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Yo! What ideas do you have! Fyi my romance is strictly kissing no skips.

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If we have any romancw sex wont be a part of the plotline

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Soooooo...ideas?! 8D

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Hm....mind if I brainstoem and get back to you then? If I dont get back to you I probz passed out but still ill think of something.

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So I was thinking we do a forbidden romance. Kinda like romeo and juliet except instead waring families waring countries. One girl is a peasant from one nation and the boy is the prince of the other. Wrong on every level except in their heart. When word gets out of their relationship assansins from both nations are after them and they must run away.

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Cool can I be the girl or did u already ask for that? (sry I get confused some times

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Cool. Charries?

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

Jordan Germines


message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

for what?

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Then donr be. Have ur charrie ready yet?

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Cheri: The girl who is back to her old self finally | 3788 comments I. In school so I'll do it when I can

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Cheri: The girl who is back to her old self finally | 3788 comments Sorry it's taking so long

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what time is it where u are?

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oh woah. 4:34 pm here

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Ya. I live in Saudi Arabia ;)

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Lol ya. And you're in the US or Canada I'm guessing?

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That's where I'm from originally anyways. Where in? (if your comfortable)

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Oh, cool. I sadly have never been. I've lived in UT, CO, MI, and TN.

Cheri: The girl who is back to her old self finally | 3788 comments Cool never been to any of those places

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Oh wow. tennessee is beautiful but colordao was the most welcoming.

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ya. :)

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Lol, it's honestly not to bad. A lot of interesting opportunities.

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ya :)

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