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The Uglies Part One of The Land of the Legends

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message 1: by Gary (new)

Gary Peeling (TLOTL) | 2 comments My ebook is free until midnight on the 6th may US time. If you have the time to grab it then please do.

The Uglies Part One of The Land of the Legends

I hope you enjoy.


message 2: by Regina (new)

Regina Garson (reginagarson) | 2 comments Journey by Regina Garson

Free Download: Mother’s Day Weekend, May 10-11, 2014

Sexy, sarcastic, somewhat pulpy, somewhat modernist, Gothically romantic metafiction, Journey weaves story into story as it blurs, bends, and severs the line between love and madness.

Sidney, her succubae, and her imaginary lover, the pirate; her husband Lawrence’s nonexistent grip on reality; the doctors’ determination to cure him; and the romance novels of Miss Vickie. Who will save them? Does anyone at all know where reality is? Okay, they are all nut cases. But you are going to have to read it yourself to see how it ends.

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