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Defence Against the Dark Arts (sometimes written as DADA) is a subject taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in which students learn how to magically defend themselves against Dark Creatures, Dark Arts and against the other Charms.

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Professor Delore walked into the room with a smart smirk on his lips setting his bag down beside of his desk he propped back with his feet up on the desk and his hands behind his head. His eyes kind and twinkling. He couldn't help but to smile as students began walking in. he knew they would all be surprised at what a treat he had for them today. As DADA professor he had an obligation to his students to partake in more fun and eventful acts within his classroom. Bogarts and grindylows were low class creatures of study and subject they were about to explore into something uncharted. The chalk on the board began drawing out diagrams of people duelling while one of the people duelling turned into something never exact. Dementor, Merperson, Goblin, Centaur...etc...

Axel walked in finding that Aspyn's seat was not occupied by anyone else in her house and he quickly took it. He unpacked with parchment and quill ready and seemed so fascinated at the images moving on the chalkboard. It made him even more curious as to what was about to happen today. It wasn't but on the way from walking Evan to alchemy class that he discovered something dangerous had happened in Dark arts class. He knew it involved the Head Girl, Aspyn and the Prefect, Adrian of Maxime House and he wanted the full story. As much as he knew Aspyn wouldn't be up to talking about it he was sure he could get something out of her after giving her someone to confide in. He had known Aspyn for a while, but they were more simple friendly companions in school rather than Best Friends. He was no fan of the Maxime house and had no intentions of truly being friends with them. IT was mainly a quidditch rivalry and as Vulchanova captain he had to appear strong and defiant against his enemies. MAxime was his greatest enemy never fully excelling in Quidditch like Vulchanova he was only friends with the Dumbledore captain Evan.

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As she walked into class, she didn't even care to see that Axel took her seat. Aspyn sat down in the seat beside the window, setting down her books on the desk. Just one more class. That kept repeating in her head as she propped her head up, looking out the window. The class had already started flooding into the room and there was already a buzz of what happened in the Dark Arts classroom. For such a large school, gossip seemed to spread like a wildfire. Head girl and prefect of Maxime house showing a well balance of powerful magic of the dark arts and DADA. She wouldn't doubt this would come to the professor's attention. Seeing that class was about to start she sat up straight already taking out her parchment and quill. She looked up from her desk, ignoring the spread of curiosity in the room. Obviously it was centered toward her, but she chose to ignore it even when she could feel it right beside her.

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((My bad love Adrian isn't supposed to be here...let me edit my post above and then you can edit yours.))

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Prof. Delore smiles charmingly as he stands. "Well, I hope my class can be as exciting as your Dark arts class this evening had been. I expect this to be quite interesting for the each of you today. You have studied about Werewolves, Boggarts, and a large variety of dangerous beast, but nothing like that of the person who stands beside of you. Anyone of you could be different or special in a matter of speaking today we will learn our opponents true nature and their true weaknesses."
Axel couldn't help but frown. He held his curse a secret for a reason only some of the faculty knew about him and his best friend the Dumbledore Quidditch Captain, Evan. He was not about to let it be revealed that the secrets from his fifth year were all true. He was attacked by a werewolf and in the process of being orphaned he was also turned into one himself. He had no intentions of it being revealed so if spell creation were to ever mean anything to him it was now. He had to come quick to counteract whatever the professor was about to teach the class.

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"And how exactly is this going to happen?" Aspyn asked nervous as Axel was. This day was just getting "better and better". Now she just wished this class was over now. She was not going to let everyone see what she actually was. Didn't Cethin at least tell the professors he trusted what she was? Her gaze went to Axel as she contemplated this. Why was he nervous? It's not like his secret could leave everyone with no happiness or joy. He didn't have to deal with what she did.

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Prof. Delore watches as a Augurey Patronus flies through the window as if it never existed and sits on his shoulder whispering into his ear. The Professor nods before the patronus vanishes into blue sparkles. "Mr. Yvo, Ms. Cavalier...You are both desired in the Headmasters office you will later find essay topics on your bunks when you return to your Dormitory." He says giving them a wave of the hand. He then continues speaking to the rest of the class about the spell used to reveal what a person truly is.

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((Where exactly is that topic?))

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((In the Astronomy Tower topic))

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