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Apart from CoMC this class also holds such classes as:
Elective-Dragon Studies
ExtraCurricular-Ferocious Beast Studies

The Care of Magical Creatures classroom is where Silvanus Kettleburn taught Care of Magical Creatures until 1993. Some poisonous snails were kept there, which escaped in 1991. When Kettleburn retired and Rubeus Hagrid took over, the lessons took place by his hut.

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Aspyn rolled her eyes at Adrian as she pulled him inside the building of her class. She had to think about what she had learned recently but also add her opinion to it as well."As we all know, there are ten purebred species of dragon but apparently there are still many to be discovered. Though I don't like Professor Serrano, she made a good point into why we haven't seen them though. Since there was so much dragon hunting before, it's likely a lot of the species before have become extinct. It's sad really. These creatures can be dangerous and all we do is shrink in fear in front of them. In truth though they seem as afraid as us...." She paused for a moment as she remembered when she subdued the dragon that entered the school once. "That Peruvian Vipertooth from you remember it? It was confused and afraid. It had taught me that the dragons are more than some clan of ferocious beasts."

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Adrian couldn't help but look at aspyn and smile. IT was so nice to think that she could see the light in the darkest of beast. "Well, I'm glad you were able to subdue the thing or else it would have attacked more than a bathroom door." He says assuringly. "As far as your professor goes, she isnt that bad. I'm sure you jsut have to give her a chance and show her that you are completely serious abot the subject and want to learn more form her." He says knowing himself that Prof. Serrano was a sweet woman with a stern outlook on others. Adrian smiles moving over tot eh wall examing a small glass cage where a serpent like creature with wings appearign like a viper snake no larger than a guys hand. "Oh, I take it these are the babies." He looks them over seeing nothing really to be afraid of until one larger one striikes out and the others do a mocking laugh like gesture as Adrian jumps back. "Whoa...I take it they are some of the more expressive creatures here."

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Aspyn laughed a little seeming unafraid of the baby dragons that were nestled in the cage. "They don't take well to strangers, but once you establish trust, they are very playful but be careful. The fangs are venomous." She brought her hand carefully to one of the heads and the dragon rubbed its head against hers. "I had helped these ones be born. I'm afraid they might think I'm their mother though. Since they had taken the mother away, I would be the one taking care of them. Professor Serrano doesn't have as much time to check up on them." Bringing her hand to the latch that opened the cage, she undid it and let the one that had rubbed itself against her, go into her arms. She then locked the cage back up so the others wouldn't escape. "This one isn't as aggressive as the others as long as I'm here at least, but I fear that he will have to go to the dragon sanctuary soon. I had suggested maybe we could let them grow up here and be guards but I don't know if the headmaster would approve. Dragons are hard to domesticate, but they are loyal." Her lips brushed the top of its head and it curled its tail around her arms, nestling itself. It made a little hiss as Adrian but it wasn't threatening now. "You can pet him just do it slowly. Fast movements will agitate him."

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Adrian looks at the dragon oddly. "I'm all for reptiles and snake, but a cold-blooded venom spitting dragon isn't on my todo list of things to pet." He says taking a slight step back. "The Peruvian Vipertooths are supposed to be the smallest known breed of dragon. I also heard something about a new species is still under study of being considered a full-bred species in the states. California to Canada is it's main range. Then there is the allusive feathered dragon species of the South American Countries." He adds. Still keeping his distance form the small dragon. He was a little smaller than the other six in the cage, but seemingly more domesticated than the others as well.

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Aspyn laughed a little, knowing that the dragon would do no harm to him. "Just trust me okay?" She took his hand and brought it to its nose so it could smell at it tentatively. The small dragon let out a small chirp instead of hiss, nuzzling his fingers. "I wouldn't have let you touch him if I knew he'd attack, and besides their venom isn't fatal to us..." She didn't wait for him to gasp or what not as she continued. "When I was feeding them, they kind of went in a little frenzy and this one accidentally bit me. Apparently my dementor blood negated its effects. I'm not immune though. I do get a little dizzy and a fever but nothing else. And the effects only last a day or two. Constantine thinks if i take the venom in small doses I will grow an immunity completely but I'd rather not test the theory. " Bringing her face to the dragon, it chirped and rubbed its head on her neck . "I'm just glad I can take care of them."

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Adrian nods shyly taking his hand back from the dragon. He was happy with his Icewinder he wanted nothing to do with a dragon. For some reason he had a deep fear of dragons. The fear of them was much like a persons unexplained fear of spiders or heights. He just didn't like it. " I'm glad for you. I think I'll just stick to my pet being the only creature that nuzzles me. Those things are sjut a bit frightening to me, honestly." He says taking a slowstep back formt he dragon. Not only was he bothered by the fact it liked him but the fact that he allowed his ahdn to be that clsoe to it's mouth. "Aspyn, I'm sure if you show your lvoe for animnals and your natural gift of understnaidng their emotions to the professor she will warm up to you. Perhaps she jsut hasn't fully realized the potential you have as something that could be seen as a good dragon keeper. I'ms ure she will take you more seriously if you discuss with ehr further your antics on wanting to work with them over next summer or even winter break in romania." He offers the thought, but deep down he knew better. The professor had a strong disliking for Aspyn for some unknown reaosning.

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Aspyn sighed letting the dragon back into its cage and locking it shut. "Somehow I highly doubt that. She acts just like the Ministry....she acts like we don't deserve to live." Her tone sounded tired from thinking about things like that. "Or maybe she just hates me in general. " She looked at his hand and took in hers once more. Her eyebrows furrowed in concentration. "At least i have you....... If I didn't, I don't think I could be able to keep pushing on being accepted. It's overwhelming....especially when I thought I was the only one of my kind, but I'm glad I didn't just be friends with you because of that. You didn't tell me what you were for awhile."

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((I thought she just hated muggles and muggle borns? If she is on Constantine's side I'm pretty sure she would have to have some support for the halfbreeds.))

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Adrian smiles, "I'm just happy you didn't get taken back half as much as everyone else. The look on your face was surprise and astonishment rather than strange horror. I suppose that is from your shock that you aren't the only one." He looks at her oddly.

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((Oh yeah guess so.))

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