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Alice Archuleta gracefully stepped into the large library. She smiled at the familiar smell of books, as she walked over to her usual spot. She pulled out her small sketch book and began working on finishing the sketch of a tree.

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Will slipped into the library and scanned the room, looking for a place to sit. His eyes fell upon his older sister and he grinned the devil's smile. He and his sis had always been close. Hopefully, that wouldn't change now that he was in the Academy. Silently, he began to trod towards her.

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Alice looked up from we book, a wide smile lighting up her face. "Will!" She exclaimed as loudly as she could in a quiet library. He set her sketchbook down in her hair and quickly glided to him, embarrassing him in a tight hug.

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Will frowned as he was in the hug. The magic was lost. No sneaking up on her today. But nevertheless, he returned her hug tightly. "Hey sis." He said sweetly. He backed out of the hug and asked, "Whatcha doin'?"

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((Haha same!))

"I was sketching." Alice said simply. She stepped back to her chair and turned her sketchbook around to show Will. "I think that I should paint it for Mother and Father before we return?" She suggested looking up at Will again.

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Will frowned and shook his head. "Nah. Shade it. With a pencil." He recommended. Will didn't see the point in paint. It just got all globby and made a mess of the paper. And it would be wrong to ruin the sketch like that.

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Alice nodded. "See I could shade this one and then duplicate it on a canvas?" She suggested closing the book and sliding the ribbon to hold it shut over the cover. She imagined their parents wouldn't have time to see the painting anyway.... They didn't even know Alice was that interested in art.

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Will nodded, totally lost. It was cool that his sister was interested in this, but could she be interested in it with someone else? He didn't get a word she was saying. Maybe it was his twelve year old mind, but...

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Alice giggled lightly at his lost expression. She put her book down on the table next to her and turned back to Will. "Well I can see your lost... So, why don't you tell me about your day?" She asked politely gesturing to the seat across from her.

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Will giggled then pulled up a seat. He slid down into it and watched Alice carefully. "You promise you won't tell anyone what I did?" He asked. He was very proud of what he did. but he wasn't so sure of what everyone else would think...

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Alice bit her lip. "On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad is it?" She asked with a grin. No matter what it was she would tell anyone, who was there to tell really? She sat up streight and leaned forward to listen to what her baby brother had to say.

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Will frowned. It really depended on the teacher. But for this one... "An eleven." He whispered. He bit is lip and looked down, in mock shame. But honestly, why would he be ashamed? It was just a little prank... Maybe a little more than a little prank.

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"Well then this should be interesting..." Alice said leaning back with a slight sigh. She truly hoped her brother hadn't done anything too horrible. Surly he hadn't.... Even an 11 wasn't as bad as anything he could of done. Also, it wasn't like their parents would hear about it.

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Will continued to chew his lip. Hopefully, his sister wouldn't mind what he did... Finally, he took a deep breath and leaned in closer to his sister. "I stuck a spider in the history teacher's hair." He admitted.

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Alice stifled a slight laugh, trying to put on a serious face. "Now Will... *giggle* that's not... Funny-*giggle*" she said asking a few breaths and ridding herself of laughter. "Why?" She asked shaking her head with a the remainder of a laugh lighting her eyes.

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Will raised his little eyebrows. "Really? Not funny?" He muttered. After hearing his sister's last question, he frowned, then shrugged. "Because she taught history and she's and adult." He finally said. In his opinion, all adults deserved little spiders in their hair...

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"Not all adults are bad Will." Alice shook her head. She folded her hands in her lap with a sigh, "I'm almost an adult, and our brother is too... Soon ou will be. And we are all working to be the best adults we can be." She smiled raising her hands up to make sure her hair was still pinned tightly.

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Will grinned his devil grinned then puffed out his chest all important like. "But I'm not gonna grow up to be an adult. You wanna know why?" Without waiting for her to answer, he blurted out his grand plan. "Because I'm gonna be like Peter Pan and never grow up!" He knew his parents would get onto him for slurring his words together, but he didn't care. It's not like they could hear him.

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Alice laughed a bit and rolled her eyes. Her brother was only twelve, it was natural for him not to want to grow up, but he could inherit the whole kingdom if something happened to their brother, or herself. Alice looked at Will gently and opened her mouth to speak, "Well, we arnt in Neverland right now Hun. Here, we need to study so that when we get to go to Neverland we can play there." She explained playing along.

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Will frowned. "It's common knowledge that we aren't in Never Land sis, so why are you telling me this?" He pretended to look all confused. But he was just dong this to give Alice a hard time. That was always a lot of fun...

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"Because I needed to remind ou that you need to study." Alice said leaning her back against the chair- not in a slouch of course.

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Will put on a look of joking shock. "But I do study sis! Watch!" And with that, he ran over to the nearest book shelf and pulled out book. Without checking the title, he then sat down and began to 'read.' Actually, the book was fiction and it was upside down.

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