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Mind Games: A Brick City Story
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Ikish Mullens | 4 comments I am offering a free ebook to anyone interested in providing a review of my urban fiction novel "Mind Games: A Brick City Story".

If you are interested in reviewing a "Mind Games: A Brick City Story", please leave a comment below, or send me an email expressing your interest.

In return, I will provide you with a promotional code to download "Mind Games: A Brick City Story" free at Smashwords.com, so that you can download and review my ebook in your desired e-reader format.

With Gratitude,

Ikish Mullens


About the book:

Sex . . . Drugs . . . Love . . . Lies . . . Secrets . . . and Betrayal are just a few things Des encounters on his road to redemption.

Sworn to secrecy about his inheritance, Des secretly began making plans to leave his life in the streets behind, only to open Pandora’s Box, and unleash a wave of chaos and destruction in the lives of those he love.

Moreover, caught in a bloody drug war – with outside forces plotting his downfall – Des must look to the past, and remember the lessons he’d learned along the way, if he planned to outsmart his adversaries.

Because the only way to survive in this game, you must keep your enemies close, and your friends even closer. . .

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Dion Cheese (cheezie088) | 31 comments Mod
Visit dioncheese.com and send me your contact information... Mention Newark aka Brick City...I have the perfect platforms for your book... Thnx

Ikish Mullens | 4 comments I just sent you a message on the site as requested.

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Dion Cheese (cheezie088) | 31 comments Mod

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Dion Cheese (cheezie088) | 31 comments Mod
Send me your bio, Book cover, and contact information to me@dioncheese.com

Ikish Mullens | 4 comments I've sent the information you requested to your personal email.

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Anta | 1 comments I am interested in reading and reviewing this book.

Ikish Mullens | 4 comments Anta thank you for your interest in reviewing Mind Games: A Brick City Story. Please check your Goodreads inbox for more details.

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