now as it broke through forming a protective barrier from the spells he had countered upon her. She wasn't going to give up either. This duel could go on forever as time passed. Had they even hit each other once?

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Adrian could not help but smirk at her spells, He shouts over the roaring water, "You can do better than that!!!"
Adrian flicks his wand, "Candentis Lumen Minimus!!!" He shouts as a blinding light breaks through her electric swirl of water around him the light shoots into the air reacting like a flash grenade. Almost all of one's sense would be nearly blinded sight especially. The light blinded even the professor, no one able to react. Then his frustration with her grows so dangerously high when he cast out again. "Bombarda Maxima!!!" He shouts exploding ehr wall shield and allowing her to become blinded as well. "Crucio!!!" The spell sors out at her with massive force like no other. This spell seemed to be so powerful it took on the size of a car. Hitting at her with massive force. He was not abotu to be outdone.

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Oh I can! Aspyn smirked even though she cried out in pain. All of the pain from the Cruciatus curse was sent into Adrian. "I'm an empath. I can control emotion. Don't be so childish and naive, Adrian really?" Once her eyesight had came back to normal, she watched him carefully as she brought herself back up. She could still feel the pain from the curse but she had sent the most of it upon him. "Stop making me cause you to have this." She frowned referring more to what happened in the common room. "This duel should be over now, Adrian, but not our friendship as well." Those last two spells he said was obviously from something else that stirred in him. It bothered her a lot. "Professor, this duel is over! This is not a fair one, since we are letting our own personal issues be involved with this, his as well as mine. I'm sure we both don't want to do anything we will regret." She released Adrian from the pain and slipped her wand back in her robe.

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Adrian stood back up from the pain only in hsi mind. He cast his wand out like a sword. "Crucio!!!!" He knew with her off guard she would be under the spell to harshly to transfer it anywhere. As it hit her the spell forced ehr past the line as he approached hsi wand not giving up ast he spell was clearly growing in power. Adrian was not about to stop. He felt good like this it burned in his eyes a rage like no other it was mroe than emotional it was almsot enjoyable not to do to Aspyn, but to perform such pwoer before an audiance without any discomfort.
Clermont quickly cast a light from his own wand that evaded and ceased all other spells from ever being. IT was as if they had enver happened the room was in order and the waters were calm. Adrian had been balsted back on hsi but and unable to move at all. He was flat.

Constantine could not help but to smile dangerously seeing the potential that two half-dementors were holding for his growing armies. Both could come in hand. "Get up, Zé too Miss Cavalier. I want to see you both after class. It shouldn't be a problem for you given I am your next class Mr. Zenon."

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As she stood up, Aspyn was looking away now, not daring to look at Adrian after what he just did. She smiled a little but it was more of forced one as she shook her head. "Of course, Professor." She was silent for the rest of class as she couldn't help but run the scene in her mind over and over. Maybe it was good she didn't feel the same way, what if he decided to do something worse? It was like she didn't even know him anymore. Well if its one thing though, there friendship was barely there now if she saw it was worth the effort now. Those years of being so close might just have to come to a close.

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As the class was dismissed for their next period Adrian walks out toward the classroom grabbing his things as everyone else. Clermont walks past aspyn and to his desk. He sat down looking over examination papaers for the start of terma dn ebgan to wonder jsut what was going to become of the two he was about to speak with. Adrian walks up to hsi front desk, "Yes professor?"

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Aspyn was a few steps behind Adrian, waiting for the professor's answer. Was she going to be scolded? For right now anything seemed nicer than what Adrian did to her. She kept her mouth shut though, waiting.

((There's really nothing i can role-play. right now))

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Constantine crosses his fingers together with a dangerous smirk. "Well, I am quite impressed by your skill and very quick on your toes, Adrian when attacking your opponent while they were defenseless. You truly brought meaning to the Dark arts with such ferocity. As for you aspyn your skill in knowing exactly what offensive and defensive spells to use against his spells was sheer mastery. I often do tutoring with Aspyn here, why don't you come by with her. I know you two are friends so I feel we could certainly learn a lot from one another." His smile challenged them to go against his suggestion and he knew they would not dare.
Adrian nods, "Okay professor, sjtu tell us when. Well...I'm sure given Hogsemede will be open to sixtha dn seventh years to morrow you will be goign there. So let's say 7:00 pm sunday?" He smiles as Adrian nods and turns from the room. The first day since fifth year that he did not walk Aspyn back to the common room.

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Aspyn didn't seem thrilled by the professor's suggestion but she would never oppose it. "Professor, since my next class my professor is still sick may i work with the Headmaster just until dinner?" She wasn't really up for another class anyway. Besides, she had to talk to Cethin about those memories. She just hoped his reaction wasnt as worse as Adrian. She just wasnt up for anything now.

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Constantine smirks almost mockingly, "Unfortunately my dear you have skipped dinner today clearly. After Your defense against the Dark arts then you may acquire the company of the Headmaster I don't see a problem after that. You only have one class left before you are done for the rest of the day and will be off Sunday unless you got a job I didn't hear about." He smirks. "You may head to your next class. You may pass Adrian I'm sure he merely left to recollect his thoughts.

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((Sorry these are so short the previous one i had to use my phone and right now i just got home))

Aspyn nodded. "Thank you, professor. I look forward to our next tutoring session." She gave him a half smile before turning and walking away. As she walked, she didn't even notice the thoughts that troubled her started to affect her presence as well just as Adrian could. Her last step in the class room had turned the surrounding area to ice but this went unnoticed by her. Even as she placed her hand on the door to push it open, ice crept under her finger tips, freezing a small part of that handle. It all went unnoticed by Ms. Cavalier. She was frustrated, mad and saddened all at once which made her not acknowledge Adrian as she passed him. Her cold presence matching his own. This was just the beginning of her taking more of her heritage into her life and become what Constantine had meant for her to be.

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Adrian walked up to the Maxime house hoping that she would simply go to get her books and walk out without making contact with him. But in reality Aspyn was the lesser thought on his mind. He was frightened at how good it felt using such a powerful and deadly spell. He was in fact amazed by what he was capable of. Adrian made it into the common room only to find it empty most students carried their last period books with them so they could come back up here and simply relax. He was very happy to find the room was empty as he stared at the fire only to watch it's flames turn blue and purple. "What?" He asked no one in particular at the flames. IT had never happened before and it frightened him slightly at such an amazement it was eerie.

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Aspyn did exactly as Adrian thought. She had taken down all of their pictures and dropped it in the trunk, not daring to touch them again. With her books in hand, she worded a locking spell that made the trunk slam shut. As she walked back into the common room, she could hear Adrian's question. If this were a different situation she would have been concerned seeing her friend talking to no one, but instead she walked off, not giving him a passing glance. At least after her last class, she would have time with someone who still cared for her.


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((Yeah jsut finsihed the professor for it botu to work on Potions Master))

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Constantine was in the Chamber of secrets at the end of the cobblestone wlakway surrounded by stone snake heads. He was looking over the water pool before hima s if it intrigued him. His arm crossed and chin grasped his wand beign held under his arm. "Well, it is about time you two...." He turns hearing their footsteps. His eyes were dark adn cold. He was almsot dead looking. "Here ebfore we begin you will need to get some stregnth. Have some drinks." He flicks his wand as three glasses float from ebhind them formt he classroom and one reaches Clermont as he grasps it tightly with hsi devious smile and the other two follow the couple.

Adrian frowns looking at the crimson liquid int eh glass, "Um, right then..." He takes the glass and hands Aspyn hers.

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Aspyn shrugged taking the drink, sipping on it. "Thank you professor." He was only looking out for them so she took it without a second thought. It had a pleasant taste which made it easy to drink the rest of the drink. "It tastes very good. What will we be doing today?" She asked curiously as she set the glass back down not affected by it yet. If only she knew what it actually held. Being use to Clermont, she wasn't suspicious of the drink at all.

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Constantine smirked, "Today we are learning control of our inner selves." He moves clsoer watching adrian drain hsi quickly. As he sets his aside after a small sip. "Adrian I hear you cna manifest a full Maximus Animagus. Very interesting given it was only discovered this decade to be possible. "I expect you feel more like the creature than yourself. Given a regualr animagus can easily claim control of themselves. I hav eno doubt you will eventually, but as of right now you will need to harvest that control."

Adrian nods...."Is know....going to be like me? a dementor animgaus?" He asks more cuatious for ehr than hismelf.

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Aspyn looked at Adrian. "That's what the professor has been helping me with. He thinks if i can do that and control it, it will help us understand more of our kind. I'm still a work in progress though." She said a little nervous. She was able to turn halfway but not to the full dementor she is. "And since I am an empath, we thought I would be able to still be conscious of what I am from the emotions i experience. Is that why you brought him here with us? To help me learn it." All she wanted was control and maybe if she had Adrian by her side she could.

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Constantine smirks, "To an extent, dear. However, Adrian lacks his own control as well, when going into his Maximus Animagus form he takes on the attribute sin persona aws well. I feel for as long as you focus your empath energy on him the entire time during the shift you both coudl maintain a human mind and perform best as dementors. As I doubt Aspyn would turn into anytihng less than a Dementor. I will obseve the both of you and don't worry. I can produce a patronus if either of you get out of hand." He says promising coldly.

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Aspyn nodded as she looked at Adrian. "Should we go separately first, then together?" She still wasn't used to changing into a dementor but she would try. She hadn't noticed she was still holding Adrian's hand until she squeezed it again a little nervous. Feeling a void of oneself wasn't easy for her and having to keep them both grounded would be difficult when she was still trying to control herself. "I could be able to concentrate more to help you first."

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Adrian nods, "Yeah i'll go first." He says closing his eyes only for his features to become demonic and skeletal. Slowly his eyes turn into pits as his hair becomes cloth like shaping over his entire body leaving only room for his mouth as his scabby, cold hands clasp tightly to Aspyn adrian at last takes shape of a full dementor.

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Aspyn felt a little intimidated seeing him like this but she kept her hand on his grip, letting him feel her emotions as well as his. "Adrian?" She kept her voice calm though she wasn't feeling as calm as she spoke. She concentrated though to keep her heart steady and calm herself more. Reminding herself that this was still him and she could be strong for him. "I'm right here. Stay with me, please." It was eerie seeing that his eyes were no longer there as he retained the ominous appearance of a dementor.

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Adrian seemed to focus his sucking energy in aspyn's directin and squeezed her hand in a more comforting manner rubbing his creepy thumb on her knuckles. He nods...then his head turns to Clermont. "Well, while he is in control of hismelf, aspyn focus that energy on yourself." The professor syas smiling coldly loving at how this was going so perfectly to plan. the potion linked them piece by piece more nad more and he knew it owuld assist in them changing and having control of the change.

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Aspyn took a breath before letting herself shift to a more gruesome physique. Her skeletal features shown more as a cloak surrounded her form. She hadn't retained the full transformation but she stood there trying to keep her emotions together with Adrian's. Her eyes were still there meeting Adrian's as she kept her concentration on both of them. Slowly her form started to form to the dementor's familiar appearance, scaly skin, hollow sockets where her eyes should be and a deep gaping hole for a mouth.

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Adrian's hand stayed with hers as she shifted holding onto his inner emotions as well as ehr own. He couldn't beleive it. theyw ere both dementors. they both were Maximus Animagi and they were both dementors. It was wonderful. the joy he was feeling unfortunately made him weak in a form like this. He was becomign consumed by hsi own emotions. At last he focused on keeping hsi Dementor aspects and human mind. he let go of Aspyn for a moment and drifted to the edge of the walkway touching the water as it froze slwoly outward form hsi touch. It was wonderufl. He turned to the professor and floated close seeing only his aura of emotions which were odd joy and rage all mixed together. This guy was crazy. Turning to Aspyn once mroe his senses allwoed him to see her presence int he form of a shadow. It was strange how all that emotion flowed throguh ehr and yet she appeared as a demntor to him as mucha s the professor appeared as a feeding bag of emotion.
Clermont smirks, "Very goood...bravo...I msut sya I'm impressed with the both of you, but that does nto mean it is over jsut yet, you will need to try and feed form someone while in sucha form without losign control and you need to try and focus on keeping your wand out apart form your body to use spells in this amortal form." He explains. Adrian merely nods with a dakr sucking sound tasting the air aorund him as he reaches intot eh sleeve of hsi cloak and pulls out hsi wnad.
Clermont smirks, "Very good....I won't to see mroe form you aspyn. Don't let him otu do you now...he already proved you were both powerful in the duel yesterday.

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Aspyn felt strange in this form, but she had her emotions and Adrian's kept to a calming feeling. Through her 'eyes,' she was more blinded but now she could focus on where someone was based on their emotion. It took her a moment to be used to it but she was able to better her control on emotion as her form relied on it. Hearing Clermont's words, her scaly decaying like hand retrieved her wand as she held it delicately. She found it strange though, she felt a slight hunger for the magic the wands could possess, but why? Magic wasn't an emotion. It shouldn't have been something she needed to have instead of consuming emotion instead.

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Adrian drifted to one side...Clermont laughs codly, "Now I want to you to cast simple disarmmign spells at one another. Get a feel for what you can do."
Adrian nods flicking his wand out with a scratching moaning sound that sound like the hushed voices of a thousand tortured souls. A red spark shot formt eh tip of his wand at Aspyn. It was easily expelliarmus, but as a Dementor Adrian felt the pwoer from hsi wand leave hsi own body as if watchigna pusle of magic rush throguh then as the spark shot forward it was like everytihng had it's own aura of emotion as the light formt eh spell gave everything a new colour. either this was a bad trip form lickign a toad or being a dementor gave oen a new perspective ont eh world and itw as amazing.

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Aspyn watched as Adrian released his disarming spell, feeling the hunger depend wanting to consume it. She felt troubled of this, forgetting that she was at an empathetic link with Adrian. She let out her own expelliarmus at him seeing the familiar red spark release from her wand. As his own spell reached her, instead of disarming her, she had let the magic enter her gaping mouth confused. It made her crave it more which made her emotions waver as the dementor inside her wanted to consume more of that substance. Why would she need that? Her cloaked form turned to Clermont confused. Maybe he could explain it.

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Clermont was astonished. A Dementor took in magic like it was nothing. Like it was sometihng to feed from. Adrian felt his own body grow cold and that was bad for a dementor. He felt ehr drain a bit of himself when she took in the spell. As her own spell hsi him square int eh chest it did not disarm him, but as a dmeentor it only pissed himoff. He advanced grabbign the side of ehr head and sucking at her face trying to taste what she tasted, but nothing was coming out. The onyl dementor ever to absorb magic.

Adrian at last gives otu and shifts back to hsi human form looking aorund strangely. "What...what happened?" He aksed looking at the Dementor Aspyn. It still took a minute to get sued to seeing things as they actually were.

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Aspyn shifted back but felt her body feel a little uneasy, having to lean on Adrian for support. She felt confused at what happened but her body hummed with power. The craving for magic was gone but the power it held was still clearly there within her. Adjusting back to her human form, her vision was still used to seeing in a different aspect, but herer eyes had finally returned to their normal warm brown eyes as they met Constantine. After finally having her breath steadied better, she let out the only thing she could comprehend. "How is that possible that I can do that?"

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Constantine's grin only grows and his eyes narrow a bit, "It seems there is still so much we have to learn about your species. A powerful half-breed. Probably something so pwoerful the wizardng world has yet to prepare themselves for what is to be expected fo the two of oyu." His words only worried Adrian, "What are you getting at professor? I mean I can't do that. " Clermont smirks, you are right you can't and niether are oyu an empath so I expect the powers are different with gender and parentage. Her father was a wizard your mother a witch. I expect thsi ahs a lot to do with it. Youa re more atune to your demneotr side while she is mroe atune to her mortal side. Here drinks for celebration." He syas summong their glasses and tapping them as the crimson liquid fills them.

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Aspyn sighed, taking up her glass. She hadn't stopped leaning against Adrian as he kept her from feeling more out of place. This new found ability bothered her. She was trying to get acceptance not be more of a threat to the Ministry. She slowly drank from the glass, wanting her mind of that predicament. "To us..." was all she said, raising her glass before going back to drink it more. Her body became more rested and comfortable now as it kept itself against Adrian's. With him, she was able to fully become a dementor and also discover this ability. There always seemed to be something new to find out about their species.

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Adrian wrapped his arma orund her waist for supportting her. As He drank he felt a warmness come off of hismelf and from Aspyn. One he couldn't explain. But he was oaky with it. "Thank you prefoessor for giving us this opportunity to work togehter. I enver really knew what aspyn was until yesterday and well...thank you." He smiles.
Cosntantine nods lightly, "Do enjoy your day together...I suppose that will be all for today i'll see you next week." He smiles with a ndo to them ebfore wlaking back the glasses they finsihed floating behind him delicately swinign back and forth.
Adrian smiles to her, "Well, now that was sometihng of eventful for the both of us. I think today is a much better start form yesterday, don't you think?" he asked still hodling onto her andlooking down at her.

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Aspyn nodded. Her back was to his chest as she kept herself like that. "Yeah....I hope what happened yesterday doesn't happen again. Even before we knew of what we are, we stuck together. Maybe having Clermont help us can get us closer to knowing what we are. What happened though...." The memory was vivid from her taking in the magic," I hope it will be an ability worth having. and I'm sorry about not telling you what I am for so long. It must have been hard feeling alone."

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