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Caleb Malphas --- Spoilers
Nekoda Belam Nekoda May 05, 2014 12:32PM
I need help, it is frustrating me. Who do you think is Caleb's dad? People have said this book and Styxx helps them figure out but i cant find the pages where it does help? I'm leaning towards Jared or Jaden but not entirely sure. Who do you think and why?

Yeah...the most common theory is that Jaden is Caleb's father. As he said in Infinity his dad is a broker, Nick thought at the moment that Caleb meant stockbroker, but we know better.
I think it makes sense. After all, Jaden's designation on his profile on SK site says he's immortal something. He could perfectly be Caleb's dad.

But who knows? SK loves throw things at us that we don't see comming... maybe we haven't met Cay's father yet

After going back and reading it I agree... suspect that Jaden is Caleb father but either Azura or Braith is his mother based on this line in the book ...He would have joined his mother and sought the end of the world as they were desperately trying to save...

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