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Carol | 191 comments I am rereading the series, and the further I go, I find that Claire keeps referring to herself as "the white witch", which I am finding somewhat confounding, given the superstition at the time, what happens to her in Outlander, etc. I am not sure that she is winning friends and influencing people, yet she keeps doing it! Anyone else notice this? I find that I am somewhat disurbed by it. Also, I find myself wondering, if, Nawhenne's (sp) prophecy will start to come true as Claire gets older and presumably her hair will start to get whiter, that she will now really start to 'come into her full power', and if that will have anything to do with how the books end? Okay...thoughts?

Crystal (coinoperatedgirl) | 17 comments at the time, the term "white witch" meant more of a "healer" rather than what they considered Geillie.

Vanessa  Eden Patton (vanessaeden) | 549 comments I wonder if the series ever will end? I hope the new book isn't the end of the series!

Sarah (alittleturlesworld) | 35 comments I believe Diana Gabaldon confirmed there would be at least one more after WIMOHB

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